King Of Gods Chapter 995

Chapter 995 – Grand Seal

It wasn’t just the Fourth Prince’s heart that shook; the heart of every member behind him shook as well.


A normal-looking black-colored eagle radiating an ancient and heavy aura threw down a piece of Dragon Jade, and this Dragon Jade was glowing with light as if it was a pure white crystal.

This old eagle was a beast that Zhao Feng had enslaved in the Ancient Dream Realm. Because it came from that place, it had a big advantage in this dimension and could enter the more dangerous places to gather draconic providence. Therefore, this piece of Dragon Jade contained the most draconic providence so far.


The draconic light behind the Ninth Prince roared and increased once more. A golden lightning dragon slowly rose behind him, and its power was far stronger than before.

The Ninth Prince’s team was more excited than ever. Their blood boiled after experiencing a great rise after a great fall, and they had the urge to join in the battle as well.

“Eight yards!” a member behind the Fourth Prince exclaimed.

“How is this possible!?” Zhuge Yun’s tone was low as he questioned.

This was the fifteenth piece of Dragon Jade. They had seen Zhao Feng take at least ten pieces of Dragon Jade from three princes, and Shen Jizi who specialized in arrays may have modified them to stop their teleportation arrays from failing to activate.

However, even if they had so many Dragon Jades, this didn’t make any sense. The Dragon Jade delivered by this old black eagle contained a huge amount of draconic providence. Even if Zhao Feng made this beast gather draconic providence from the very beginning, it couldn’t have gathered so much.

There were just too many suspicions and questions.

“Eight yards of draconic light! That’s 0.6 yards more than the Fourth Prince’s!” Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning murmured.

However, even if the Ninth Prince had 0.6 yards more draconic light than the Fourth Prince, the Ninth Prince still didn’t have much of an advantage. The baseline difference between the two princes was extremely big, and the difference between their teams was even bigger.

“End this immediately,” Zhuge Yun’s voice sounded in the minds of everyone on the Fourth Prince’s team.

Everything had changed because of Zhao Feng. From attacking the cities to the moving maze palace to the fight for the Grand Seal, Zhao Feng could change the tide singlehandedly.

Zhuge Yun looked at Zhao Feng’s calm expression and suddenly had zero confidence.

“The Grand Seal shall be mine.” The Fourth Prince raised his golden sword and gathered all his draconic providence. At the same time, many images and lights filled Heaven and Earth around him; these were the supportive abilities and defenses that his team members gave him.


The Fourth Prince charged forward, and the draconic providence around him danced alongside him.


The Ninth Prince also leapt into the air. At this instant, he had more draconic providence than the Fourth Prince and wasn’t scared of him at all.

Ding! Boom!

The two swords clashed. Lightning and golden light radiated across Heaven and Earth.

“Younger brother, you surprise me.”

The Fourth Prince had an ugly expression. Now that he was fighting seriously against the Ninth Prince, he realized that the Ninth Prince’s usage of draconic providence had reached an extremely precise level. Furthermore, the Ninth Prince’s offensive style was also extremely profound.

“Why is it like this!?” The experts behind the Fourth Prince exclaimed. The Ninth Prince only had 0.6 yards more draconic light than the Fourth Prince, but they were now on par with each other.

One had to know that the Fourth Prince was a Sacred Lord already whereas the Ninth Prince was barely a Quasi-Sacred Lord.

“Brother Fourth Prince, you’re the target that I’m going to surpass.”

The Ninth Prince’s eyes twinkled as blood boiled in his heart. The supportive ability that Zhao Feng had given him allowed the Ninth Prince to control everything very precisely. This was why he could control the draconic providence so much better, closing the gap in cultivation between the Fourth Prince and himself.

On top of that, the Ninth Prince could even anticipate what kind of technique the Fourth Prince was going to use by inspecting his actions and how he moved his True Yuan.

“The Ninth Prince’s battle-power seems to have increased in an instant.” Old Ying was surprised. He knew the Ninth Prince extremely well, and he could tell that the Ninth Prince’s technique was unique and could counter the Fourth Prince to a certain degree.

“Zhao Feng, you’re really talented!” Shi Yulei praised Zhao Feng.

The tide had completely turned. The Ninth Prince now had at least a fifty percent chance to become the Crown Prince.

Chaos started to spread throughout the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Countless experts and forces couldn’t believe what they were seeing with their eyes. The Ninth Prince, who was ranked seventh before the trial started, was currently on par with the Fourth Prince after exchanging blows with him.

How Zhao Feng gathered all that draconic providence was the main question of many experts. To begin with, it was a big problem just to gather so many pieces of Dragon Jade. Furthermore, destroying the arrays inside the Dragon Jades was a big problem as well. Normal array masters would need to spend a lot of time to destroy the array without damaging the Dragon Jade. However, Zhao Feng had somehow perfectly solved all these problems.

“Fourth Prince!” Two Sacred Lords suddenly stood out behind the Fourth Prince. Even they weren’t able to accept the reality in front of them. They were the strongest team the Fourth Prince had to win.

Weng~~ Boom!

Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning and another Sacred Lord used secret techniques to transfer a large amount of Mystic Light Sacred Power.

The power that Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning transferred was more condensed and was slightly crystalline. This was a technique that only Sky Suspension Palace had.

The battle-power of both the Fourth Prince and the Ninth Prince was currently close to the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm. Apart from using some supportive abilities and secret techniques, normal experts couldn’t do much to help at this point. However, it was different for Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords; they were able to send over a large amount of refined Mystic Light Sacred Power.


The Fourth Prince felt a continuous flow of Sacred Power in his body. The problem was that this power was impure, but it was enough.

Ding! Boom!

The Fourth Prince released supreme force and Mystic Light Sacred Power with every movement.


The Ninth Prince blocked the Fourth Prince’s attack again. His hands started to tremble, and the defensive secret technique that Shi Yulei used instantly crumbled apart.

“Mystic Light Sacred Power.” the Ninth Prince murmured.

Despite his power boost, he was still using True Yuan. This was the biggest difference between the Fourth Prince and himself, otherwise he could easily defeat the Fourth Prince with his draconic light that was 0.6 yards taller

“Zhao Feng, what about that Yao bird from the very beginning?” Zhou Su’er asked curiously. She remembered that Zhao Feng could fly as soon as they entered the Imperial Tomb after summoning an ancient Yao bird. Zhao Feng then sent it to gather draconic providence after obtaining a Dragon Jade.

“What? There’s still another beast?” Old Ying’s eyes were filled with joy.

If there was even one more piece of Dragon Jade, it would completely close the difference in cultivation between the Fourth Prince and Ninth Prince.

“Not good! Fourth Prince, quickly end it!” Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning’s expression changed dramatically.

Zhou Su’er, Old Ying, and company didn’t speak with Spiritual Sense, so the other side could hear it very clearly. He and the other Sacred Lord immediately increased the amount of Sacred Power to the Fourth Prince.

The Fourth Prince had a serious expression. He obviously heard it too.

“Just lose already!” An explosion sounded around the Fourth Prince as all his draconic light entered the golden sword. He put as much Mystic Light Sacred Power into the Inheritance Sacred weapon as he possibly could.

Ding! Weng~~~ Weng~~~

The golden sword with dragon carvings seemed unable to withstand the power and started to rattle.

“Golden Dragon Sacred Slash!”

The Fourth Prince thrust out with his sword with both hands.

Weng~~ Boom!

A peerless gold-and-white light and a powerful Sword Intent swept over and destroyed everything in its path. Even the air started to twist.

“Ninth Prince! Not good!” Old Ying immediately exclaimed.

The power of the Fourth Prince’s attack surpassed the attack of a normal late-stage Mystic Light Realm.

“He’s combined the Mystic Light Sacred Power of three Sacred Lords.” Shi Yulei’s voice shook.

The Sacred Lords behind the Fourth Prince were using a special method to send over their Mystic Light Sacred Power, so he had three Sacred Lords’ worth of power including his own.

“It’s coming!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed as he murmured gently. However, at this moment, everyone was completely attracted by the Fourth Prince’s all-out attack.

The power from this attack covered everything. Only the Ninth Prince could feel a strong surge of draconic providence suddenly approach him.


Before the piece of Dragon Jade even made it to the Ninth Prince, he forcefully circulated a secret imperial technique and absorbed the draconic providence within it.

Weng~ Boom! Boom!

The stunning Golden Dragon Sacred Slash landed on the Ninth Prince just as the roar of a dragon sounded.

The draconic light behind the Ninth Prince started to rise once more.

8.1 yards 8.2 8.3 8.5!


Draconic providence surrounded the Ninth Prince, and his ancient green sword of lightning slashed forward with peerless power.

Peng! Boom!

The peerless attack that was right in front of him was shattered, and a limitless surge of draconic force spread from the Ninth Prince.


The Fourth Prince, who just unleashed his full power and thought that he won, was instantly thrown back several yards onto the ground. At this moment in time, the Ninth Prince’s power had completely surpassed him. He felt troubled just trying to resist against the pressure of this Intent.


The Ninth Prince slashed out with his sword and shattered the pseudo Crown Prince Seal behind the Fourth Prince.


On the other hand, his pseudo Crown Prince Seal instantly released limitless golden light. Countless golden lines and dragons surrounded the little golden seal, and a mysterious and sacred power started to brew within the seal.

“Grand Seal formed!”

White light sparkled through the transparent elder’s eyes. At the same time, a giant white array spread across the stone stages and the battleground in the air.


The next instant, the two princes and their team members had returned to the Great Gan Imperial Palace.

The Crown Prince trial had officially come to an end.

The Great Gan Imperial Palace was dead-silent for a moment before erupting into noise that shocked Heaven and Earth.

“The Ninth Prince won!”

“I didn’t even see how the tide turned at the end. What happened?”

“I only saw the Ninth Prince’s draconic light rapidly rise at the end.”

Because the images were slightly blurry from the light of the Fourth Prince’s peerless attack, almost no one had seen how the Ninth Prince won.

The other princes in the great hall were still in shock.

“The Ninth Prince defeated Brother Fourth Prince?” The Seventh Prince couldn’t believe it.

“How is this possible? The Ninth Prince won. Dammit, that Zhao Feng!” The Thirteenth Prince’s body trembled and his expression became nasty.

“Ninth Prince, Zhao Feng good job!” Duke Nanfeng immediately stood up and roared as he started clapping.

Some forces of the lord dynasty and in the clouds were shocked, angry, or sad. There were many experts and princes that sighed unwillingly.

No one paid attention to a hidden surge of wicked killing intent in a corner.

“Hehe, I didn’t think it would be the Ninth Prince.”

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