King Of Gods Chapter 911

Chapter 911: Soul Body

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Duanmu Qing slowly descended and spoke, After this evolution, Zhao Fengs God Eye will become even stronger.

He had personally witnessed the evolution of Zhao Fengs left eye before in the Mystic True Sacred Clan and how strong it had become. Even Zhao Yufei, who had the help of the Little World and the Purple Saint Partial Spirit, couldnt find back against him.

However, the disturbance of energy that Zhao Feng had just released didnt seem to pass through the soul-dimension. Instead, it passed through the physical dimension. It didnt contain any pattern or laws, which made Duanmu Qing confused.

After the previous evolution, Zhao Fengs Soul Intent became much stronger. Who knows whatll happen this time? Duanmu Qing was full of smiles as he looked forward to it.

Sacred Lord Duanmu, please come in. Bi Qingyue immediately went forward and didnt dare to be careless.

This Sacred Lord was from the Duanmu Family and was her masters master. At the critical moment, he even saved the Ocean Smoke Pavilion after Sacred Lord Sky Splitter and the other Sacred Lord were scared away.

Although Old Monster Xu was also a Sacred Lord, he could only follow behind Duanmu Qing.

Sacred Lord Duanmu, your disciple is still in seclusion, Bi Qingyue said with an apologetic smile.

How long has he been sleeping for? Duanmu Qing asked.

Almost a year and a half. Bi Qingyue replied honestly, and Duanmu Qing was surprised. He didnt think that Zhao Feng had been sleeping for so long. Last time, he only slept for a couple months.

Ill wait here until Zhao Feng wakes up.

Duanmu Qing stayed here, and all the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion felt as if the future was paved with gold. If they were related to one of the Eight Big Families, no other force around the oceans would be able to do anything to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. Hot blood started to burn in these disciples.

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter and Old Ghost were both extremely frustrated after they left, and they summoned a storm that turned the world dark. The power was enough to shatter Heaven and Earth.

Old man, learn the full situation first before you plan to do anything. Old Ghosts gaze was icy as he left with a cold aura. He lived alone, but Sacred Lord Sky Splitter was in a force that had its own information agency and still ended up like this.

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter was enraged when he returned to Earth Spirit Hall, which made everyone panic. Most of them didnt even know why Grand Elder was so angry.

Emperor Lightspeed, give me all the information about Zhao Feng! Sacred Lord Sky Splitter roared, and a young Emperor below trembled. Under the anger of the Sacred Lord, he felt as if lightning was about to explode around him at any moment and that half his foot had already stepped into the doors of death.

Understood, Grand Elder. I will find out everything about Zhao Feng, Emperor Lightspeed said in a trembling voice.

Three months later, Sacred Lord Sky Splitter received a report, and his heart shook when he looked over it.

After Zhang Xuandong from Earth Spirit Hall left the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan back then, an Emperor from the Tie Family arrived.

Bloodline of the Tie Family! Sacred Lord Sky Splitters mind shook. The Eight Big Families again!

The Tie Family was one of the strongest families; it was comparable to a peak three-star power.

The Nine Darkness Demonic Lord from Nine Darkness Palace arrived at the Dukes Palace and took Zhao Feng away?

Sacred Lord Sky Splitters expression turned from surprise to shock. A Sacred Lord from Nine Darkness Palace arriving around here was extremely important news, but they only just received it? This information agency was a group of trash.

That wasnt the main point though. There were signs of a battle between the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord and Zhao Feng, but Zhao Feng returned while the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord disappeared.

The report turned into ashes.

As time passed, Duanmu Qing would occasionally use his Divine Sense to look over Zhao Feng. He was currently living in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion not too far away from Zhao Feng.

Zhao Fengs body would occasionally twitch while he was sleeping. His faint golden hair was like sacred light; it gave a calm and supreme feeling.

In the dimension of Zhao Fengs left eye, he had regained some of his consciousness and witnessed what was happening.

At the very beginning, a wisp of golden light appeared in the depths of the blue lake. Then, more and more faint golden light shot out. These wisps of golden light werent Eye Intent, and Zhao Feng couldnt recognize what it was even after inspecting it for a long time.

Part of the purple mist above the blue lake started to fade after this light shone onto it. Although the difference was very small, Zhao Feng could still feel it. The elements of Wind and Lightning in the mist were both decreasing.

At the very beginning Zhao Feng was stunned. Did this mean that this evolution of his Gods Eye would decrease his Soul Intent? However, the wisp of faint golden light turned into two wisps, then into a beam.

Although more and more of the purple mist was disappearing, he could feel that his Soul Intent wasnt becoming weaker. Where did the disappeared purple mist go?

Zhao Feng could only wait. More and more faint golden light gathered above the lake and formed a complete beam that shone over the entire purple mist.

The power of God Tribulation Lightning is disappearing! Zhao Feng couldnt help but exclaim.

He could accept the purple mist disappearing. After all, it was created by the Gods Eye in the first place. However, Zhao Feng couldnt stay calm after the power of God Tribulation Lightning disappeared.

God Tribulation Lightning countered everything in the world to a certain degree, but even it was fading away. The God Tribulation Lightning had always been his killing move and had helped him many times in dangerous situations. Zhao Feng was even hoping to use it to face his own God Tribulation in the future.

As time passed, both the purple mist and the God Tribulation Lightning were fading away.

Wait, my Soul Intent hasnt become weaker. Theres a weird sensation to it instead.

Zhao Feng suddenly felt that something was off. His consciousness started to become clearer as the Gods Eye evolved.

At the very beginning, Zhao Feng could only inspect it, but now he could feel it clearly 20% of the purple mist had disappeared, but instead of his Soul Intent becoming weaker, it had become slightly stronger. If it wasnt for the weird feeling in Zhao Fengs soul, he wouldnt have felt this.

The golden light from the blue lake became brighter and brighter. He felt as if something was about to appear. On a certain day, the golden light surged, and Zhao Feng could see a figure below the lake.

Duanmu Qing had his Divine Sense locked onto Zhao Feng.

At this moment in time, anyone that saw Zhao Feng wouldnt be able to take their eyes off him. His hair was a faint gold and radiated a golden light that even Sacred Lords would be surprised by.

Even the mysterious little thieving cat wasnt able to stand it. As the light filled the air, the little thieving cat jumped into the Misty Spatial World.

Looks like Zhao Fengs Gods Eye is finally about to awaken its true power! Duanmu Qing couldnt help but exclaim. If that wasnt the case, then Zhao Feng wouldnt have needed to sleep for so long.

In the dimension of his left eye, Zhao Feng stared at a golden ball on the surface of the blue lake. It was perfect and smooth, and it was like the sun of his left eyes dimension. It radiated an ancient aura, but it gave Zhao Feng a familiar feeling.

The golden ball radiated a faint golden light that seemed to pass through everything. This light shone into the mist, and the purple mist started to disappear several times faster than before, while a whirlpool formed in the lake where the golden ball was.


Water flowed through the whirlpool and disappeared into the golden ball. A numbing and painful sensation suddenly washed through Zhao Fengs soul and made him groan.

My soul!

All of Zhao Fengs senses were gathered onto his soul, and he was completely stunned. He realized that his soul was starting to condense, and an occasional flash of lightning would appear. However, Zhao Feng could recognize that this wasnt normal lightning it was actually the God Tribulation Lightning.

Could it be that the disappeared purple mist and God Tribulation Lightning merged into my soul?

Zhao Feng was unable to calm down.

Although the purple Soul Sea was formed from the Soul power of his blue lake, the power of God Tribulation Lightning had merged directly into his soul.

Zhao Feng could only think of one word incredible.

He suddenly remembered something. Apart from bloodlines and bodies, there was something else that was just as rare as a top bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races. Because these soul bodies were extremely rare and unable to be properly researched, it was unknown what it truly was or whether it was good or not. Some even called it a sickness of the soul.

Zhao Feng didnt know if this was natural or whether his soul was considered unique or not. Since he didnt understand, Zhao Feng didnt think too much about it. However, he knew that the purple Soul Sea and the God Tribulation Lightning hadnt disappeared; they had merged directly into his soul.

However, Zhao Feng couldnt find any of his Wind elemental power.

It was hard to say how long went by until the purple Soul Sea disappeared and left only the blue lake and golden ball in the dimension of his left eye.

The size of the lake decreased to five hundred yards and was being absorbed by the golden ball.

Four hundred yards… three hundred yards… one hundred yards. The blue lake completely disappeared and was absorbed by the golden ball, but the balls size didnt change at all.


The mysterious golden ball released a layer of golden light that passed through everything through this dimension and into the outside world.

Zhao Feng understood that this evolution had almost ended, but he didnt know the secrets of this golden ball yet or what the Gods Eye would bring him.

Within a quiet palace somewhere in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, a girl in white was drawing with closed eyes. She suddenly sensed something and opened her eyes as blood dripped from her mouth. It was a pair of eyes that didnt have any pupils, but they seemed to be able to see through everything.

Master is correct it is indeed the 9th Gods Eye.

The girl looked down at her drawing. It was a handsome male with golden hair and eyes that seemed to be able to see through any secrets in the world.

In a quiet and calm sea of bamboo, an elder and an elegant girl were playing chess. The elder seemed to be thinking and didnt know what to do next. His eyes suddenly dimmed, and black lines appeared. It was as if it had fallen into the Samsara of Hell and Sin.

Disciple, lets end here today. The eyes of the elder returned to normal.

Master, youll never be my match in terms of chess. The girl gave a smile, and her beauty seemed to make the sea of bamboo shake.

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