Legend Of Swordsman Chapter 303

"Lord of Skywave Prefecture, it seems that you will die today," Jian Wushuang said.

His voice resounded through the area, then the Sea of Sword Essence swept out toward the Lord of Skywave Prefecture.

"What's this?"

The Lord of Skywave Prefecture's expression changed. While he was in the Realm of Sword Essence, he realized he was being suppressed and could only release 70 percent of his strength. In other words, 30 percent of his strength was being suppressed by the Realm of Sword Essence.

"Even the top experts who mastered a Domain could only suppress half of my strength. This guy's Realm of Sword Essence is almost as strong as a Domain." The Lord of Skywave Prefecture was shocked.

Sword Tide had suppressed 10 percent of his strength.

Now it increased to 30 percent.

"Not good!" The Lord of Skywave Prefecture saw Jian Wushuang rushing over.

When 10 percent of his strength was suppressed, he was barely able to force a draw with Jian Wushuang. Now, with 30 percent of his strength suppressed, he would not be Jian Wushuang's match.

The Sword Realm restricted the Lord of Skywave Prefecture's movement. Using his roaring killing intent, Jian Wushuang struck out with his Long Sword.

"It's over." The Lord of Skywave Prefecture thought, but he was unwilling to be killed like this.

"Even if I will die, I won't make it easy on you," the Lord of Skywave Prefecture thundered.

He immediately ate several elixirs that could improve his strength in a short time. These were ordinary elixirs, so the increase in his strength was limited, but he did not care.

Now, he pounced toward Jian Wushuang, like a mad, hungry wolf.

"Useless." Jian Wushuang swung his sword and easily blocked it.

After an all-out attack, the Lord of Skywave Prefecture lost his morale, so Jian Wushuang prepared to end this fight.

"Go to hell!"

The continuous streaks of sword light pierced through the area, leaving three holes on the Lord of Skywave Prefecture's body. The strong man still widened his eyes while falling.

"Finally, he is dead." Jian Wushuang heaved a sigh of relief.

The Lord of Skywave Prefecture was stronger than he thought. If he had not comprehended Sword Sea during the fight, it would have been much harder for him to kill such a strong person.

"Regarding comprehension of the Origin, Sword Skill, and magic weapons, I am much stronger than him, but my cultivation is too low," Jian Wushuang sighed in private.

The time he spent cultivating wasn't long. With the help of Heavenly Creation Skill, and opportunities from the Ancestor's Land, he had managed to reach the Profound Yang Void Realm at his age, which was considered incredible.

Jian Wushuang stood by the Lord of Skywave Prefecture's body. He waved his hand, took off the loser's Interspatial Ring, and looked around.

The whole area became calm, and the spectators were petrified.

When Jian Wushuang began to move toward Heartless City, a burst of exclamation rose from the crowd.

"He is dead!"

"The Lord of Skywave Prefecture was killed."

"Swordsman killed the Lord of Skywave Prefecture?"

It caused a sensation.

All the experts were astonished.

Man Yan, one of the overlords in the Tang Dynasty, had been killed.

The news would spread through the whole empire.

"Very good." Leng Rushuang looked toward Jian Wushuang with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

"I said he would win this fight," the scruffy girl said with a smile.

"OK, now it's over. Shall we go back?" Leng Rushuang asked.

"Nope," the scruffy girl replied while shaking her head, "I need to repay him for his help."

"Repay him?" Leng Rushuang said, "He is strong enough in the Tang Dynasty. As long as he doesn't piss off someone from the top 10 of the Bloodmoon List, he won't get into any trouble, so you won't have any chance to repay him."

"No, no. I won't go back with you unless I repay him," the scruffy girl said stubbornly.

Leng Rushuang thought for a while and said in a low voice, "OK, I will give you five days. Then you must return with me, no excuses."

"Deal." The scruffy girl nodded without hesitation. "You stay here. I will go play with him."

Then the girl moved toward Heartless City.

In the hall of the Heartless Sect, the Master of Heartless Sect and the other protectors were congratulating Jian Wushuang.

"Haha, Protector Swordsman, oh, no. We should call you Lord."

"Right, Lord."

"That fight startled all of us."

A peerless expert, who had battle strength equal to the Saint Realm, had been killed by Jian Wushuang.

Jian Wushuang wore a faint smile.

He challenged the Lord of Skywave Prefecture and killed him. From now on, he would become the new lord of Skywave Prefecture. This was the rule of the Tang Dynasty.

As the Lord of Skywave Prefecture, he could be considered an overlord in the Tang Dynasty.

"Hum?" Jian Wushuang suddenly raised his head and looked toward the doorway, where a little head popped out.

"Who is that?" The Master of Heartless Sect and the other protectors perceived it, and looked towards the doorway.

When they saw the scruffy girl of 15 or 16 years old, they had an odd look on their faces.

The scruffy girl ignored their attention and stepped inside. After standing beside Jian Wushuang, she winked at him, without saying a word.

Jian Wushuang's face changed.

He did not have a good impression on the scruffy girl and her elder sister.

If not for the scruffy girl, he would not have fought with the Lord of Skywave Prefecture so soon.

"Why did you come here? Where is your elder sister?" Jian Wushuang asked, frowning.

"I came here for you. I want to play with you. As for my sister, she has her things to do," the scruffy girl replied innocently, "Big Brother, my name is Leng Ruxue!"

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