Lady Lin’s First Ever Journey To Immortality Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Gathering Vitality

Chapter 479 Gathering Vitality

“Boss, are you saying that the news is true?”

Chewing coconut milk candy, the explorer wearing a hat with pointed ears lowers his head and looks at the instrument on his hand. The geomagnetism in Shijia Rift Valley is irregular. He doesn’t expect to find the destination with this instrument. However, this place is filled with messy codes. Isn’t it too weird?

They are not the only expedition stationed on the hill around.

Over the past month, explorers with all kinds of thoughts have searched the central mountain range of the valley. Finding this place is actually the credit of their encirclement. However, from the news they got, there should be a natural cave here.

There is nothing wrong with the landmark. Can it be that someone deliberately released a fake message to fool everyone?

It’s natural that everyone makes such an assumption. There are no caves here but a sinkhole with a radius of more than ten meters and about a hundred meters deep. There are no less than tens of thousands of snakes piled at the bottom of the pit, most of which are highly venomous. They go out and prey along the pit wall, entangled with each other into a dead knot. This kind of slippery and cold visual scene is enough to make the knowledgeable expedition team members feel extremely creepy.

The place which can produce spirit stone mines must be the best blessed places in the whole continent or maybe even the whole planet. The Nami Alliance people don’t understand feng shui but they can tell what kind of place makes people refreshing.

It’s definitely not such a snake pit.

After two weeks of stalemate, some expedition teams have tried to go down the snake pit. Many people have seen it with their own eyes. The explorers who ventured down were dragged into the pit by snakes in the blink of an eye. The snake venom corroded people into a pile of bones, submerged in the bottom of the deep pit where thousands of snakes are surgingthen no bones exist.

Burning with fire is actually the best way.

The expedition team which implemented this method was attacked and teased by tons of snakes. That team went mad. It really sets up the alarm for others.

Use neurotoxin?

It doesn’t have much effect on these damn old poisons.

Expedition teams miss weapons of mass destruction very much. However, the place where they stay is the Nami Star with the most stringent security check in the alliance. Besides, this place is Shijia Rift Valley, which is the royal territory. Even though the Hidal family, which belongs to Nami, wanted to make trouble, it had to adopt a “beautiful male strategy”. People can imagine how crazily difficult it is to transport weapons to the Nami Star.

“How good it is to carry a particle cannonball! These poisonous snakes will be gasified in an instant…”

The explorer wearing a cowboy hat sighs. He gets the cold eyes from his leader.

“Unless you can disassemble the particle accelerator into 213 pieces and then replace them with your body bones. After passing the security check, I will restore the particle accelerator. After that, maybe I will invite you to try that weapon.”

Pointy Ears thinks of the scene described by his leader. After making the particle accelerator, he may become a pile of rotten meat. How can he try the weapon?

“Boss, it’s unrealistic to ask someone to bring in. But if we bring it separately…”

Hasn’t anyone thought about breaking the weapon into small pieces and bringing them to the Nami Star with human bones? The more Pointed Ears thinks about it, the more he thinks this is a good way.

The leader stares at him as if he is looking at a moron, “Adventure is an art. Can you shut up?”

If everyone comes here with lethal weapons, they will not be explorers but interstellar mercenaries living in the dark, as those on the opposite mountain.

Smuggling weapons into Nami Star? Well, even if they find the spirit stone mine, can they take it all away?

Interstellar mercenaries who don’t know how to make a fortune silently are born to be the adversaries of explorers, which is really annoying.

The leaders of the expedition teams discuss it in secret. Ears of the alien with pointed ears move in his hat, “Boss, it looks like it’s going to rain.”

It’s about to be the end of summer in Shijia Rift Valley. Therefore, the weather changes quickly and the air humidity increases sharply. All expedition teams have their own weather forecasters. They all return to the camp to shelter from the rain.

But the mercenaries feel disdainful.

Compared to the uncertain hearsay of these expeditions, they get the exact news that there is an amazing spirit stone mine at the snakes pit. The organization which discovered the spirit stone mine has a civil strife. If they don’t take this opportunity, the senior officials of the mercenaries think it is really a reckless waste.

Facing huge benefits, they even get the nerve to challenge the authority of the Nami Star. Coupled with the royal heir incident, the stable but still chaotic Nami Star makes the mercenary group get the confidence to smuggle the spirit stone out.

“Number 1, aim it.”

“Number 1, understood, aimed, and to be launched.”

“Number 2, in place.”

“Number 2 is in place, prepared.”

The dark clouds in the sky become thicker and thicker and the raindrops fall fiercely, blurring the sight of the mercenaries. The rolling clouds obscure the light of the star. Sky suddenly darkens and the air pressure is so low that people can not breathe freely. All the expeditions and mercenary groups present can not help but look up at the sky above their heads at this moment

Rotating air mass, thick clouds, flickering electric arc, dull and continuous thunder… a thunder as thick as a bucket suddenly smashes down and hits the ten-thousand snakes pit!

Snake meat flies all around. However, the scene of snake blood splashing around has not yet appeared. The snakes pit disappears without a trace, revealing a deep hole extending underground.

“It is fake”

The mercenary group and the expeditions are all dumbfounded. However, the ground eroded by the rain conducts thunder and lightningAlthough they are not the main target, they happen to stay within the range of Thunder Doom. These expeditions and mercenary groups really fall on evil days.

Dull thunder shakes the mountain range. Under the deep cave, Lin Luoran closes her eyes in peace.

A beautiful blue jade floats above her head. Lightning strikes on it but it seems to be completely absorbed.

Lin Luoran is now experiencing the upheaval of broken golden elixirs and gathering Vitality.

If she can survive Thunder Doom, she will be promoted to be a Gathering Vitality cultivator from then on. She can learn the magical “arts of nature”. Science and technology civilization has not found a way to deal with this kind of power above spells. In this case, Lin Luoran can return to Earth fair and square.

If she fails… she may not even have the choice to restart her cultivation. Being killed by Thunder Doom is the normal failure.

Cultivators of the gathering vitality period get their own primordial spirit. If she fails and dies this time, her best way is to cultivate her primordial spirit, like White Fairy.

Personal ability enhancement has always been a single-plank bridge. Once people step on it, they can only move forward or fall into the abyss. There is no chance to return to the original place.

The four golden elixirs in her pubic region have long been broken. Lin Luoran’s pubic region now reveals a chaotic status as before.

Abundant Wakan is compressed in her pubic region. It is her personal ability for more than 300 years. Destruction before construction. The golden elixirs have been broken and Lin Luoran must shape Gathering Vitality in Thunder Doom.

There is not much time left for her and the roaring thunder above her head does not stop.

Lin Luoran is surprisingly calm. Something is passing by in her mind. It is her personal ability enhancement for more than three hundred years.

It’s the feeling of being betrayed by her boyfriend and the anger when others trampled on her heirloom bracelet.

It’s the open of sacred pearl space and the pain of bone marrow cleansing in the half- dream and half-waking status when she ate the “flame fruit”.

After changing her physique, a door opened. She picked black epiphyllum from the cliff and broke through the ocean of consciousness. She truly stepped on the road of personal ability enhancement from then on.

It’s the “Unknown Training Qi Spell” taught by Master Jia. How ignorant she was in her personal ability enhancement… She still remembers the first discussion with Master Mu and Master Guo when Baojia had an accident.

She has learned a lot of spells. As her personal ability improves, she can even fight against a starship.

However, what Lin Luoran remembers most clearly is the difficult practice and fascination when she stole the “Fire Ball spell”.

Under the sea in Bermuda, there was silent sea turtle, White Fairy under the abyss, and fruit wine hidden by the old monkey. For her, what she harvested in Bermuda Secret Realm was not only the spirit herbs but also the friendship of Wen Guanjing and Li Xi’er.

The female corpse in crystal coffin exactly like White Fairy and the monster bat suppressed under the magnetic mountain… They have brought her a lot of trouble.

Qingcheng Taoist Temple which specialized in magic figures. They could have been friends but the affairs of the world were so inconstant ….

After three years of training in blood pool underground palace, she laid foundation in one fell swoop.

Her Bearing Essence is rough but still with no big twists. She once thought that her style of personal ability enhancement with her family can be leisure and happy like this.

The drastic changes after she returned from Mount Penglai almost made her crazy in just one night.

She found Baojia in the distant Nami Alliance. Old close friends held swords against each other and they were in different camps.

Lin Luoran’s personal ability for more than three hundred years is condensed into one place. The five flavors are mixed and sweetness is the majority.

Although it is mixed with bitterness, Lin Luoran feels that gods have treated her favorably compared to other living beings.

Even though she is farther and farther away from her original simple dream, Lin Luoran still believes that life will return to the right track with her efforts.

Two acres of fields, a small house, some friends gathering to drink from time to time… the rurality and becoming an immortal in the mortal world is pictured in her dream. Lin Luoran is willing to devote all her life to this dream.

Does she feel regret?

Without personal ability enhancement, her family will not be rich and wealthy. Maybe they will live a normal and plain life forever.

When Lin Luoran thinks of this, a little confusion flashes through in her mind. The thunder above her head screams louder. It seems to know that she has reached a critical moment. Thunder Doom has completely destroyed the cave entrance and the entire small mountain is flattened.

This vision has long attracted the attention of the Nami people.

The royal family, nobles, and all the forces which are somewhat powerful are all coming to Shijia Rift Valley.

In the manor, only the wretched-looking Pug Nose stares at the direction of the valley. He seems to be expecting something.

Cyan little fox tenses up. It wonders if Lin Luoran can survive this time.

The confusion in Lin Luoran’s eyes disappears immediately. Asking herself, she has never regrettedfor her personal ability enhancement!

Wakan scattering in her pubic region baths in Thunder Doom and bursts into vitality. Golden elixirs were broken and now it’s finally the condensation of wandering Wakan.

When Wakan stops being restless, a vivid “Lin Luoran” appears in her pubic region.

It closes its eyes tightly, fingers interlocked. There is a multicolored plum on the center of her eyebrows whose petals only have three colors of red, blue, and green.

The beautiful eyes of Fly Apsaras painted sculpture in the ocean of consciousness circulate. A group of phantoms rushes down to the top of Gathering Vitality. Lin Luoran feels a feeling of tearing apart in her soul. When the little baby girl opens her eyes and smiles at her, Lin Luoran suddenly realizes that the phantom may be the so-called “primordial spirit”.

Primordial spirit burns in Gathering Vitality period. This is why the Gathering Vitality cultivators can rely on for Possession after “death”.

From now on, only when her primordial spirit is destroyed can the female cultivator called “Lin Luoran” truly dissipate in this world.

Gathering Vitality is condensed and the primordial spirit appears. The last accumulation of all strength of Thunder Doom has rushed downpersonal ability enhancement is about stealing lifespan from the heaven. The Tao of nature speaks for itself. Only a successful cultivator can advance Gathering Vitality!

This is the final blow of Heaven’s Doom in the Gathering Vitality period. This is only the first step for a cultivator to be recognized by Tao…