Kuzu Inou【Ondo Wo Kaeru Mono】 No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 115

Kuzu InouOndo Wo Kaeru Mono No Ore Ga Musou Suru Made Chapter 115

115 War in the Forest 16 Running Thunder G.o.d 1

WWhat was that explosion!?

A large explosion suddenly occurred at the direction of the forest where the special transport helicopter is heading. No, it is insufficient to call it as a large explosion. Something like a nuclear explosion happened at the place where the helicopter is heading. A large scale mushroom cloud covered up the sky.

Taniguchi-sanIs the meter alright?
YYes, butit looks like the anti-lightning cloak has been damaged. The meters are fine, but the telecommunication device is no longer working. And the rear rotors output has decreased slightly. It is difficult to have a stable flight any further

The young woman spoke to Taniguchi the man sitting beside her, and he recalled his own work.
The aging man glares at the meters at the side of the female pilot. Both of them are Teihen High Schools staffs. Their job includes from cleaning the courtyard to handling special vehicles, and that includes flying the remodeled military transport helicopter.
But that is until the place where they themselves can do it. Thinking about that, the female pilot speaks to a female student standing at the cargo s.p.a.ce at the back.

MizusawsanI think we should retreat from here. It is too dangerous to go any further
Okay. Because the destination has been confirmed, please do the drop here. This personwill be fine

Speaking while putting her hand on her spectacles, Teihen High School;s student council presidentMizusawa Misuzu looked at the Jomon-looking man who is having his body covered with a water membrane created by her Talent, Water Maker. The man looked down to the surface from the side of the helicopter while folding his arms.

What fine? Do you know how high it is from here? Its remarkably high, you know?
Yes. The alt.i.tude is about 300 meters, but that is within Senpais range. Please drop with a peace of mind
I see

The man nodded as if he agreed with Mizusawa. But he gazes at the mushroom cloud again, and speaks out the question that came to his mind.

But isnt that a bit far? It looks to be very far, you know?
Please run. Senpai will reach there very fast. Rather, your speed is a few times faster than the helicopter
I see

The man nodded again, and stood up from the special rubber seat. Upon seeing the man, the aging man gives the man a backpack for descending.

Thentake this parachute. Do you know how to use it?
Ah, I dont need it. Even if I wear it, it wont work due to the electricity

The man just walks inside the helicopter, and stands before the helicopters door. Then, the private helicopters sensor sensed its owners movement, and the door slides slowly.

Then, Im going
Yes. Please swing that unreasonable power as much as you like

Strong wind blows into the helicopter when the hatch opens. A thick forest spreads below and at the same time, sooty air enters the helicopter, but the man looks somehow happy while gazing at the faraway ground.

The outside after a long time. Im a little excited
You dont have to come back, you know? That way, my job will decrease considerably

While holding down her fluttering skirt, Mizusawa said that indifferently. The man then turned around and said this with a smile.

Nah, I will come back. Mizusawa, make sure to prepare the means to go back
I understand, so please go already. I am already at my limit

The girls expression is quite grim, and sweats were running down her forehead. After all, she has been using her Talent at full power up until now in order to suppress the mans extraordinary power. Just as she said, she is already at her limit. The water membrane begins to come apart and the water looks thin in some places.
The pure watermembrane around the man who has the Talent, Thunder Holder, looks to burst open any time soon.

Ah, okay. Sorry for the trouble, Mizusawa. Then, see you later

The man said only that, kicked the edge of the door, and jumped down from the helicopter. Dropping vertically just like that, and in just a blink of an eye, his figure cant be seen anymore.


The surprised female pilot and aging man.
But Mizusawa gazed at the mans figure in relief, and muttered this.

Later, Senpaimay the fortunes of war be with you

Immediately after that, a dazzling flash and thunder can be seen directly below.

The trees being burned along with an earth tremor can be seen.

And a few seconds later, somethingflew towards the direction where the explosion was, like a rocket while emitting a flash. The trees that the thing pa.s.sed, burns.

W-What wasthat??
Ishe fine? I saw him dropping just like that

The pilot and the man were confused, but Mizusawa fixed her clothes and spectacles, and said this while turning her back to the hatch.

You dont have to worry about that personOr rather, it is pointless to have a sensible worry for him. We should be thinking on defending ourselves

A place away from the explosion site
There was a darkly burned ma.s.s of plant.

The burned surface of the long and narrow plant that was made into a ball, crumbled to the ground. The surface suddenly moved, and a persons hand came out from it. Apparently, it is trying to get out of the ball object.

Fuu, that scared me!! I thought I was gonna die!!

Just like that, the one who appeared was a boy with pointed hair.

Good griefthank G.o.d I have my secret weapon, Ultimate Radish Ballthat guy really doesnt know how to go easy, huh? What an idiot

The pointed head boy stared at the forest that became a burnt fieldno, the place where the forest was, and sighed greatly. Then, a boy with silky blond hair came out from the ball similarly.

Thanks to you, were saved, Ueki-kun. That heat rays and explosion are probably from Serizawkuns Talent, but

The good-looking guy who came from behind, looks around the surroundings while brushing off the dust on his clothes.

Its not like Serizawkun. To do something that would cause damage to allies without warning
He just didnt think of anything. That guy is an idiot, after all. That was definitely overkillAnyone would know just by thinking normally

Ueki Hitoshi looks up at the mushroom cloud while shrugging his shoulders.

NoIm sure that something happened over there. I would like to go there an see, butit might be dangerous. Can I, Ueki-kun?

Midou Suguru proposed a reckless plan, but Ueki Hitoshi just gave a thumbs-up and declared this with confidence.

Ah, fine with me! That guy is weak in realityHe might be requesting for my help!!!

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