King Of Gods Chapter 944

Chapter 944: Black Wind Canyon Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 944 – Black Wind Canyon

“This next move will force you to use the array. Then, the next time I meet you will be your death.”

Sacred Lord Black Demon gave a wicked laughter. He was like a peerless Demonic God as he stood in the world of darkness.

Zhao Feng had a grim expression. He indeed hadn’t thought that Sacred Lord Black Demon would have a rare treasure that could allow him to adapt to this ancient dimension.

This obviously wasn’t the first time the Crown Prince trial was being held. Back in the day, the pressure of this ancient dimension was probably even stronger, so the peak forces of the continent had started to develop something in order to deal with it. A treasure that could allow someone to adapt to the ancient dimension had most likely only appeared during the last couple trials.

Furthermore, this wasn’t something that any random force could have. This meant that the geniuses of the Yu Family, the Tie Family, and some of the other top forces should have this treasure as well. This gave Zhao Feng a warning.

Facing a Sacred Lord of the Demonic Dao who could use 80% of his full battle-power, Zhao Feng wasn’t certain he could win even if he used all of his trump cards. He had used too much True Yuan fighting against Sacred Lord Hundred Refined in the Imperial Sky Inheritance, and he exhausted a lot of his Eye Intent to pass through the Imperial Sky Inheritance.

The strength of Nine Darkness Palace wasn’t to be underestimated. Sacred Lord Black Demon had definitely prepared a lot, such as the defensive Soul item on his head and the treasure that could allow one to adapt to this ancient dimension. There were also three Quasi-Sacred Lords in his group as well.

The situation was looking very bad for Zhao Feng. Since Zhao Feng was in the range of Sacred Lord Black Demon’s Little World, he couldn’t use the teleportation skill of his Misty Spatial World either.

Without any hesitation, Zhao Feng used the hidden array within the Dragon Jade.


A complex and profound array spread from the Dragon Jade. Zhao Feng’s body was covered in a flash of light before disappearing.

“Hmph, the next time I meet you is when you shall die.” Sacred Lord Black Demon had a cold expression, and the three below felt regretful, but there was nothing they could do about it. There was an array in every single Dragon Jade that could save the user one time.

Within a hidden cave outside the forbidden Black Wind Canyon in the Imperial Tombs, there were four figures.

“Old Ying, what should we do?” the Ninth Prince asked.

“The Wind of Darkness in the Black Wind Canyon has become weaker.” Jing Kai spread his Divine Sense and felt a group of three people enter.

Old Ying’s sole eye scanned over the group, and he revealed a helpless expression. Although they had four people here, Zhou Su’er’s battle-power was low, and even though Jing Kai seemed steady, he had lost confidence in himself due to the pressure.

This meant that the Ninth Prince couldn’t enter with them either. While the princes could use draconic providence to increase their strength and fight against those with higher cultivations, there was no life-saving hidden array in the pseudo Crown Prince Seal. The pseudo Crown Prince Seal could only connect to the Imperial Grand Hall in the outside world, and once a prince used the pseudo Crown Prince Seal to admit defeat or ask for help, the prince and all his team members would lose their right to participate in the Crown Prince trials and would be forced out.

This also meant that the princes were usually the main targets; as soon as they used the pseudo Crown Prince Seal to ask for help, all his team members would be sent out as well.

“Ninth Prince, you can’t enter,” Old Ying said in a certain tone.

“I know.” The Ninth Prince obviously understood and felt somewhat helpless.

The princes were the main protagonists in the Crown Prince trial. They had the ability to wield draconic providence, but they were also the main targets of all other forces. If there weren’t many opponents, he and Old Ying would be a strong battle-power that could change the tide. However, if there were a lot of enemies around, the Ninth Prince would become a giant target.

“While the difficulty of the Black Wind Canyon has dropped, there’s also the fact that Princess Zhou Su’er has already used the array within her Dragon Jade,” Old Ying analyzed and said.

There was only one life-saving array within the Dragon Jade. If someone had already used it and then entered a forbidden place, that was simply courting death.

On top of that Zhou Su’er was just a doctor, not some fighting expert.

“That leaves Old Ying and me.” Jing Kai’s expression was grim; he didn’t feel confident at all.

Their combined strength was just too low. Putting aside the dangers of the Black Wind Canyon itself, they didn’t even have the ability to fight against other groups. There was no point in entering the forbidden grounds either way.

“Why don’t we give up on the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground? There’s no need to take this risk,” Zhou Su’er suggested.

The Wind of Darkness in the Black Wind Canyon was occasionally strong and occasionally weak, but even the weakened wind was still more difficult than other areas. And since the overall strength of their group was on the weak side, the Ninth Prince couldn’t reveal himself.

Just as they were pondering what to do:

Hu~ Weng~~

A light started to flash ahead of the Ninth Prince, and a golden array spread. Everyone’s expression was grim they knew that someone was using the array to escape danger.

“Zhao Feng?” Old Ying and company let out a breath.

Zhou Su’er had already told them about how Zhao Feng had met the group from Nine Darkness Palace. If someone from the third group had to escape something as well, the Ninth Prince’s situation would be terrible.

“Zhao Feng, you’ve come as well? I was forced to use the array by Nine Darkness Palace,” Zhou Su’er said as hatred flashed through her eyes. Nine Darkness Palace supported the Thirteenth Prince.

“En, I met Sacred Lord Black Demon and had to use the array,” Zhao Feng said directly.

“Sacred Lord Black Demon!”

Old Ying and company were stunned. Sacred Lord Black Demon was a Mystic Light Realm genius of Nine Darkness Palace, and his true strength was almost at the level of an early-stage Sacred Lord. He was one of the strongest people in this trial.

There was simply nothing Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er could do apart from using their array if they met him. If Old Ying’s group had met Sacred Lord Black Demon, they would most likely lose even if the Ninth Prince used all his draconic providence to make himself stronger.

“There’s nothing you can do about that, but why did you go to such a dangerous inheritance in the first place?” Jing Kai asked.

He felt that Zhao Feng was a bit arrogant. If Zhao Feng hadn’t gone for the Imperial Sky Inheritance to begin with, then none of this would have happened. A beast tamer and a doctor going to the inheritance of a late-stage Sacred Lord were they trying to kill themselves?

“Let’s not talk about that. Zhao Feng, what do you think about this forbidden ground?” Old Ying stopped Jing Kai and looked at Zhao Feng.

He didn’t know exactly how strong Zhao Feng was, but he could roughly estimate that he shouldn’t be weaker than normal Sacred Lords. Zhao Feng’s other aspects were also extremely outstanding. With the addition of Zhao Feng, their overall strength wasn’t so bad anymore.

Zhao Feng looked into the distance, seeing the terrain surrounded by black tornados, and understood. While the danger of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground had been reduced, it was still a forbidden ground. Not many people had gone through here, meaning that there was still a lot of fortune.

“The three of us will go in. Zhou Su’er and the Ninth Prince will remain behind, but this place isn’t hidden well enough,” Zhao Feng soon said what he thought.

Old Ying’s eyes lit up. His thoughts were the same as Zhao Feng’s. If Zhao Feng dared to go the Imperial Sky Inheritance with Zhou Su’er, then there was no reason for him to not dare going to the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground when it was right in front of him.

“There’s a more well-hidden place?” Old Ying was slightly puzzled. He had spent a lot of time to find this place, and from his point of view, it was already extremely well-hidden.

If the Ninth Prince and Zhou Su’er were to remain hiding away from the rest of the group, they had to be in a safe place. Zhou Su’er’s battle-power was extremely low, so the Ninth Prince would have to protect himself and Zhou Su’er at the same time

“Yeah, right over there.” Zhao Feng pointed into the distance and Old Ying followed his finger.

“Hmm? That really is a good place.” Old Ying’s sole eye sparkled.

The place that Zhao Feng pointed out was at the edge of the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, but due to the landscape and how it curved in, it wasn’t affected by the Wind of Darkness. Furthermore, since it was so close to the Black Wind Canyon, most people wouldn’t get near it or even think that there was someone hiding there. The Wind of Darkness also had the ability to block Spiritual and Divine Senses. It would help cover the Ninth Prince, and it was a safe and stealthy place.

Old Ying looked at Zhao Feng with an even-deeper gaze. He couldn’t understand how Zhao Feng discovered such a place in an instant.

“Okay, then that’s that. Jing Kai and Zhao Feng will follow me into the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground while the Ninth Prince and Zhou Su’er will go hide over there.” Old Ying spoke very fast. Since they decided to enter the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground, they had to use their time wisely.

Jing Kai was slightly uncertain and wanted to say something, but he didn’t do so after seeing Old Ying’s confident look. From his point of view, an extra beast tamer didn’t give their group much of an advantage. While they would have the help of the beast tamer’s spiritual pets, they also needed to protect the beast tamer.

“Zhao Feng, first, give the draconic providence in your Dragon Jade to the Ninth Prince,” Old Ying suddenly said before they were about to take action.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng didn’t really care. Draconic providence wasn’t of much use to him anyway, and giving it to the Ninth Prince would increase the latter’s chances of survival.

“Eh? Your Dragon Jade?” Jing Kai was surprised. The Dragon Jade in Zhao Feng’s hand was bright and smooth, and the outline of a dragon flashed, meaning that there was a plentiful supply of draconic providence within it.

The light that Zhou Su’er’s Dragon Jade gave off already surprised the three of them, but Zhao Feng’s Dragon Jade was even brighter.

“En, I was pretty lucky and managed to conquer a few early-stage Sacred Lord inheritances.” Zhao Feng smiled. He hadn’t used any draconic providence on himself after entering the Imperial Tombs, so he obviously had more than Zhou Su’er.

The Ninth Prince felt confident when he looked at Zhao Feng. He took out his pseudo Crown Prince Seal to transfer the draconic providence.

Jing Kai’s face went green. Old Ying and he had passed a couple tattered inheritances smoothly and thought that they were the group with the most rewards, but Zhao Feng and Zhou Su’er a beast tamer and a doctor had passed through several inheritances. Their luck was just way too good.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Old Ying led Zhao Feng and Jing Kai and charged out. They first inspected their surroundings, and after making sure there was no one around, told the Ninth Prince and Zhou Su’er to move to the new hiding spot.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Gusts of wind blew across the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground like claws and fangs. After entering, they felt a limitless aura of Darkness that suppressed them. Heaven and Earth seemed to change instantly from day to night.

“The Wind of Darkness has the ability to erode. Use your True Yuan to protect your bodies,” Old Ying said.

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If it wasn’t for the fact that the Black Wind Canyon Forbidden Ground had become weaker, just this random Wind of Darkness would be able to easily kill Peak-tier Kings. The further one went, the stronger the wind. Eventually, even a Sacred Lord wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

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