King Of Gods Chapter 921

Chapter 921: Grandmaster Beast Tamer

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Then Ill let him live for a while. The day I become Crown Prince is the day he dies.

The Thirteenth Prince had cold eyes.

When the battle for Crown Prince ended, Zhao Feng would no longer be a member of the imperial force, and since he wasnt an official, he wouldnt be able to stay in the Imperial Palace anymore. Killing him at that time would be as easy as flipping a palm.

Hearing that, the powerful male shook his head and sat back down.

Zhou Chen was too young and inexperienced. Since Zhao Feng hadnt died, the issue with Zhao Yufei would be a lot more difficult. If that had happened, news of the marriage would spread to the public, and the Thirteenth Princes forces would expand, but unfortunately, it didnt happen.

There was still a bit more than a year remaining till the fight for Crown Prince. They could only hope that the Duanmu Family would be able to confine Zhao Yufei. They couldnt let Zhao Yufei see Zhao Feng, and it would be best for her to not hear any news about Zhao Feng at all.

Chener, hows your recruitment going? the powerful male asked. He was still slightly worried about Zhou Chen, so he asked about what kind of plans he had.

Right now, its full. If there are better candidates, we can replace someone.

The Thirteenth Prince was extremely confident. Most of the issues regarding the battle for Crown Prince were decided by his mother and his uncle, but he had participated in recruiting many people and had some unexpected gains that made him smug. He would be able to surprise his mother and uncle at that time.

Good. The powerful male became slightly more relaxed. Zhou Chen probably wouldnt make any mistakes about who was stronger or weaker.

Besides, there would also be a fight for the spots before the battle for Crown Prince started. For example, many people that supported the Thirteenth Prince didnt believe in the beast tamers strength and could challenge them. If they won, they would become the new beast tamer.

This rule had only started a couple generations ago in order to allow the forces that supported the prince to all have a chance to enter the Imperial Tombs and have stronger experts on their side.

Within the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng split another consciousness from his mind and formed the Domain of Wind Lightning. He hadnt had much time after his re-cultivation, so Zhao Feng had only formed his Illusion Maze Domain so far.

Its about time to form a Little World, Zhao Feng murmured.

His cultivation had reached the late stages of the King level and was just one step away from the Emperor level, but that didnt mean he couldnt form his Little World right now. Zhao Fengs learning and comprehension abilities surpassed others, so he could go one step further when creating his domain, and there was nothing wrong with that.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng had cultivated twice now, and his understanding of the laws of Heaven and Earth surpassed other Peak-tier Kings. On top of that, Zhao Feng felt that the evolution of his left eye would be of great assistance in creating his Little World.

Therefore, he had to create his Domain of Wind Lightning before he could confirm what element his Little World should be.

Zhao Feng exited seclusion three months later and came to the Ninth Princes palace.

Butler Qi, can you send someone to the Saint Herb Pavilion in Long Rainbow City and get some resources for me? Zhao Feng went to find Butler Qi.

No problem. Butler Qi paused for a moment. It had been three months, so he almost forgot about the golden-haired youth that lived here.

Go directly to the pavilion owner and tell her that Zhao Feng needs the most precious and rare Fire elemental resources.

Zhao Feng had used up all his Fire elemental resources other than the Sky Rainbow Fire Beehive since he hadnt finished completely removing all the poison. However, going to the Saint Herb Pavilion required two months.

Butler Qis expression changed, and he laughed, I didnt think that Young Master Zhao was on such familiar terms with the owner of the Saint Herb Pavilion.

The pavilion owner was Zhou Suer, a princess of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Everyone knew this. Zhou Suer was extremely talented, and her healing skills made even the various imperial doctors praise her.

However, what stunned Butler Qi was the identity of this youth; it was actually Zhao Feng, one of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo that had created chaos in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

At this moment, the sound of a male sounded, This one is Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang from Sky Pond City and is here to visit the Ninth Prince.

Butler Qi immediately went out and spoke, Grandmaster Liang, His Highness isnt here.

Then tell the Ninth Prince that, after some consideration, Im willing to help him if he gives me three rare Peak-tier King beasts.

Liang Sang had a proud expression and acted like was taking a step back.

Rare beasts were different from normal beasts. Rare beasts were harder to tame and had more potential. They werent something that normal beasts could be compared to.

Im sorry, Grandmaster Liang, but His Highness said that he doesnt need a beast tamer anymore, Butler Qi gave a glance toward the side hall and said with a faint smile.

What? Liang Sang was extremely surprised.

At this point in time, most forces had picked their sides already.

Grandmaster Beast Tamers were already rare, and the reason he initially turned down the Ninth Prince was because he wanted to reap a big profit from the imperials.

However, several months had gone by, and there were no messages from the Ninth Prince, so Liang Sang personally came and even lowered his requirements, but the Ninth Prince had already found a beast tamer? At this moment, Liang Sang wasnt able to accept it. If he had known it was going to turn out like this, he wouldve just agreed back then.

An elder next to Liang Sang spoke, May I ask; who is the Ninth Princes beast tamer?

Liang Sang came from Sky Pond City, and this elder was the City Lord of Sky Pond City. He had the title of Marquis, and Sky Pond City hadnt chosen which prince they wanted to support yet because of Liang Sang. Once Liang Sang supported a prince, Sky Pond City would follow them and reap more rewards.

Liang Sangs eyes lit up. If he knew the name of the beast tamer, he could challenge him in the fight for spots later.

Coincidentally, Zhao Feng walked out at this instant. The old butler didnt say anything but glanced toward Zhao Feng.

I am that beast tamer, Zhao Feng said.

He had heard some things about the battle for spots. At the moment, the Ninth Prince hadnt given Zhao Feng a specific position yet, but he felt that being the beast tamer wasnt bad. This could prevent him from having to reveal his strength and allow him to inspect everyone else from the sidelines first.

May I ask what your title is? Liang Sang was surprised but didnt show it on his face. He had never heard of such a young Grandmaster Beast Tamer with golden hair and a golden eye.

Zhao Feng.

Liang Sang paused for a moment before laughing coldly, Zhao Feng?

The elder from Sky Pond City also furrowed his eyebrows.

Junior, you cant just claim to be a Grandmaster Beast Tamer without any foundation. Liang Sang puffed out his chest, as if teaching his junior.

No one didnt know the rumors about Zhao Feng. Apparently, his eye-bloodline was the strongest, but even if it was biased toward the soul and could affect beasts, affecting and taming were two different matters. Furthermore, Zhao Feng was extremely young; how much beast taming experience did he have? These juniors thought too highly of themselves.

Why dont we let our spiritual pets spar with one another? You cant call yourself a Grandmaster Beast Tamer if you havent defeated a Grandmaster Beast Tamer before.

Liang Sang was excited and used the title of Grandmaster Beast Tamer to pressure Zhao Feng. Although Liang Sang was a beast tamer, his fame was nowhere near Zhao Fengs. Now was a great chance to use his forte and defeat the opponent. He could win the spot and some fame at the same time.

Sure. Then you can give your title of Grandmaster Beast Tamer to me. A smile formed on Zhao Fengs face. Now was the time to use this Grandmaster Beast Tamer from Sky Pond City to make himself known. Then, it would be quiet when the fight for spots started.

Fine. If I win, then you give me your spot.

Liang Sang was laughing in his heart. Young people were indeed rash.

The two came to an agreement and started to walk toward the martial arts field of the Imperial Palace. The Sky Pond City Lord and Butler Qi immediately followed behind.

The Imperial Palace restricted flying everywhere apart from the martial arts field.

Many members and disciples of the imperial force would spar here, and some guards and servants that had enmity with one another would settle it out here. After a long time, there were always some bored imperials, guards, or servants here watching the fights for entertainment.

There were two guards in the martial arts field right now fighting. They were both peak Sovereign Lords. One wore silver armor and held a long sword. The sword was surrounded by fire and summoned waves of hot air that increased the temperature of the entire martial arts field. The other guard wore golden armor and was covered in a layer of protection as he used his two fists and attacked steadily.

Zhao Feng, wait for a moment. That golden-armored guard will soon win, Liang Sang smiled and said.

Hes about to lose. Zhao Feng faintly shook his head.

While it seemed as if the silver-armored male was at a disadvantage, his every attack used up a lot of True Yuan and radiated a lot of heat. He definitely had some sort of hidden card. Zhao Feng also sensed that there was a weird disturbance of True Yuan within the silver-armored males body, but the golden-armored male still hadnt detected it; therefore, he would definitely lose.

In the next instant, the silver-armored male released a surge of red flames and raised the long sword in his hand. A suction force suddenly appeared, and all the heat in the air started to condense together. The long sword instantly released a wave of scarlet-red that shot into the sky.


The barrier around the golden-armored male was instantly broken, and he was sent flying as his chest turned black.


Cheng Chuan wins and becomes the captain of the 3rd Guard Team!

Hahahaha, hes fine! the silver-armored Cheng Chuan laughed.

Liang Sangs face was slightly red. He felt awkward, but he stepped into the martial arts field, and Zhao Feng followed behind him.

This one is Grandmaster Beast Tamer Liang Sang from Sky Pond City, Liang Sang introduced himself to the spectators.

Beast tamer?

This will be exciting.

No beast tamer has fought here before.

Everyone was interested in a fight between beast tamers.

My opponent is Zhao Feng of the Imperial Genius rankings, who currently holds the beast tamer position for the Ninth Prince in the battle to become Crown Prince. Liang Sang gave a faint smile and introduced Zhao Feng as well.

Zhao Feng? Could it be the Zhao Feng from the Divine Illusion Dimension?

Zhao Feng of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo?

Zhao Feng was recruited by the Ninth Prince!?

Oh god, I didnt think that Zhao Feng was also a beast tamer.

The spectators started to discuss, while Liang Sang snickered in his heart; All this fame will be mine when I defeat you.

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