Legend Of The Mythological Genes Book 3 Chapter 457

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Volume 3 Chapter 457 Cultivation Gene

With the Cultivation Gene as the peak point, flowing from top to bottom, after four-rounds of evolution, a genetic tree branch alongside the Sun Wukong Gene was formed.

This scene made Feng Lin extremely happy, warming his heart and filling it with delight.

He began to evolve the genes starting from the basic genes, slowly nurturing a tree sprout to now where the embryonic form of a giant tree could gradually be seen.

This was a tree whose crown reached the heavens.

Its roots were embedded in mortal soil as its trunk shot upwards, resembling a kingly throne for the gods.

The growth of every segment of the genetic tree represented that he was nearing the final path.

In the Interstellar Era, compared to wealth and authority, strength was the greatest achievement.

These days, even mortals could reach the heavens.

How magnificent was this?

Every time one saw the growth of their genetic tree, their morales would surely be boosted.

And for awakening the Cultivation Gene, Feng Lin had to start from the lowest level and slowly evolving upwards, expending an extremely large amount of genetic points. He needed a total of 13,600 free genetic potential.

And the conditions to evolve the mythological genes were all different.

Evolving so many genes was truly an exhausting matter where he had to spend a great deal of effort.

Just by performing the deduction, he already expended a total of 6,000 genetic potential. After some time, he was only left with 14,280.

Nevertheless, the heart monkey sought the Dao. Feng Lin no longer had any questions toward his cultivation. His heart stirred and his genetic potential rapidly reduced.

Genetic potential -102, -101, -99

From basic genes awakening to primeval genes awakening to transcendent genes awakening

After experiencing the mythological illusion-scape, his Daoheart was clear, nothing puzzling him. He naturally managed to awaken the required genes.

His genetic potential flowed over as numerous dark stars in his genetic map lit up, shining with golden light.

Innate Talent Gene awakening, +1, +1, +1...

Discernment Gene awakening, +1, +1, +1

Fortune Gene awakening, +1, +1, +1...


As each awakened gene was enhanced to the max, a certain condition seemed to have been fulfilled. The genetic formula automatically activated and the golden constellations emitted beams of golden starlight that intersected with each other, forming astral rivers that extended into the depths of his starry space.

Bathump, bathump, bathump...

The sound of a powerful heart could be heard beating

As the starlight flowed, five previously dark gigantic stars began to lit up and were rapidly enhanced.

Rootbone Gene, +1, +1, +1

Comprehension Gene, +1, +1, +1

Luck Gene, +1, +1, +1

Knowledge Understanding Gene, +1, +1, +1

Action Gene, +1, +1, +1

After they were maxed out, they continued to evolve as the two Heaven Genes were awakened.

Cultivating Gene, +1, +1, +1

Cultivation Knowledge Gene, +1, +1, +1

From nothing to something, from the bottom to the top. This was the most difficult.

Feng Lin was already an adept cultivator. However, he still had to perform reverse deduction to deduce the genetic sequence. After some time, it was a complete success, with no shackle to be found as the evolution process continued smoothly.

The genes in the genetic map lit up one by one, resembling the brightest stars in the night sky that illuminated the entire area. This scene was extremely striking.

Cultivating Gene x11 + Cultivation Knowledge Gene x9 = Cultivation Gene.

Finally, a gigantic golden constellation side-by-side the Sun Wukong Gene suddenly lit up, brimming with brilliance.

Bang, bang, bang!

It pounded with force resembling a powerful heartbeat.

At this moment, Feng Lin's life information changed.


Name: Feng Lin

Vitality stat: 28,200

Houtian Genes: Sun Wukong Gene x1; Cultivation Gene x1

Heaven Genes: Monkey King Gene x10; Daoheart Gene x10


Genetic potential: 1200


The rapid evolution caused his vitality stat to increase greatly.

When the second Houtian Gene was awakened, it instantly pushed Feng Lin's vitality stat to a new level, officially breaking past the 20,000 mark.

Feng Lin languidly opened his eyes. His gaze was serene, shining with a bright light. His spirit force congealed and spread outwards, causing the space to tremble and form churning ripples that were visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

For a time, the place he stood at became the eye of the tempest. Energy waves began to rise around him.

Wind, fire, lightning, and thunder repeatedly manifested in the air, causing a chaotic flow.

This was only external change.

Within his body, a wondrous feeling appeared in Feng Lin's heart.

He peered inwards and could see that each cell in his body was filled with vital force, brimming with so much power that it felt like overflowing springwater. The flow seemed endless, inundating all of his cells, each droplet of his blood, his organs...every part of his body was immersed within the springwater, brimming with overwhelmingly powerful might.

His body had the duality aspect, capable of changing between matter and energy as he willed.

And in the external world, the breathing of his cells seemed to synchronize with heavens and earth, which allowed him to control boundless energy. Everything could be sensed clearly in his perception.

Breath in, breath out

The spiritual qi from the surroundings gathered, turning into gusts of wind and wrapping him within a gigantic vortex.

Genetic potential +69, +69, +70

Even without external aid, Feng Lin's current cultivation speed was extremely shocking.

Each spiritual qi particle burst forth with a transcendent glow, seeping deep into each of his cells and changing the base matter as his cells underwent a qualitative evolution toward a higher lifeform.

Cultivation didn't cease; his evolution was like the surging tides, wave after wave flowing forth in an unending manner.

His Cultivation Gene was activated, and his Heart Monkey Force was like countless invisible hands that rapidly grabbed outwards, greedily absorbing the spiritual qi into his body.

Feng Lin felt like he was floating in the clouds. He was enveloped by boundless spiritual qi that seeped into his body from all his pores, nourishing every nook and cranny.

Cultivation actually made him feel so high. It felt that his life had already reached the climax, he had already reached the peak

Feng Lin couldn't help it and added a Houtian genetic point onto the Cultivation Gene.

Cultivation Gene +2!

Once the point was added, a drastic change instantly occurred. The speed of which the spiritual qi in the surroundings gathered quickened even more. The vortex grew larger, surging into his body with increased speed.

Although Feng Lin didn't intentionally control it, his body had now seemingly become a gigantic black hole that naturally attracted spiritual energy like how hundreds of birds would fly into the forest.

Genetic potential +120, +118, +122

Feng Lin felt as though his entire person was filled to the brim, almost to the point of exploding. His genetic potential continued to surge.

By logic, cultivation would only be more difficult the nearer it got toward the end. It was extremely tough to improve.

But after he awakened the Cultivation Gene, Feng Lin's cultivation speed didn't slow down, and it increased instead. Although he wasn't cultivating, his genetic potential continued to increase at a fast speed.

In fact, Feng Lin faintly felt that as long as he activated the Cultivation Gene, even if he didn't cultivate intentionally, the gene would allow him to naturally be in a permanent cultivating state. Thus, his cultivation base would be improved automatically.

Moreover, the Cultivation Gene was a perfect-grade Houtian Gene and clearly couldn't only have just a single ability.

Feng Lin continued to probe deeply, but he still couldn't sense anything clearly.

The mysteries of the mythological genes ultimately had to be searched for and unlocked through myths and legends.

Since the war was over, he had sufficient time to probe.

Feng Lin folded hand gestures. His consciousness began to sink endlessly, entering a misty celestial realm.

The peaks of the tall mountains here were buried in the clouds. This place seemed to be the holy ground of immortals and celestials!

A monkey was seated cross-legged at the peak of a mountain with its eyes closed. A calm and unruffled aura could be sensed from it as it glowed inwardly with divine light. It showed no signs of wildness and seemed to be completely at peace. It didn't appear to be a monkey in the wilderness but seemed to be a grandmaster that had achieved the dao.

A beam of spiritual light suddenly descended from the sky.

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