King Of Sports Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Fueling The Flames (1)

After finishing the food, the two continued chatting till it got late and Yan Bing had to head back.

Tang Yan walked her out to the taxi.

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As he headed back in, he suddenly realized that he should buy a car.


After a day of just laying about, his body and mind had mostly recovered. The next morning, he headed to the swimming pool to train.

Yesterday was the 6th match day of the World Championships. It was also the darkest day for the Chinese Swimming Team since the World Championships began.

In the first five days, Tang Yan personally won 3 gold medals and 1 silver, plus Sun Yang, Jiao Liuyang, Ye Shiwen and Liu Jing had each won a gold medal. The Chinese national anthem could be heard ringing through the swimming center every day.

However, on the sixth match day, the Chinese team only won a bronze medal in the men's 4x200 meters relay race.

Although it still added to the medal list, with the US team winning gold they took first on

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