King Of Gods Chapter 855

Chapter 855 - Summoning of the Evil God

In the air, the bright sword-light that was the Little Sword Saint suddenly started to dim, and the laws of the Sword Dao started to spin.

"Little Sword Saint!"

The Little Sword Saint had a smile as his flesh started to become transparent. The smile on his face was still casual and nonchalant.

He first glanced at those from Sky Sword Pavilion, then the others within the Building of Refinement. Amongst that second group, the Little Sword Saint's gaze landed on Zhao Feng, and he nodded his head toward the latter.

"His understanding of the Sword Dao has reached an unfathomable level, and he has given up on life…." Zhao Feng was filled with respect.

Zhao Feng sensed that the Little Sword Saint's understanding of the Sword Dao had reached the level of a peak Emperor, or perhaps even the level of a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord.

However, the Mystic Light Realm was different from the Void God Realm. It wasn't just a simple change in the soul; it also placed great importance on the physical aspects. This meant that, even if one's soul reached the requirements to advance, it wouldn't be easy to break through to the Mystic Light Realm if they didn't have the corresponding physical ability.

Now, Zhao Feng couldn't even see the level of the Little Sword Saint's Sword Dao comprehension. One thing was for sure though – the Little Sword Saint's understanding and mastery of the Sword Dao had exceeded all the experts that Zhao Feng had ever seen, including the Sword Dao Emperors from the True Martial Sacred Land.

The Little Sword Saint's flesh started to become fainter like melting snow.

"You… what did you say to Senior Sword Saint?" The black-robed girl and company looked at Zhao Feng with enmity and dissatisfaction.

The Little Sword Saint hadn't reached the end of his life yet, but Zhao Feng said something, and the Little Sword Saint's lifeforce suddenly started to fade faster.

"So unfortunate. Your life and soul reached their limit at the last moment, otherwise you would just need to take over another body and re-cultivate. Breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm wouldn't have been a problem in the future," Zhao Feng said regretfully.

It was hard for someone to take over another body with just Intent or a Partial Thought.

Intent and Partial Thoughts were made from mental energy and understanding of laws. They didn't have anything to do with the soul on their own. The lowest requirement to take over a body was a Partial Soul since that contained a piece of the actual soul.

Before Demigod Kun Yun was reborn through blood, he had imprinted the aura of his soul into the flesh of his Immortal Sacred Body with a special technique when he was still alive. It was because of this that Kun Yun only needed one drop of blood and a Partial Thought to revive.

However, the little saint's life and soul reached their limit after they were ignited, which was basically the equivalent of complete death. His life and soul were what was fueling his Sword Intent.

"I die with no regrets after surpassing my previous understanding of the sword." The Little Sword Saint revealed a satisfied smile before he died.

Weng~ Jiang!

The next instant, a spiritual sword phantom from which the Little Sword Saint's aura could be sensed merged into the rusty bronze sword.


The tattered Ancient God sword started to shake, and a wave of cold green sword-light with unrivalled power forced everyone back.

However, despite the tattered Ancient God sword's power, it didn't harm anyone.

"Senior Sword Saint!"

The black-robed girl from Sky Sword Pavilion had a surprised expression as she now held a green tattered sword in her hand.

At this moment, everyone's gaze landed on the black-robed girl.

"She got the Ancient God weapon!"

"That Mo Dongyao is a prodigy of Sky Sword Pavilion. Looking at the past several thousand years, her talent in the Sword Dao is only below that of the Little Sword Saint's."

Everyone's gaze locked onto the black-robed Mo Dongyao, the prodigy of Sky Sword Pavilion's young generation. She just fought with Zhao Yufei a moment ago and lost.

However, after the Little Sword Saint died, everyone was unable to hide the greed in their eyes as they looked at Mo Dongyao. What kind of effect would an Ancient God weapon bring to the entire lord dynasty? Even if it was some tattered piece of crap, it was still a weapon from the domain of Gods and related to the Heavenly Divine Realm.

That said, normal forces wouldn't be able to hold onto it even if they managed to steal it. The only forces present with the ability to do so were the imperials and Sky Suspension Palace.

"Ancient God weapon… probably even we don't have one." The Thirteenth Prince's eyes were fiery hot. If he was able to take an Ancient God weapon back to the imperial family, such a feat would greatly increase his chances of winning the competition to be the Sacred Emperor.

"Let's go," Zhao Feng suddenly said, and he walked toward the exit with Nan Gongsheng.

He wasn't interested in an Ancient God weapon too much. At least, not right now. Putting aside an Ancient God weapon, even substandard God weapons would bring a huge amount of trouble to a Void God Realm. Forces that weren't at least three-star level wouldn't be able to protect the tattered Ancient God sword.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng turning around was the exact moment the Thirteenth Prince decided to take action.

Weng~ Jiang!

A sword-light suddenly flashed behind Mo Dongyao's back, and it gave off an immortal Sword Intent that seemed able to slash through Heaven and Earth.


All the Kings that were planning on taking action, such as the Thirteenth Prince, felt their minds hurt. Their souls were like candles blowing in the wind, about to be extinguished at any moment. Fear and despair overtook their hearts.


A half-transparent sword-light figure formed the outline of the Little Sword Saint.

"Spare me! Senior Sword Saint, please spare me!"

The Kings that were planning on taking action felt like they were facing the Little Sword Saint when he was at his peak. All the Kings suddenly felt like their souls were tiny in comparison.

Even Xuanyuan Wen's soul shook. He was like a small tree in a hurricane.

"A pure soul-type Sword Dao attack… are these the laws of the Soul Sword?" Zhao Feng murmured.

Mo Dongyao held the tattered Ancient God sword and gave off an immortal and undying Sword Aura. The pressure of an Ancient God weapon suppressed everyone present, and the Kings' hearts jumped. They didn't have the ability to even think about fighting back.

"How is this possible!? How can Mo Dongyao control the Ancient God weapon…?" The Thirteenth Prince's face was white, and he felt unable to breathe. At this moment, Mo Dongyao could kill him with just a thought.

Even normal Emperors wouldn't dare to clash with Mo Dongyao head-on right now.

"Mo Dongyao is just the wielder. The true controller of the tattered Ancient God sword is the Little Sword Saint." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge took a deep breath.

The Little Sword Saint gained the recognition from the tattered Ancient God sword, then turned into a soul sword and merged with it. This meant that the Little Sword Saint could decide who got to control the Ancient God weapon. To a certain extent, the Little Sword Saint was basically a sword spirit now.

"Little Friend," an old voice sounded from the half-transparent sword-light figure behind Mo Dongyao's back.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng's footsteps stopped. He turned around and looked toward Mo Dongyao, confirming that the voice was calling him.

"Senior Sword Saint, is there anything you need?" Zhao Feng didn't dare to be disrespectful. Even thought he had given up his life and now existed as a spirit, the Little Sword Saint was countless times stronger than before in his current state.

"Little Friend." The old voice gave a sigh. "There's only twenty days left till the Black Serpent Dragon charges into Xie Yang Palace, and no one will be able to survive. I hope you can help everyone resolve the danger."

Hearing that, everyone was stunned. The Little Sword Saint placed his hope on one of the Demonic Duo? Not Xuanyuan Wen or the three princes, but a wicked youth that was infamous for stealing?

However, they had to admit that no one here could see through Zhao Feng, and they were full of wariness and caution toward him.

"Me?" Zhao Feng laughed, as if he had heard a joke. His expression was saying,You want a thief to save everyone? Isn't that a bit childish?

"I don't know where you come from nor your background, but I can confirm that, out of everyone here, you're the most likely one to succeed. This isn't justmy instinct; the Ancient God weapon feels the same," the old voice said solemnly.

The Ancient God weapon? Zhao Feng's heart shook. Could the Ancient God weapon sense the existence of his Ninth God's Eye? His left eye-bloodline came from a deity in the Ancient Era, and the Ancient God weapon was a weapon of Gods and was related to the domain of the Heavenly Divine Realm.

"If you can take the Sky Sword Pavilion members and escape, I will owe you a favor," the white sword-light figure promised.

"Deal." A light flashed through Zhao Feng's eyes. Although the Little Sword Saint's life had come to an end, his current state was even more terrifying than before. Besides, Zhao Feng alone wasn't enough to deal with the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon anyway.

A while later, the leaders of all the forces gathered in front of the Building of Refinement. This time, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng weren't acting alone.

"That purple crystal tower is the core of Xie Yang Palace," Zhao Feng said as everyone's gaze landed on the magnificent purple crystal tower that shot into the sky.

The tower was at the very center of Xie Yang Palace, and its pressure shook all the Kings' hearts.

"The key to the Yuan Sealing Divine Chains and the center of the God's Forbidden Array are most likely there," Senior Martial Brother Zhuge said.

Since the danger of the Black Destruction Serpent King was coming closer, no one had the heart to search for other fortune in Xie Yang Palace. Although they might've only scouted out one-tenth or even one-one hundredth of the fortune within Xie Yang Palace, what was the point if you couldn't leave with it alive?

"Let's go." The Great Gan Imperials were the first to leave and head in the direction of the purple crystal tower. Those from the Sky Suspension Palace, the Duanmu Family, and company then followed.

"Let's go." Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng also headed toward the purple crystal tower, and the group from Sky Sword Pavilion followed behind the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

"If it wasn't for Senior Sword Saint, I wouldn't follow these two thieves." Mo Dongyao's face was cold and unwilling, but they felt calm for some reason when following the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

We're getting closer to the call of that power…. The purple-and-blood-colored symbol on Nan Gongsheng's forehead started to become hotter. It was like a second heart as it thumped on his forehead.

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