King Of Gods Chapter 865

Chapter 865 - Sacred Lord Bee Empress

This scene almost made the spectating elites from the Duanmu Family and Sky Sword Pavilion cry out.

Weng Weng Weng

The first group of one hundred venomous bees obediently circled Zhao Feng and company the instant they got near. Amongst them were some elite bees that were comparable to half-step Kings. If they used their suicidal attacks, they could even take down Void God Realm Kings down with them.

The second group of two hundred bees were hesitant as they glanced at the actions of the first group.


In an instant, two hundred mental energy Intents scanned across the second group of venomous bees.

Weng! Weng!

The body of these venomous bees froze, and they soon entered the protective convoy with respect and fear. This meant that there was now more than three hundred Five Poison Distinct Bees around Zhao Feng and company.

Zhao Feng's footsteps slowed down a bit as he circulated his Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and started to enslave the alarmed bees. Zhao Feng would only use the Dark Heart Seal to enslave the elite bees, then he would use the elite venomous bees to indirectly control the normal bees.

Around half the time it took to make tea later, several thousand Five Poison Distinct Bees surrounded Zhao Feng and company. There were about sixty enslaved elite venomous bees.

Such a quantity of venomous bees was like a whirlwind as they covered Zhao Feng and company completely. Not only were they covered, even their auras was hidden.

"That's about it." Zhao Feng nodded his head and led the way as the several thousand Five Poison Distinct Bees surrounded them and hid their auras.

After that, not many bees approached. The normal bees would be scared away by the elite venomous bees that Zhao Feng controlled, and if elite venomous bees came, Zhao Feng would enslave them too.

"These elite venomous bees are comparable to half-step Kings that can take down Void God Realm Kings if they use their suicidal attacks." Zhao Feng was full of smiles.

Any elite venomous bee that was suspicious and came over would be enslaved by Zhao Feng.

In the venomous bee kingdom, normal bees were like soldiers that only took orders. Only elite bees had a bit of consciousness.

Zhao Feng enslaved the elite venomous bees to control the lesser bees.

Nan Gongsheng and the others were surprised. They didn't think that Zhao Feng would have thought of such a method to enter the venomous bee kingdom so easily.

As time passed, the number of elite bees that were heading toward the palace-like beehive was increasing.

At the same moment:


A Bee King charged over, as if it was questioning why these venomous bees were "on strike."


Zhao Feng gathered his Eye Intent and unleashed a forbidden eye-bloodline technique. A wave of cold aura instantly seeped into the soul of the Bee King.

The Five Poison Distinct Bees were all very small and weak, both physically and mentally. The terrifying part about this species was that they lived in giant groups and had suicidal attacks. They were unlucky to have met Zhao Feng.


The Bee King struggled for a moment before being enslaved by Zhao Feng; the process was smoother than they expected.

This was the benefit that the reawakened Emperor Intent brought. Although Zhao Feng's cultivation was low, his body was strong and his Soul eye-bloodline secret techniques were comparable to an Emperor's.

Mo Dongyao revealed a look of shock as she glanced deeply at Zhao Feng.

Those from Sky Sword Pavilion and the Duanmu Family were all full of wariness. Once a Bee King unleashed their suicidal attack, they could threaten and even kill Void God Realm Emperors, and Zhao Feng now controlled one.

After controlling a Bee King, the process was much smoother. Zhao Feng and company soon arrived below the giant pitch-black beehive.

With a Bee King and many elite venomous bees around them, the nearby venomous bees all went around and didn't dare to question them. The only thing that Zhao Feng needed to be on guard against was the other Bee Kings. After entering the beehive, there was also a chance that they would meet the stronger Bee Emperors.

With Zhao Feng's current soul-strength, it would be extremely difficult for him to enslave a Bee Emperor. Even if he could, it would cause a lot of racket and attract the attention of the other Bee Emperors.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The quartet entered the giant beehive under the cover of the swarm of bees.

The beehive was the size of a palace and contained many venomous bees, including larvae and eggs.

"Try to avoid the Bee Emperors. Aim directly for the Bee Empress's location," Zhao Feng said in a low tone.

It wouldn't very difficult for them to handle one Bee Emperor, but there were five Bee Emperors within the beehive. What was more terrifying was that, if a Bee Emperor unleashed their suicidal attack, they might be able to injure or kill even a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord.

Zhao Feng didn't want to see that. Luckily, Zhao Feng's God's Spiritual Eye had already seen the layout of the beehive, and he had obtained a lot of information from the Bee King.

Zhao Feng and company were more cautious after entering the enormous beehive. They met the occasional Bee King on the way, and Zhao Feng would always carefully use his Dark Heart Seal and try not to create a disturbance.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng had tamed a few Bee Kings and over a hundred elite bees. In this period of time, Zhao Feng and company successfully gathered some Hundred Origin Fruit Juice.

The Hundred Origin Sacred Honey was the essence and origin of the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice. The Hundred Origin Fruit Juice could increase one's state of existence, and it was helpful even for Void God Realm Kings. It could even create a solid foundation for one trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm later.

The Fruit Juice was even beneficial for Zhao Feng's 5th level of the Sacred Lightning Body, and Nan Gongsheng's and Mo Dongyao's state of existence were slightly lower.

Zhao Feng got 40% of the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice while the other three got 20% each. No one disagreed with how it was split.

The group reached the very depths of the beehive, and a strong aura crushed over. It was as if Heaven and Earth had been suppressed. This surge of aura surpassed even Void God Realm Emperors.

Normal Void God Realm Kings would have spat out a mouthful of blood already, but Zhao Feng and company weren't normal.

"Not good, the Bee Empress has sensed us!" Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically.

He realized that he had underestimated the Bee Empress. Although the Bee Empress couldn't move, it was still the supreme ruler of the venomous bee kingdom. Over half of the materials that made up the beehive came from it.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Bee Empress was occupied with reproducing, it probably would have sensed Zhao Feng and company earlier.

"Move!" The hearts of Zhao Feng and company shook as they charged toward the cave where the Bee Empress was located.

At the same instant, the other Bee Kings and even some Bee Emperors were alarmed and flew over.

Ceng! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng and company used their full strength to head toward the cave that housed the Bee Empress.

The cave became closer and closer. It was as if the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey was right in front of them. However, right at this moment:


A Bee Emperor screamed and charged toward the quartet with an aura that was comparable to Void God Realm Emperors.

"Leave the Bee Emperor to me. All of you go handle the Bee Empress and obtain the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey," Mo Dongyao said and turned around with a cold gaze as she held the tattered Ancient God sword. The outline of the Little Sword Saint formed behind her.

"I'll deal with the Bee Kings." Zhao Yufei also chose to stay behind.

Apart from the Bee Emperors, there were dozens of Bee Kings, and their average strength was comparable to Peak-tier Kings.

"Go!" Zhao Feng left some bees behind to help the two girls as he and Nan Gongsheng charged toward the cave where the Bee Empress was at.


Before they entered the cave, they felt a terrifying aura surge over. Zhao Feng's True Yuan started to tremble and almost freeze. His soul also shook slightly, and the blood within him tossed and turned.

This was the Bee Empress its aura was comparable to Sacred lords.

Normal Kings would be unable to even circulate their True Yuan or Intent. Even with Zhao Feng's powerful body and soul, his actions were stiff, and he felt that it was extremely difficult to move forward.


A dark multi-colored room-sized bee with golden eyes was located in the cave. Just one gaze or thought from it seemed like it could rule Heaven and Earth. However, the Bee Empress was merged with the beehive and couldn't easily move.

"So, this is the Bee Empress." Zhao Feng felt that it was hard to breathe. He opened the Little World within his Misty Spatial World and still wasn't able to completely block the Sacred Lord aura. At best, it was weakened by 20-30%.

Normal Kings would have knelt to the ground and started vomiting blood already.

"Let me do it."

A purple-and-blood-colored divine light appeared around Nan Gongsheng. It gave off a peerless aura that could pass through the physical and soul dimensions as it clashed with the Sacred Lord aura.

At the same time, his purple-and-blood-colored hair blew in the air as if it was dancing, and the purple-and-blood-colored mark on his forehead shone. A wicked and cruel smile formed on his face; he was like the Lord of Evil.

Zhao Feng felt the pressure on himself decrease dramatically, especially in the physical dimension.


At this moment, a supreme Sword Dao aura appeared behind him.

"Soul Sword Slash!"

Mo Dongyao raised the tattered Ancient God sword, and the white sword-light figure behind her expanded to a hundred yards wide as it released a brilliant beam of crystal-like sword-light that landed on the Bee Emperor.


The Bee Emperor screamed. Although it was physically unharmed, its soul was directly destroyed by that sword.

"Heaven and Earth Spiritual Light!"

A brilliant radiance of light shot out from around Zhao Yufei. Thousands upon thousands of purple beams passed through the swarm of venomous bees that charged over.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The purple light made wave after wave of bees fall to the ground.

In just a breath, three Bee Kings were slain alongside thousands of elite and normal venomous bees.


Even the groups outside the garden could feel the shaking from the beehive and see the radiance of purple light.

"It's Zhao Yufei's Spiritual Race bloodline secret technique!" The green-robed elder's heart tightened.

Mo Dongyao and Zhao Yufei had a single-target and wide-ranged attack respectively. Their teamwork was perfect. Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng didn't need to worry about them.

The aura from the two females surprised even the Sacred Lord Bee Empress.

"Hundred Origin Sacred Honey." Zhao Feng's gaze landed on the half-solidified multi-colored honey in the cave behind the Bee Empress.
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