King Of Gods Chapter 849

Chapter 849 - Power of a Substandard God weapon

Yufei, watch out! The Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon is ranked 10th on the Imperial Genius rankings, only below Xuanyuan Wen and the Blue Serpent King! The green-robed elder couldnt help but warn.

Beady Green Eyes had a rare illusion-based bloodline that could release powerful Illusion Dao attacks. It could be said that the bloodline of the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon contained a unique Dao of Illusion domain unto itself.

In the exchange just now, Zhao Yufeis senses were disrupted. The attack contained illusions that twisted the surroundings and environment.

This is the Zhao Family? Zhao Yufeis heart shook.

The person in front of her smiled and started to become blurry as a decisive and hard-working youth appeared. This youth was the young Zhao Feng in her memories.

The change wasnt just the environment; Zhao Yufei herself had turned into a young girl.

The memory of a young boy and girl sparring with each other in the courtyard seemed to replay through her mind.


Zhao Yufei exchanged a blow with the young Zhao Feng opposite her. She groaned and retreated a few steps. She was at a disadvantage.

Although the difference in strength between them wasnt very big, the young Zhao Feng opposite her had the upper hand.

It wasnt just Zhao Yufei that saw this. Even in the eyes of those watching, Zhao Yufei and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon turned into a young Zhao Yufei and Zhao Feng. Even the surroundings turned into the courtyard of the Zhao Family from Sun Feather City. All of these changes were caused by the Dao of Illusion mixing reality and illusions together.

Yufei! The green-robed elder and company from the Duanmu Family couldnt help but exclaim. The direction that Zhao Yufei was being forced to retreat was the direction of the flaming crater. Even an Emperor wouldnt be able to survive if they fell directly into the furnace.

Peng! Bam! Bam!

The Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon man and Zhao Yufei exchanged dozens of blows as the illusions twisted the surroundings and altered everyones senses. Zhao Yufei was being pushed back toward the crater step by step.

Brother Zhao Feng. Zhao Yufeis eyes became misty, and she had a complex expression as she seemed to remember the memories of the past.

Die! The Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon laughed coldly as a multi-colored wave of light surged from his fist and smashed toward Zhao Yufeis charming face.

Unfortunately, you arent capable. A cold light flashed through the eyes of the pretty girl in purple. A strong surge of killing intent radiated from Zhao Yufeis body.


Zhao Yufeis skin instantly became crystal-like as she gave off a magnificent glow of purple light. The power from her bloodline made all the elites within the Building of Refinement shake.

At this moment in time, both Kings and Emperors alike felt their techniques and power tremble. Some of it was even lost.

Whats going on!? The Emperor-level True Yuan around Xuanyuan Wens body started to shake.


A non-human male in dark green light was pushed back dozens of yards with a wave of Zhao Yufeis hand, and blood leaked from his mouth. The illusions in Zhao Yufeis vision faded.

As expected of the owner of a Spiritual Race bloodline. The non-human male squinted his pair of beady green eyes as he wiped the blood from his mouth, and he used the force of her attack to flip through the air and meet up with Wei Jing.

In the exchange just now, Zhao Yufei used the natural inborn power of her Spiritual Race bloodline and managed to injure the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon, who was ranked 10th on the Imperial Genius rankings.

Of course, since the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon cultivated the Dao of Illusions, his ability to fight in a head-on clash was much weaker than the Blue Serpent King, who was ranked 9th.

Retreat! The Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon and the Blue Serpent King disappeared after the they reunited.

Quickly, block the doorway! Thats the stealthy escaping ability of the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon! Senior Martial Brother Zhuges expression changed slightly, and a pair of sharp white lights shot out from his eyes, but he could only see a faint image.

Only eye-bloodlines as strong as Ji Lans Purple Star Eyes could counter the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragons stealth technique. Unfortunately, the Ji Family hadnt entered the Building of Refinement, and no one else here had a strong-enough eye-bloodline.

In reality, the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon didnt actually have any spatial abilities, but he could create certain sceneries and certain auras. This was why they were able to pretend to be the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo and act it out so well.

How dare you pretend to be the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo!? I wont forgive you! Anger appeared on Zhao Yufeis face as she used the senses of her Spiritual Race bloodline to the maximum. She caught a faint aura, which she then chased after.

However, the only people truly pursuing them were Zhao Yufei and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge. The other Kings were unable to even see where the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon had gone.

Xuanyuan Wen and the Little Sword Saint could, but the competition for the rusty bronze sword had entered the final stages.

A bright sword-light surrounded the Little Sword Saint that was as bright as the sun. A Sword Intent that seemed to have forgotten the concepts of Life and Death appeared in his eyes. Every step he took meant that he was giving himself no way out.

The Little Sword Saint showed no signs of retreat even against the powerful aura of the Ancient God sword.


The rusty bronze sword in the air released a bright flash of green sword-light alongside an ancient, cold Sword Intent straight toward the Little Sword Saint.


The Little Sword Saint spat out a mouthful of blood as he surrounded himself in sword-light.

Senior Sword Saint! The cold girl in black robes from Sky Sword Pavilion couldnt help but exclaim.

If the heavens want me to die, then so be it! the Little Sword Saint roared as the brilliant sword-light around him shattered against the rusty bronze sword.

This attack seemed to cut away all his energy and lifeforce. The white-mustached Little Sword Saint could feel his True Yuan and lifeforce start to wither. His skin became dry and old.

From Body to Sword!

The Little Sword Saint suddenly started to burn as he transformed into a sword-beam and charged toward the Ancient God-level rusty bronze sword.

At this moment in time, the entire Building of Refinement was covered by a bright sword-light. Even the flames in the crater seemed to be faint in contrast.

Complex and respectful emotions appeared on Xuanyuan Wens face.

What a terrifying power of the Sword Dao! That move can probably kill Emperors instantly and even threaten Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords. The escaping Blue Serpent King and Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon felt their hearts shake. The aura of that Sword Dao attack scared them.

The only thing left behind was a sword-light that covered the entire furnace. This sword-light contained the Little Sword Saints understanding of the Sword Dao, and he used his life to activate it.


The rusty bronze sword released a glow of green sword-light that caused space itself to become chaotic as it created an endless world.


The sword-light that the Little Sword Saint had turned into pierced through the world and caused space itself to twist and turn. Time seemed to stop, and the bright sword-beam that covered the Little Sword Saint seemed to merge with the sword-beam from the Ancient God weapon until the they eventually formed an equilibrium.

Looking at it, it seemed as if two divine swords were absorbing each other in the air, and one of these swords was the Little Sword Saint.


The Kings within the Building of Refinement looked at the weirdly balanced state in shock.

Any mistake would mean the Little Sword Saints death.

At the same time, Zhao Yufei and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge followed the tracks and reached the door to the Building of Refinement.

Block the entrance!

A handful of Kings, including two from the Duanmu Family as well as Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao, had gathered at the door.


The Magnificent Powers of six Kings gathered into one spatial domain and formed a five-colored barrier. This combined resistance was enough to stall even an Emperor for a while.

Boom! Bam! Bam!

An Ice Serpent Dragon with blue scales charged over alongside a terrifying icy rain, and its icy dragon claw smashed onto the five-colored barrier.


The five-colored barrier that the six Kings formed together became a lot dimmer. It would break after one or two more blows, but that still gave the other experts time.

Dont let those two non-humans escape!

Some resting half-step Kings all gathered at the entrance and joined the six Kings.

Mystic Machine Secret Formation! Senior Martial Brother Zhuge expanded the fan in his hand, and it flew into the air, releasing a wave of silver lightning chains that wrapped around the Blue Serpent Dragon duo.

Whoosh! Boom!

At the same time, there was a powerful surge of Yuan Qi as a purple meteor charged over from behind. The True Yuan and bloodlines of the Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon both shook as the force smashed over.

A shout came from the purple light, and one could faintly see a goddess in purple.

Get back here!

The girl in purple lightly pressed her hand down, and a materialized purple dimension appeared alongside a surge of magnificent force above the Blue Serpent King duo.

Little World! The duos expressions changed dramatically.

At this point in time, the two non-humans were surrounded by Kings and were being attacked from both directions.

Zhao Yufei and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge were both comparable to at least the top twenty of the Imperial Genius rankings, and perhaps even the top ten. Once they dragged this fight out, the Blue Serpent King duo would be attacked by all the Kings and half-step Kings.

Right as the duo were in serious danger and becoming fatigued from dealing with the attacks:

Retards, use the power of the substandard God weapon! A cold voice sounded in their ears, and a misty spatial image covered the duo as soon as the voice spoke.


This mystic world pushed away Zhao Yufeis Little World.

Hmm? The Kings and half-step Kings near the entrance were covered by the misty dimension and instantly became dizzy.

Watch out! Thats the substandard God weapon the Misty Spatial World! It contains its own Little World. It also has a weird spatial ability. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge exclaimed.


The misty dimension suddenly started to contract and transform into a flow of white mist that became smaller and smaller until it just evaporated into nothing, and everyone else could only look on.

That is the power of a substandard God weapon! The present half-step Kings and Kings were shaken back into reality.

Follow them! Senior Martial Brother Zhuges Divine Sense caught a ball of white mist that had just formed in a forest far away.

Haha, with the Misty Spatial World, we arent scared of numbers anymore. Even an Emperor or two cant do anything to us.

The Blue Serpent King duo was revealed in the mist. They had disdainful expressions toward Senior Martial Brother Zhuge and company that were pursuing after them, and they were even considering whether or not they should charge back and fight.

However, right at this moment, a voice sounded from a big tree opposite them; You two were indeed able to escape. Looks like it was worth it to wait here.

Whos there!? The Blue Serpent King and company were shocked as they glanced toward a purple-haired youth with closed eyes sitting on a big tree opposite them.
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