Legend Of The Mythological Genes Book 3 Chapter 503 2

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Volume 3 Chapter 503 Demonic Monkey Clearing Tribulation Part Ii

The Thunder Bird was also known as the Thunder Phoenix!

The phoenix had nine children, with all of them different and possessing different abilities.

The Blue Luan had a wood attribute. It was a Kunlun Divine Bird and had a long lifespan.

The peac.o.c.k was dr.a.p.ed in divine light that was divided into five colors. It was capable of brushing through everything.

The Golden Roc spread its wings and could move rapidly unrestrained through the three realms.


The Thunder Bird, true to its name, was a phoenix that was born while bathed in thunder. It would never land on mortal ground in its life, and it lived to pursue thunderbolts.

The monkey transformed into the Thunder Bird and immediately felt very different.

It broke free from that brilliant heavenly prowess, removing the greatest restriction on its body. It was like a fish in the water, a flood dragon entering the seas.


The Thunder Bird let out a long cry, spreading its wings and flying high up. Each sword feather on its body shot out streams of electricity. They gradually gathered into a ball of lightning, charging into the sky.

Dark clouds seethed.

Very soon, an electric figure could be seen darting to and fro amidst it, dispersing all the dark clouds.

The thunderbolts that came crashing down were turned into light and dissipated the moment they came into contact with the sword feathers.

As if sensing that the one having the tribulation was using such a method to avoid the calamity, the tribulation clouds seethed and became increasingly violent.

The tribulation eye was gradually filled up by a stretch of purple light. Endless streams of thick thunderbolts that were like pillars came crashing down.

However, no matter how much seawater there was, was it possible to drown a whale?

The Thunder Bird bathed in lightning roaming freely and appearing very relaxed.

Bang bang bang!

The Thunder Bird's spread its wings and flew high up, dispersing all of the thunderbolts.

Although the heavenly tribulation could cover a huge area and came down with an overwhelming prowess, it couldn't last forever. In the end, it gradually showed signs of dissipating.

Was the thunder tribulation over?

Feng Lin watched this scene silently.

Even the monkey, who had never known fear, couldn't help but feel relieved at seeing the heavenly tribulation dissipating.

The Art of Transformations was really the best method to avoid the tribulation. It allowed one to freely turn into a myriad of forms. Out of so many, there had to be one form that could adapt to the prowess of the heavenly tribulation.

However, the transformations couldn't be used freely either. The cultivator's true origin energy would be constantly worn down.

If it continued for too long, the pressure on the monkey would be tremendous as well!

However, before it could take a breather, an overwhelming amount of red light shone down from the sky, dyeing the entire earth in red, as if everything was on fire.

The monkey raised its head and looked over. It saw that the endless stretch of dark clouds had turned red, as if there were ten suns in the sky. However, there wasn't any scorching heat, but a shady aura that permeated the world.


Suddenly, huge balls of flames came crashing down as the clouds split apart.

The heavens split!

The flames came down like rain, dyeing the entire sky in red.

Many huge balls of flames came crashing down, evaporating the water vapor. All the grass and trees lost their green color, turning into chars.

The Thunder Bird let out a long cry, bringing along thunderbolts that seemed to have turned into many electric snakes. They were slithering rapidly in the sky, crossing each other's paths.

However, the rain of flames was too densely packed, turning the world into a red color.

This flame wasn't any ordinary flame!

It was Yin Fire!

Born from gathering all the world's yin energy, turning them into flames. There was nothing it couldn't burn, and everything that belonged to the five elements was completely incinerated.

The monkey had only gotten a little bit closer, and its golden hair was turned into ashes.

The Thunder Bird's feathers were soon completely burned. It became a bare, featherless bird.

Thunder and fire attributes!

Previously, the Thunder Bird had roamed freely during the thunder tribulation. However, right now, under the flames, it was like a roasted chicken.

Moreover, the flames weren't just any ordinary flames. They were extremely domineering yet had a strong, shady characteristic. If they darted into one's body, they would permeate to the cells, wanting to roast up the body from the inside out.

It would start burning from the Yongquan Acupoint and reach all the way to the Niwan Palace!

Wherever the flames passed by, all lives would be lost and all flesh would dry up. Organs would be burned into ashes and one's limbs would rot.

It would rapidly dissipate the true origin energy in one's body, throwing the person's hardwork in cultivation over 1,000 years into vain.

It seemed that it would still need to go through another transformation!

After having gone through one tribulation, the monkey had gained experience. It knew that the prowess of the heavenly tribulation was far from ordinary, and ordinary transformations wouldn't cut it.

Only the rare few divine beasts in the world would be able to handle the prowess of the heavenly tribulation.

What was it still waiting for?

The monkey let out a long cry. Immediately, strong flames appeared on its body, presenting a purplish-red color. There weren't any impurities, only the purest flames in the world.

This was the Brightsouth Lifire!


Another cry that was similar to that of the Thunder Bird's rang out. A fire bird rose, covered in colorful feathers, and had a rosy crown. The moment it appeared, endless auspicious auras permeated out.

This was the spirit of the south, the Vermillion Bird!

Looking at the annihilative flames, the Vermillion Bird let out a joyful cry and plunged toward them.

In the sea of flames, a bird was roaming freely in a relaxed manner. It kept darting about within the sea of flames, as if it was soaking in a bath.

Even the monkey could sense a different kind of benefit.

The Vermillion Bird was the spirit of fire!

The Yin Fire was rapidly absorbed by the Vermillion Bird, quickly replenishing the origin qi it had lost.

Using the powers of the heavenly tribulation to nurture the body... What kind of means was this?

There would never come a time when its powers were depleted!

No matter how ferocious the heavenly tribulation was, the monkey wasn't afraid to continue dragging out the situation.

No matter how strong the heavenly fire was, there would still come a time when it got depleted.

In the end, the flaming clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, revealing a clear sky. The air was very refreshing.

The many cultivators in Fangcun Mountain heaved a huge sigh of relief.

The descent of the heavenly fire earlier on was far too terrifying. It made every onlooker had the feeling that an impending disaster was falling.

However, as the one concerned, the monkey didn't let down its guard this time around.

It understood now!

It was born to be a spiritual creature, and its cultivation progress moved tremendously by leaps and bounds. Right now, its cultivation level was getting increasingly deeper.

The three heavenly tribulations that others would have to deal with every 500 years ended up coming all at once. The chain reaction of the three great tribulationswith one having a greater prowess than the one beforemagnified the total prowess by more than three times.

If the monkey hadn't learned the Seventy-two Transformations, it wouldn't be able to tide through them.

The Heavenly Thunder and Yin Fire had passed. Then, the next one would be the third tribulation, the Vile Wind.

However, ever since the Yin Fire dissipated and the dark clouds scattered, there were no signs of anything taking place at all.

Just as the monkey was feeling perplexed, it suddenly felt a great chill. A cold wind blew by, appearing out of nowhere. It blew into its six organs and heading straight for its Dantian. It immediately felt intense pain all over, and its nine apertures started to rot. Its flesh and bones started to wear down, and its physical body broke down at a rapid speed.

This was an expected calamity!

This wasn't an ordinary wind!

No one knew where this wind came from, nor where it was headed to. However, it had an astonishing corrosive power. Everything would be worn down and wouldn't last for long.

It was because of this that a wind like this had no cause nor effect. It was impossible to find its source either. Once it locked onto the monkey, there was no avoiding it. The monkey could only face it head-on.

Even with the body of the Vermillion Bird, under the wind's corrosive powers, it was gradually breaking down. The Brightsouth Lifire scattered everywhere, scorching many shocking holes into the ground.

If this were to go on, it would be eroded by the wind. The monkey started to think rapidly.

Dragons come from clouds and tigers from wind!

At the next instant, as it shook its body, a series of strong gales blew, encompassing it within.

Thereafter, a huge tiger jumped out. It had wings on its back and raised its head to roar.

Strong gales trembled and all beasts calmed down.

This was the Western Gengmetal White Tiger, one that controlled all wind in the world.

Once that Vile Wind entered the white tiger's body, it was immediately neutralized by the White Tiger force.

However, this extraordinary wind came on fiercely, and simply digesting it took some great effort.

The monkey went all out to fend it off and was instantly thrown into a tight situation.

The Vile Wind blew, and even the air started to become distorted.

Even with the white tiger's body, it was unable to break out from the wind circle. Waves of auras permeated out, dissolving, breaking down, and neutralizing each other...

The monkey couldn't afford to care about other things and immersed in it.

Only God knew how long had passed by when it suddenly felt that its body had turned light. It was only then did it discover that the turbulent wind had dissipated.

The monkey was struck by realization and understood that it had cleared three calamities in one go.

A stream of qi rose from the depths of its body. It was extremely pure, a combination of yin and yang, bearing a resemblance toward Taichi.

This was...

Celestial qi!

Receiving the nurturing from celestial qi, its origin spirit immediately grew stronger rapidly like an inflated balloon. Its senses became very sharp, as if everything in the world was within its senses.

There were differences between celestials and mortals!

With one step, it'd forever become a member of the celestials!

After going through several decades, crossing the four great oceans and five continents, it had finally achieved it after experiencing great hardship!

The monkey was exhilarated and it raised its head to let out a long cry. Its voice resonated in the world.

Having broken through its bottleneck, all the spiritual qi of heaven and earth moved according to its will, gathering together. As the monkey gathered the essence of heaven and earth, its celestial aura grew stronger at a rate that could be seen by the n.a.k.e.d eye.

In the Bodhi Cave, Patriarch Subhuti sat on the lotus platform, pinching a flower and smiling slightly.

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