King Of Gods Chapter 850

Chapter 850 - Gaze of the Gods Eye

In front of the entrance to the six-sided Building of Refinement.

The Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon have obtained a substandard God weapon the Misty Spatial World.

Those two non-humans managed to steal a substandard God weapon under everyones noses!

The six Kings and thirty or so half-step Kings were stunned, and they felt angry and ashamed. After all, everyone within the Building of Refinement was a human elite, but two non-human beings managed to escape even after being surround by all of them.

Follow them!

Some of the Kings and half-step Kings chased after them. At the very front was Zhao Yufei and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge. However, amongst the group, Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao didnt chase after them.

Understood, Master. Junior Martial Brother Zhuge turned around and returned to the Building of Refinement, continuing to monitor the situation while the remaining Kings and half-step Kings had gone after the duo.

The Kings from the Duanmu Family, the Cao Family, and Grand Duke Yuans Palace had all exited the building. Amongst the group was a thick-eyebrowed male who had arrived not long ago. This was a genius from the three-star Earth Spirit Hall, Gu Chaozhi, who Zhao Feng had met before in the underground city.

Gu Chaozhi only took four half-step Kings with him when he entered Xie Yang Palace, and the second they got near it, they were caught by the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

Substandard God weapon! I didnt expect such a peerless treasure to appear in Xie Yang Palace. Gu Chaozhi was extremely excited. Just seeing a substandard God weapon in real life a single time was a dream for many people.

Lets go check it out. Gu Chaozhi didnt have too much hope, but there was still a small bit of expectation. After all, substandard God weapons and Ancient God weapons were only obtained by those destined to have them.

Ceng! Ceng! Ceng!

Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, Zhao Yufei, and the other Kings and half-step Kings went in the direction of the forest.

Hmm? Senior Martial Brother Zhuge discovered that the Blue Serpent King duo stopped after appearing at the forest.

Within the forest:

You two were indeed able to escape. Looks like it was worth it to wait here.

Surprise appeared on the Blue Serpent Kings and Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragons faces as they looked toward the purple-haired youth sitting on a big tree. However, when they saw that this youth was just a Great Origin Core Realm, even though the youth was one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, they roared with disdainful laughter.

The Blue Serpent King duos confidence increased dramatically after obtaining the substandard-God-level Misty Spatial World. So many experts and enemies had tried to stop them a moment ago, but they still managed to escape. Now they were just facing a single youth.

The Blue Serpent King was even thinking about whether or not they should toy with the human geniuses by taking advantage of the Misty Spatial World. They might even be able to charge back and obtain another substandard God weapon, or even an Ancient God weapon.

Hahahaha, purple-haired brat! You managed to get lucky last time, and now you come right to us? You seem to think youve lived too long, the Blue Serpent King roared as his powerful bloodline created a layer of frost on the trees nearby.

Although there were signs of people still chasing after them, the Blue Serpent King wasnt scared. He glanced at the substandard God weapon on his arm and felt extremely confident. With this substandard God weapon, it was the same as having a powerful Space-type Little World.

Brother Feng! The expression of Zhao Yufei, who was heading toward the direction of the forest, changed. She knew how terrifying the Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon were. Their combined strength could easily fight multiple Kings, and obtaining the substandard God weapon was like adding wings to a tiger.

Is that Zhao Feng!? Guo Chaozhis eyes bulged out.

Its one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo Zhao Feng! The Kings and half-step Kings from the Duanmu Family, the Cao Family, Grand Duke Yuans Palace, and the other forces also recognized Zhao Feng.

This youth wasnt even a Void God Realm yet and he was actually facing the Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon at the same time? Everyone couldnt help but sweat for him.

For the two of you, it all ends here.

At this moment, the eyes of the purple-haired youth slowly opened.

At this instant, the Blue Serpent King duo and some of the Kings behind them felt their hearts shake. Maybe because of how confidently the youth spoke, or maybe the way he just opened his eyes as if he had been waiting here for a long time already.

The youth spoke to the powerful Blue Serpent King duo so casually. The other member of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, Nan Gongsheng, appeared, but he showed no signs of doing anything.

Zhao Feng, can you really fight these two guys alone? Nan Gongsheng couldnt help but message. After all, he had seen the duo escape from that giant group of Kings, but before he even finished his sentence, the unexpected happened.

Gaze of the God Eye!

A strong surge of purple eye-bloodline power shot out from the sitting youths left eye.

At this moment, a limitless whirlpool akin to a purple abyss of illusions appeared in his left eye, creating a forbidden power that covered everything the youth looked at.

You two retards, run! The Black Destruction Serpent Dragons voice sounded in the Blue Serpent King duos ears, but its warning was too late.


The Blue Serpent King and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon felt a coldness in their souls, as if they had been restrained and started to leave their control. Their hearts shook as they revealed looks of fear, and they tried to struggle.

The left eye of the purple-haired youth started to expand, and a forbidden force that could suck out their souls covered them. This forbidden power was like a God it couldnt be stopped.

What!? Sweat poured down the duos backs as fear and panic spread across their eyes. It seemed like, no matter what they did, they werent able to stop their souls from being sucked out.

Oh my god! The hearts of some of the arriving experts and elites shook. When they looked at Zhao Fengs left eye, their bodies went cold, and their souls showed signs of floating away.

What a terrifying forbidden eye-bloodline technique. If Ji Lan was here Cao Yun felt unable to breathe, and his heart thumped.

Two geniuses ranked within the top ten on the Imperial Genius rankings were full of fear as they struggled in despair against Zhao Fengs forbidden eye-bloodline technique.

That Zhao Feng how can he!? Gu Chaozhi exclaimed.

Even Senior Martial Brother Zhuges expression, who was usually rather calm, changed dramatically.

Hes about to suppress those two by himself. Senior Martial Brother Zhuge had a solemn expression. The aura of that purple-haired youths forbidden eye-bloodline technique made him feel uneasy.


The small cat on Zhao Yufeis shoulder turned into a streak of silver-gray light that flashed by.

I cant hold on any longer! the Blue Serpent King roared as he turned into an Ice Serpent Dragon once more.

However, even his Ice Serpent Emperor bloodline, which was ranked in the top ten among Imperial Dao bloodlines, trembled uneasily when facing this opponents eye-bloodline. A faint blue Yuan Soul in the shape of an ice dragon was being pulled out of the Blue Serpent Kings body.

Save me Lord Black Serpent Dragon! The Blue Serpent King fell into limitless despair. He had almost no ability to fight back against Zhao Fengs Gaze of the God Eye at all, and this was when the latter was facing two people at once.

Dont~~~~! A multi-colored Yuan Soul was half-pulled out from the body of the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon.

This scene made the mouths of all the pursuing geniuses gape open, and a coldness spread across their bodies.

The youth sitting on a tree was still just sitting there. The only difference from before was that he had opened his eyes.

He was like the representative of death as a faint smile of mockery formed on his face. An endless purple whirlpool expanded in his left eye, which pulled on the souls of the Blue Serpent King duo.

This Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragons defense is stronger against Soul and Illusion techniques. Zhao Feng revealed a weird look as he gazed down from above.

In terms of cultivation, these two were both Peak-tier Kings. They were just a bit away from forming Emperor Intent. However, their mastery and usage of Soul Dao techniques was a lot weaker than Zhao Feng.

Zhao Fengs Gaze of the God Eye came from the ancient Emperor of Deaths Gaze of Death. Zhao Feng had even used this Gaze of the God Eye against the Emperor of Death, and it surpassed the original technique. At this point, he had also incorporated the Dao of Illusion.

Zhao Feng didnt know how stunned Nan Gongsheng behind him was.

So this is the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor. Nan Gongsheng took in a cold breath. Since he was behind Zhao Feng, he saw the souls of the Blue Serpent King duo slowly leaving their bodies as fear and panic appeared on their faces.

Just as Zhao Feng was about to kill the duo:


A cold voice that seemed to rule the world sounded in the air.


The Black Destruction Serpent Dragons roar sounded from within the Blue Serpent Kings and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragons bodies. A scarlet-black flame suddenly started to flicker in their eyes as an Intent that could destroy anything in its path was released.


Purple illusory lightning clashed with scarlet-black flames in the soul-dimension.

On the branch, Zhao Fengs figure shook as his soul trembled.

Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

Zhao Fengs Gaze of the God Eye was instantly disrupted, and the Blue Serpent King duos souls returned back to their bodies.

What!? My substandard God weapon!

The Blue Serpent King was just about to use the Misty Spatial World but found that the armguard on his arm had disappeared.

Miao miao!

With a flash of silver and gray, a palm-sized silver-gray cat appeared on Zhao Fengs shoulder.

Thieving cat, good job! Zhao Feng smiled faintly as he put the substandard God armguard on his arm.

While the Blue Serpent King duos souls were struggling, the little thieving cat easily stole the Misty Spatial World off the Blue Serpent King.

Lets run away! A dark green flash of light blinked behind the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragons back.


The Blue Serpent Dragon and the Thousand Changes Illusionist Dragon disappeared, and their auras merged into the forest.

As expected, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon left a trick behind on those two.

Zhao Fengs left eye saw two transparent balls of light merge into the environment and try to escape.
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