King Of Gods Chapter 861

Chapter 861 - Slaughter

Nan Gongsheng was taller than before, and his eyes were silver and purple. He had purple-and-blood-colored hair, and some bright purple-red tattoos could be seen faintly on his skin. A wicked and cruel smile formed on his face as he pressured the geniuses present.

The geniuses found it hard to breathe, and some Kings' True Yuan was unable to be used. Luckily, the terrifying wicked aura only descended for an instant before fading away.


Only then did the elites outside let out a breath, and they looked in shock at Nan Gongsheng who was walking toward the God's Array Building.

"Everyone, watch out," Jiu Wuji warned. "That person's aura is extremely weird, and it's similar to the remnant God power that was within the Evil Sky Tower. He has probably been assimilated by the power of the Evil God, and his personality has been changed."

Hearing that, discussion broke out amongst the experts as they looked at Nan Gongsheng with wariness and cautiousness.

Jiu Wuji's eyes twinkled as coldness flashed on his face. He had been in the Evil Sky Tower, so he could guess that Nan Gongsheng may have inherited the remaining power of the Ancient God.

"That's right I've also been in the Evil Sky Tower."

"No wonder the aura within the Evil Sky Tower has disappeared."

The Kings outside the God's Array Building glanced at Nan Gongsheng with a hint of greed. No matter what else was said, Nan Gongsheng had touched the domain of Gods and even inherited the power of the Ancient God Xie Yang. Why wouldn't they be jealous?

"Everyone, let's team up and capture this brat and interrogate the secrets of the Ancient God Xie Yang out of him!" Jiu Wuji suggested.

There were at least twenty Void God Realm Kings outside the God's Array Building. With so many Kings, even Emperors would need to retreat. Furthermore, Nan Gongsheng's cultivation was only at the Peak-tier King level.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Figures started to flash as the Peak-tier King Jiu Wuji and six Domain-level Kings attacked. Jiu Wuji's battle-power was already unrivalled below the Emperor level before he broke through to a Peak-tier King.

"Demonic Sky Hand!" Jiu Wuji roared as one of his arms expanded and started to burn. A pitch-black giant hand summoned waves of black flames that lashed out at Nan Gongsheng.


The black hand was dozens of yards wide as it reached out from a dark whirlpool. Its power was more than twice as much as before.

"Jiu Wuji's Demonic Sky Technique has reached the 16th level, and his Demonic Sky Hand has become stronger!"

Some of the geniuses present exclaimed. This attack was taking place in Xie Yang Palace, where all powers were suppressed. If they were in the outside world, this palm could shock Heaven and Earth. Without a doubt, Jiu Wuji could even exchange a couple blows with an Emperor.

Bam! Boom! Boom!

There were six Domain-level Kings that attacked as well. Some of them had battle-power comparable to Peak-tier Kings.

"Hahahaha, kill this thief!"

Some of the nearby Kings couldn't help but release their anger of having been plundered by the Demonic Duo.

Boom~~~~! Bam! Bam!

As all the attacks were about to land on Nan Gongsheng:

"A bunch of ants!"

Nan Gongsheng revealed a wicked and cruel expression as he spoke each word with a pause. He just stood there and let the attacks land on him.


Wicked figures formed around Nan Gongsheng and charged out in every direction like ancient bloodthirsty demons.


Jiu Wuji's Demonic Sky Hand was shattered, and the other Kings' attacks were ripped apart like paper. Screams and cries then started to sound.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Jiu Wuji and the other six Kings were sent flying by a dominating force that could suppress Heaven and Earth.

"How is this possible!?" Jiu Wuji was stunned as he spat out a mouthful of blood. He didn't have the ability to fight back at all; the terrifying power had completely suppressed them.

Wah! Wah!

Several Kings spat out mouthfuls of blood as they were sent flying and fainted.

"Arghh! Arghh!"

A few other Kings and more than a dozen half-step Kings were immediately killed by the remaining shockwave.

All of this happened in the span of one breath.


The elites present all took in a cold breath.

"What kind of power is this? Just a basic counterattack from his True Yuan was able to send Jiu Wuji flying and kill several Kings and more than a dozen half-step Kings."

Some experts' backs were drenched in cold sweat.

"You!" Jiu Wuji lay on the ground, and his eyes were full of panic and disbelief.

"Those that dare to offend me shall die." A cruel smile formed on Nan Gongsheng's face as his cold gaze swept over Jiu Wuji and the experts from Nine Darkness Palace behind him.

"Everyone, watch out!" Jiu Wuji's expression changed dramatically as he circulated his True Yuan.

"Demonic Sky Forcefield!" Jiu Wuji got up as a black forcefield started to form around him.

This Demonic Sky Forcefield was Jiu Wuji's defensive technique that could slow down and absorb attacks. However, the unexpected happened right as his Demonic Sky Forcefield formed.

"Die!" A blur of silver-and-purple images that glittered with a blood-colored light landed on Jiu Wuji with a Boom!

"Arghh!" A scream sounded, but it quickly ended. Jiu Wuji's body had turned into a puddle of blood. Even his Yuan Soul was destroyed.

"Jiu Wuji!"

"Senior Jiu!"

The expressions of the geniuses and elites from Nine Darkness Palace changed dramatically, and everyone's hairs stood up as a coldness spread throughout their bodies. The faces of those that had attacked Nan Gongsheng before went pale-white.

"Terrifying! He killed Jiu Wuji in one blow!"

"What kind of power is this? Could Nan Gongsheng really have inherited the power of the Evil God?"

After the chaos was dead silence.

This scene even caught the attention of the major figures from the imperials and Sky Suspension Palace within the God's Array Building.

"What terrifying power. It's the same as the power from the Evil Sky Tower." Xuanyuan Wen's expression became solemn.

Zhao Feng, Xin Wuheng, and company also looked out. What they saw next was a slaughter.


The remaining Kings and half-step Kings from Nine Darkness Palace cried out as a blur of silver-and-purple images turned them into a puddle of blood and water.

Nan Gongsheng's attacks were extremely unique; they crushed both the soul and physical body. Physical bodies and Yuan Souls were both killed.

"How is this possible? That's a characteristic that belongs to Mystic Light Sacred Power!" The Ninth Prince's True Yuan and bloodline started to tremble.

Xin Wuheng's and Xuanyuan Wen's faces both became solemn. At this moment in time, Nan Gongsheng was terrifying, and he had exceeded normal limits.

In just a breath or two, the entire elite group from Nine Darkness Palace was taken out by Nan Gongsheng. Nan Gongsheng then licked his lips and gave a wicked smile as he looked toward some of the Kings who also attacked him.


These Kings' souls almost flew away, and they started to run as fast as they could even if they were injured.

Boom! Peng! Peng!

Nan Gongsheng raised his hand and killed the Kings and half-step Kings like he was stomping on ants.

"Stop!" The apricot-robed female from Sky Suspension Palace, Luo Zun, the Eighth Prince, the wrinkled elder, and some other Kings from the imperial group all tried to stop him.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

These strong Kings were pushed back by a layer of silver-and-purple light before they even managed to get close.

"Sacred Emperor's Sword!" the Thirteenth Prince roared as he drew out a beaming golden sword.

"Argh!" Before he could even attack, a wicked silver-and-purple figure sent him flying.

Chaos broke out outside the God's Array Building.


At the same time, the white door frame on the God's Array Building started to close as it lost the energy from the Kings.

"Stop!" Xuanyuan Wen reached out and stabilized the white door frame as he sent a surge of Emperor Intent toward Nan Gongsheng.

Nan Gongsheng's footsteps paused as he licked his lips and glanced at the only Emperor present, Xuanyuan Wen.

The surge of Emperor Intent hadn't affected him at all. Instead, it just ignited Nan Gongsheng's battle-intent and fierceness. Silver-and-purple light emanated from his body, and the purple-and-blood-colored flower markings on his skin became brighter.

The terrifying aura of power made everyone unable to breathe. Those below the Void God Realm were unable to use their True Yuan, and even their bloodline power was completely suppressed.

"This power!" Xuanyuan Wen felt the True Yuan within his body shake, and he couldn't circulate it as he wished.

The biggest difference between Kings and Emperors was the soul. There wasn't too much difference in terms of power itself. This meant that even someone as strong as Xuanyuan Wen could be suppressed in terms of power.

"Zhao Feng, why aren't you stopping him?" Senior Martial Brother Zhuge thought of something in this situation.

At this instant, no one could suppress Nan Gongsheng. Even Xuanyuan Wen couldn't. Even if he could though, an all-out fight would be disastrous.

Mo Dongyao gave a cold glance toward Zhao Feng, as if saying that all of this was his fault.

"Luckily, Nan Gongsheng hasn't completely lost his mind. The ones that he killed were only those that attacked him." Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head.

Luck luckily? Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, the Ninth Prince, and company almost choked.

Nan Gongsheng's battle-power was unrivalled; he could slay Gods and Buddhas if they tried to stop him. In just a short while, the Kings in front of the God's Array Building had scattered in fear.

Nan Gongsheng felt bored. He licked his lips as he approached Xuanyuan Wen step by step with his terrifying aura.

Xuanyuan Wen was enraged, and the Intent in his eyes was condensed to the limit. He raised his hand, and crystalline beams of light that radiated a forbidden aura appeared in the air.

"Stop!" The expressions of Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, Xin Wuheng, and the various imperial experts changed dramatically.

No one knew what would happen if they started to truly fight. From the strength that Nan Gongsheng displayed, he would be undefeatable unless everyone teamed up. Furthermore, this was just Nan Gongsheng alone he was only one member of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo.

"Enough," a voice sounded in the tense atmosphere.

This voice broke the aura that suppressed everyone, and everyone instantly felt the pressure decrease. Nan Gongsheng's footsteps stopped, and he started to struggle as the bloodthirsty coldness within him started to fade.


Senior Martial Brother Zhuge and company all let out a long breath as they looked at the purple-haired youth with slightly furrowed eyebrows.

Everyone familiar with them knew that, of the two Purple-Haired Demonic Duo members, it was this purple-haired youth that was the leader. Only he could stop Nan Gongsheng.
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