King Of Gods Chapter 858

Chapter 858 - Evil God Thought Body

At this moment, the remnant God power within the Evil Sky Tower started to shake. Zhao Feng and Mo Dongyao saw purple-and-blood-colored light shoot out from the corners of the Evil Sky Tower and interact with the black futon at the very center of the highest floor.

Nan Gongsheng was sitting on that black futon.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

There seemed to be some kind of source within his body that turned into a heart and summoned the purple-and-blood-colored lights. At the same instant, a forbidden wave of Evil God power swept across the entire Xie Yang Palace, starting from the Evil Sky Tower.

Within the Evil Sky Tower, Xuanyuan Wen, Zhao Yufei, and company who were in a state of comprehension felt unable to breathe, and the True Yuan and blood within their bodies started to freeze.

"What happened!? Why is the remnant God power gathering toward the highest floor?"

Xuanyuan Wen was stunned. Over the past two days, he had been quietly comprehending the remnant God power, and he realized that this power didn't belong to anyone. Instead, it was contained within the Evil Sky Tower itself.

Since the remnant God power wasn't controlled or owned by anyone, it was now extremely faint after so much time had passed. However, despite its faintness, the rank of this power still easily surpassed normal Kings and Emperors. Even normal Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords would be suppressed to a certain degree.

Behind the Evil God Tower, the forces from Sky Suspension Palace, the imperials, Nine Darkness Palace, Sky Sword Pavilion, the Duanmu Family, and company gathered in front of a sealed dark metallic building.

This sealed metallic building was the God's Array Building and the core of the God's Forbidden Array of Xie Yang Palace.

In front of the God's Array Building stood Xin Wuheng and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge. They were at the very front, and next to them were a couple array masters. At the very center was a five-colored whirlpool made of arrays.


The remaining Kings formed a long line and merged their True Yuan into the shoulder of the King in front of them. A surge of True Yuan then flowed to Xin Wuheng and company at the front, and then into the five-colored whirlpool array.

Xin Wuheng and Senior Martial Brother Zhuge stood in front of the five-colored whirlpool array and used a profound technique to summon the power within the five-colored whirlpool array. A rune shot out from the five-colored whirlpool array and into the God's Array Building.


A divine light rippled across the surface of the God's Array Building, and a terrifying aura was unleashed that made everyone unable to breathe. However, a white door frame started to form on the surface of the dark building.

"We're just a little bit away from finishing inspecting it." Xin Wuheng let out a breath.

"I didn't think that Brother Xin also specialized in Heaven's Legacy secret techniques or that you had reached such a level of mastery." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge revealed a weird expression.

"I just know a little about the Heaven's Legacy secret techniques of a branch unit. I'm not as well-rounded as Brother Zhuge," Xin Wuheng said humbly.

Even if he knew how to get it, it would be hard for him to do so alone. Luckily, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge was an extremely knowledgeable genius. His mastery of Heaven's Legacy secret techniques was more complete.

They finally managed to find a breakthrough point as all the Kings gathered their power.

"Hmm?" Xin Wuheng's eyebrows suddenly furrowed as he turned toward the Evil Sky Tower with a pair of flashing eyes. A forbidden God power suddenly swept in every direction from the Evil Sky Tower toward the rest of Xie Yang Palace.

"That force!"

The expressions of all the Kings changed dramatically. It was as if they were in a large wave and couldn't stand stably.

The instant the forbidden aura arrived, all the power within everyone's body was frozen, and the Kings in front of the God's Array Building were like zombies. Only Xin Wuheng, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, and a small number of people were able to see what was happening.

"There's a faint trace of the remnant God power within the Evil Sky Tower, and it seems like it's being awakened. It's gathering together." Xin Wuheng's eyes twinkled.

Since he had been into the Evil Sky Tower before, he understood a bit about it. Xin Wuheng had found the remnant God power. It didn't have an owner, but without enough luck and destiny, one couldn't obtain this power even if they knew it was there.

Putting that aside, no one even dared to touch it in the first place. There was only a little hope if the technique one cultivated was along the same lines as the technique that the Ancient God Xie Yang cultivated.

The technique that Xin Wuheng cultivated was completely different, so he couldn't obtain that power. On the contrary, he had to hide even further away than the others.

Apart from that, Xin Wuheng faintly felt a mental energy aura that could affect all the remnant God power within the Evil Sky Tower. He didn't want to take the risk, so he gave up on going into the Evil Sky Tower.

Outside Xie Yang Palace:

Peng~ Boom!

The enormous black scaled body of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was smashing into the God's Forbidden Array. More and more flaws in the God's Forbidden Array were revealed, and cracks occasionally appeared. The purple-and-blood-colored light shot out wasn't as strong as before.

"Eh? A faint trace of the God power." The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon suddenly stopped as it revealed a wary and stunned expression.


The surge of the Evil God's forbidden power even swept outside Xie Yang Palace.

Although the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon didn't move, solemnness appeared in its eyes. After being sealed for who-knows-how-many-millennia, the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was extremely weak, and it couldn't use many of its abilities since it still had the Yuan Sealing Divine Chains wrapped around its body.

The Black Destruction Serpent Dragon also wasn't able to see what was happening in the top floor of the Evil Sky Tower. The Marks of Destruction on Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng had already been dissolved, and the Mark of Destruction within Mo Dongyao's body had also been destroyed by the Ancient God weapon.

Therefore, apart from the three present, no one else knew what was happening on the top floor of the Evil Sky Tower.

Zhao Feng and Mo Dongyao looked at the shocking scene in front of them. Nan Gongsheng sat on the black futon, and all the purple-and-blood-colored light from the Evil Sky Tower gathered onto him.


The purple-and-blood-colored symbol on Nan Gongsheng's forehead was extremely wicked, and it seemed like a second heart as it thumped. On top of that, wicked purple-and-blood-colored images appeared on his skin.

Shua! Boom!

Nan Gongsheng revealed a painful expression as a purple-and-blood-colored spatial domain covered him. The spatial domain was filled with silver sparkles. As the purple-and-blood-colored lights merged into the spatial domain, it started to materialize.

"Little World Evil God Crystal." Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye saw what was happening.

In just a couple breaths, Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain had turned into a purple-and-blood-colored Little World with silver walls.

When the purple-and-blood-colored light of the evil Sky Tower entered the Evil God Crystal at the center of the Little World, it started to connect to Nan Gongsheng's source of strength.

"Dammit! Nan Gongsheng's Intent has been affected!"

Zhao Feng felt a wicked mental energy undulation come from the black futon as it merged into Nan Gongsheng's source of strength alongside the purple-and-blood-colored light. Nan Gongsheng's face began to twist as the purple-and-blood-colored flower images on his skin became brighter.

"Who's there!?" Zhao Feng circulated his Eye Intent and several hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lightning lit up, but Zhao Feng only radiated some pressure from his Eye Intent and didn't actually attack.

If the mental energy had forcefully taken control of Nan Gongsheng's body, Zhao Feng and Mo Dongyao may have been able to stop it, but it seemed to be ready for that; it hid within the black futon, then merged with the purple-and-blood-colored light as it entered Nan Gongsheng's body.

"Zezeze the power of the God Tribulation and the aura of an Ancient Deity? What a surprise." Another voice sounded from within Nan Gongsheng's body.

Nan Gongsheng had been assimilated by the God power, and his spatial domain and source of power had been changed as well. Even his mental energy and attitude had changed.

"Mental Energy Thought Body," an old voice sounded from behind.


An immortal Sword Intent that seemed like it could slice through Heaven and Earth was unleashed from the Ancient God weapon in Mo Dongyao's hand. At the same time, the outline of the Little Sword Saint formed from half-transparent sword-light behind Mo Dongyao.

"Mental Energy Thought Body!?"

Zhao Feng couldn't help but start to think. A Mental Energy Thought was similar to a Demigod Partial Thought, but more complete. It contained a certain amount of mental energy that could transform into a type of spirit and affect the outside world.

"Zezeze That's right. I'm the Archery God Mental Energy Though Body of the Ancient God Xie Yang."

A half-transparent purple-and-blood-colored figure appeared within Nan Gongsheng's body. It existed in a unique mental energy state. It wasn't a soul or an Intent, but a thought that could affect the outside world.

"So lucky." Zhao Feng let out a breath. It would be extremely bad if it was the Intent of the Ancient God Xie Yang himself. The Intent of an Ancient God would be able to decide who lived and who died, and it could even control the entire Xie Yang Palace. It was similar to the Demigod Intent in the Demigod Forgotten Garden, but it was obvious that Xie Yang Palace didn't have any Ancient God Intent; it was just a forgotten palace that belonged to no one.

Since this Thought Body didn't contain any part of a soul, it was unable to actually steal someone's body, but it could affect and assimilate others.

"I didn't expect you humans to give me such a surprise. This person's domain and source of strength has even merged with an Evil God Crystal of Master Xie Yang. Zezeze this human will become the new body for the remaining power of the Evil Sky Tower. To a certain extent, it can be considered that I will have a new life." The half-transparent purple-and-blood-colored figure smiled smugly as it merged into the source of strength within Nan Gongsheng's body.

Hearing that, Nan Gongsheng's expression changed dramatically. He knew what this Evil God Mental Thought Body had in mind. Although the Evil God Mental Thought Body was unable to steal a body, it could turn Nan Gongsheng into another person. Nan Gongsheng would still be "Nan Gongsheng," but his personality wouldn't be the same.

"Hmph! You're just a measly Mental Thought Body. I won't let Nan Gongsheng be turned into someone like the Ancient God Xie Yang." Zhao Feng snickered coldly.

"Gaze of the God Eye!"

The youth's left eye turned into a deep purple-colored whirlpool that extended to the other side of an abyss. At the same time, a suction force that pulled mental energy and souls enveloped Nan Gongsheng.

"Kekeke this force isn't strong enough to threaten me yet." The Evil God Mental Thought Body within Nan Gongsheng's body laughed. Its mental energy was extremely strong; it was comparable to Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords at the least.

"Who said I was going to do anything to you?"

The next instant, a purple-silver soul was about to leave Nan Gongsheng's body.

"Nan Gongsheng's soul!" Mo Dongyao exclaimed in disbelief.

"What!? Stop!" the Evil God Mental Thought Body roared as his wicked mental energy swept across the area.

Although it was a Mental Thought Body and could affect the thoughts of living things, it couldn't take over a body. Once Nan Gongsheng's soul was taken, its plans would fail; it couldn't assimilate a shell with no soul, right?

"Instead of allowing Nan Gongsheng's personality to be changed, how about I take care of his soul?"

The purple-haired youth's eyes seemed to contain divine purple lightning. He spoke each word with a pause.

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