King Of Gods Chapter 925

Chapter 925: Resistance 

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The left eye allowed Zhao Feng to replay scenes. It was similar to an illusion, but it gave Zhao Feng the feeling that it was real. Furthermore, this ability had improved after the left eye evolved.

The feeling of the scenery in the Ancient Dream Realm was the same as when he entered the Ancient Dream Realm itself. A storm still covered the sky.

Zhao Feng sat down and released his Domain of Wind Lightning so that it covered the entire scene. As time passed, Zhao Feng used the ability of his left eye to try to sync the Domain of Wind Lightning with the storm.

Whatever happened in the Ancient Dream Realm, he would replicate it here.

This is doable.

Zhao Feng started to analyze what would happen while replicating it at the same time.

This was a Little World of Wind Lightning based off his Crystal Core. If it was doable here, then he could try test it out in the actual Ancient Dream Realm, and if there was any danger at all, he could come directly back.

Zhao Feng called back his Domain of Wind Lightning and merged his consciousness into the golden ball. The next instant, he appeared in the Ancient Dream Realm.

The weather? Zhao Fengs expression changed, and he felt regretful.

The weather of the Ancient Dream Realm had returned to normal, and there were no signs of a storm anywhere. He had focused too much on cultivating and forgot about time.

He could only wait for the next time it came, but luckily, he managed to replicate part of the scenery of the scene, and he had used his golden eye to analyze and see the faint changes in structure of the storms atoms. On top of that, he also had items that stored the ancient lightning.

Why dont I create the Little World inside the Ancient Dream Realm?

Zhao Feng thought for a while. The place he was currently located was relatively safe, and he had the python and bird guarding him. Creating a Little World within the Misty Spatial World would affect it quite a bit.

Zhao Feng could use the Ancient Dream Realm to create the basic structure of his Little World, then merge the Domain of Wind Lightning into it later. This would most likely be easier to do.

After confirming his idea Zhao Feng sat down.

Ever since he started re-cultivating, Zhao Feng had absorbed a lot of Ancient Dream Realm aura into his body and eaten many fruits from the Ancient Dream Realm. He was able to stay in the Ancient Dream Realm for a very long time now with his current cultivation and physical body. Little Worlds couldnt be easily formed; they required a lot of time and effort. However, Zhao Feng had his left eye, which would greatly help him form a Little World.

He had also thought about the fact that, if he could disintegrate physical items into countless atoms, would he be able to manipulate countless atoms and return something to its original form? Destroying an item was relatively simple, but returning it to its original shape was extremely complex. If Zhao Feng was able to do this, he could most likely create a real world.

Of course, those were just some random thoughts. He didnt even know where to start with that. Zhao Feng was still immersed in creating his Little World.

In a place somewhere else on the continent, four figures stood in front of a mountain. These four figures were covered in black and radiated a magnificent Demonic Dao power that blotted out the sky and sun. One of them was a charming female covered in purple and black lotus flames. She gave off an aura that made the other three peak Emperors nearby not dare to breathe, and she even started to burn the air with her demonic power.

Sacred Lord Dark Lotus, Nan Gongsheng is inside, an Emperor next to the charming female said respectfully.

Nan Gongsheng wasnt someone that mere Emperors could stop. Nine Darkness Palace had already lost four unrivalled Emperors before this. However, Nan Gongsheng seemed to be able to sense danger and would retreat every time a Sacred Lord arrived. He also specialized in the Dao of Space, meaning that normal Emperors werent even able to stall him if he wanted to run away, but he seemed to be in seclusion at the moment.

Junior with the power of the Evil God… for you to offend Nine Darkness Palace, you really dont care about your life, do you?

Sacred Lord Dark Lotus sat amidst purple and black flaming lotuses and used her Sacred Lord aura to lock down the entire mountain.

Nan Gongsheng, you wont be able to escape this time even if you have wings! an Emperor with one arm roared with a fierce gaze. He lost an arm to Nan Gongsheng when they tried to kill him last time, and there was a wicked power in the injury preventing it from being healed. Only a Sacred Lord that specialized in medicine would be able to heal it.


Right as the members of Nine Darkness Palace were about to charge into the mountain, the entire mountain suddenly exploded, and a beam of purple-and-blood-colored light shot into the sky as a surge of evil power caused even Sacred Lord Dark Lotus to feel pressured.

The three Emperors hearts shook, and they instinctively moved a couple steps back when they felt that they werent in control of their power.


A wicked youth with purple-and-blood-colored hair landed in front of Sacred Lord Dark Lotus and company with a flash of silver. He had flower markings on his body that were the same color as his hair.

The wicked purple-and-blood-colored light made the three Emperors present feel a strong pressure, and they lost control of the True Yuan within their body.

Hmph. Sacred Lord Dark Lotus snickered coldly as she used her Magnificent Power to block part of the aura that her subordinates were facing. She then inspected Nan Gongsheng.

Quasi-Sacred Lord! Sacred Lord Dark Lotus was stunned. Nan Gongsheng had improved at an alarming rate while being pursued by Nine Darkness Palace.

Looks like you have been completely overtaken by the power of the Evil God. Sacred Lord Dark Lotus was confident that Nan Gongsheng had already lost his own identity and was being ruled by the power of the Evil God, which would be why he could improve at such a rapid rate.

Hehe. Nan Gongsheng laughed coldly with a calm and wicked expression.

The power of the Evil God isnt something you can control.

The purple-and-black flames around Sacred Lord Dark Lotus rose as she released the power of a Sacred Lord and charged toward Nan Gongsheng like a flaming purple lotus.

At the same time, the three Emperors retreated. They didnt dare to participate in a battle that involved a Sacred Lord. The three split up and made sure that Nan Gongsheng would be unable to run away.

Nan Gongsheng laughed as he released a glow of purple and silver, and a large purple-and-blood-colored flower formed behind his back. Wicked light instantly started to flash from his skin, and a layer of silver-and-purple divine light covered him as he charged toward Sacred Lord Dark Lotus like a demon.


Nan Gongsheng clashed against Sacred Lord Dark Lotus, and with the help of the purple-and-silver light, he actually managed to push aside the Mystic Light Sacred power of a Sacred Lord.

Nan Gongsheng was like a roaring demon covered in silver-and-purple light as he charged right into the power of a Sacred Lord and ripped it apart.

What!? Sacred Lord Dark Lotus expression changed. Although Nan Gongsheng was just a Quasi-Sacred Lord, the power he used was the same as her Mystic Light Sacred, but it was even stronger.

Lotus of the Dark Demon!

A black flaming lotus flew out from Sacred Lord Dark Lotus hand. It released a terrifying Demonic Dao Sacred power and twisted space as it flew toward Nan Gongsheng.

Hahaha! Nan Gongsheng charged forward instead of retreating, and he laughed as the purple-and-silver light around him increased.

Evil Demon Claw! Nan Gongsheng extended his right arm, and countless blood-red branches came out of the flower marking on his arm. They formed a giant demonic claw and ripped forward.

Boom! Shu~~~

The surge of evil power and the surge of demonic power clashed and caused a chaotic aura to explode. Black and red twisted together in the center of the explosion, destroying anything and everything.

Nan Gongsheng was forced back a couple hundred yards and was covered in purple-and-blood-colored light, but he revealed a cold and wicked smile as if he was an ancient demon.

Sacred Lord Dark Lotus also retreated several hundred yards and looked incredulously toward Nan Gongsheng as fresh blood dripped from her mouth.

Hmph! Sacred Lord Dark Lotus harrumphed as purple and black demonic flames burned in her eyes: Purple demonic brat, youre courting death!

Limitless demonic flames ignited once more as everything within a thousand miles became filled with dark purple flames. Countless black lotuses burned, and it seemed like they could devour everything.

Projection of a Little World!

Sacred Lord Dark Lotus has actually used the power of her Little World!

The three Emperors felt cold and unable to move. They were unable to breathe, and this was under the basis that Sacred Lord Dark Lotus Little World wasnt even aimed at them.

The projection of Sacred Lord Dark Lotus Little World started to spread, and Nan Gongshengs power was repelled by the countless laws of a world.

I wont be playing with you today. Nan Gongsheng revealed an evil smile as a surge of purple-and-blood-colored divine light shot out from his back and clashed with Sacred Lord Dark Lotus Little World. The light actually managed to take over half of the Little Worlds projection.

Sacred Lord Dark Lotus expression instantly froze. Nan Gongsheng had also used the projection of a Little World. This meant that the power of his Little World had reached the level of a Sacred Lord and was able to exist within the real world.

The power that his Little World displayed wasnt weaker than Sacred Lord Dark Lotus Little World, and it released a terrifying aura that even surpassed the level of Sacred Lords.

Nan Gongsheng spread the projection of his Little World and disappeared into the air with a flash of silver.

Nan Gongshengs spatial talent suddenly became like a fish swimming in water within his own Little World. Even Sacred Lords werent able to break the projection of Little Worlds and could only watch on.


With a flash of silver, Nan Gongsheng appeared behind the Emperor with the missing arm and smashed a palm onto his head. A wicked Soul power instantly devoured his soul.

Nan Gongsheng, you…! Sacred Lord Dark Lotus roared in anger, but Nan Gongsheng brought the projection of his Little World around with him and quickly flew away.

The other two Emperors stood still as cold sweat drenched their bodies, and they felt their souls shake. Nan Gongsheng managed to run away after fighting against Sacred Lord Dark Lotus head-on and even killed a Demonic Dao Emperor as he escaped. He managed to reach such a level?

Nan Gongsheng stopped after flying for ten thousand miles, and the voice of the Evil God Thought Body sounded in his body, How is it? Even Sacred Lords cant do anything to you now. You have surpassed Zhao Feng long ago.

Hmph. In the memory of that Emperor, I learned that Zhao Feng has already killed the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord of Nine Darkness Palace. Nan Gongsheng snickered coldly as his cold face turned grim.

How is that possible…!? The Evil God Thought Body was extremely surprised.

Looks like I cant slack off. I need to quickly merge with this power and control it.

Nan Gongshengs purple-and-silver eyes were extremely decisive.

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