Legend Of The Mythological Genes Book 3 Chapter 504

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Volume 3 Chapter 504 Eighteen Thousand Li

What was a celestial?

To be immortal, having the same lifespan as the world!

(Even if the world is falling apart, I won't be. Even if the world is in crumbles, I won't be.)

Taking one step forward, forever drawing a distinct line between celestials and mortals, no longer required to go through the agonies of the secular life.

After leaving The Flowerfruit Mountain, crossing mountains and seas, traveling across the four continents and five oceans, living in the secular world... Even with the stone monkey body, it had still encountered several dangerous situations, narrowly escaping death.

It went through great effort to become a disciple at the Fangcun Mountain but was undermined by its fellow martial brothers. Strong feelings of gloominess had long since settled down in its heart.

After three years of tough cultivation, it had finally attained the Dao!

Having succeeded within a day, the monkey stood at the top of the mountain, feeling exhilarated and proud. It couldn't help but let out a long cry toward the sky, as if wanting to release all the suppressed and acc.u.mulated gloominess in its heart, no longer feeling any more restraints.

The long cry resonated through the mountains, and everyone could tell that it was overjoyed. Their expressions were complicated, with that of admiration, astonishment, jealousy... No one held any underestimation toward him anymore.

Feng Lin stayed in the depths of the monkey's heart and had also gained great comprehension.

He had witnessed the process in which the monkey had gone through a transformation from being ordinary to becoming a celestial!

Witnessing this experience was as if he had also gone through the same cultivation path, going through hardship and cultivation, having the same feelings, attaining the Dao...

All these experiences turned into his strength, pushing him to a greater realm.

(A little bit, it's just a little bit away!)

With just one more step, Feng Lin was confident that attaining a breakthrough to the elite adept realm would no longer be a difficult task.

As the monkey broke through its bottleneck, the spiritual qi of heaven and earth rapidly gathered over, gradually forming amajestic scene.

A huge monkey origin spirit appeared. The moment it did, it materialized into a physical state, seeming to have the prowess to support the world. Its golden vertical eyes illuminated the world, and it emitted esteemed and ethereal auras.

Initial-phase of the refining spirit, returning to the void, middle-phase of the refining spirit, returning to the void!

As expected of a creature loved by the heavens and earth. The moment it attained a breakthrough, it immediately gained the prowess of the heavens and earth. Its cultivation improved tremendously and its origin spirit strengthened.

The Heart Monkey Force encompassed the surroundings, turning into a massive domain. With the change of its will, lightning flashed in the world. Wind clouds, thunder, and lightning gathered, creating many strange scenes.

A single thought brought rise to a myriad of arts!

The true origin energy in the monkey's body had now been turned into celestial qi. Using it, the prowess of the monkey's arts would be more than ten times stronger than they previously were.

After venting out for a while, the monkey calmed down.

When the monkey's martial brothers in Fangcun Mountain saw that it had such prowess upon attaining a breakthrough, their countenances were complicated. However, no one dared to disturb him and all of them quickly left.


After the monkey had finally become a celestial and vented out, it didn't act recklessly. Instead, it stayed on the mountain to stabilize its cultivation.

It was only until one day, Patriarch Subhuti was personally imparting his teachings to his disciples in front of the Three Stars Cave.

Suddenly, the Patriarch spoke up, "Has Wukong achieved success?"

Although his voice wasn't very loud, it spread out very far, entering the monkey's ears clearly.

The monkey suddenly opened its eyes. With a flash of golden light, it leaped into the sky and kowtowed to the Patriarch. "Thank you Master for the great grace in imparting me teachings! Disciple has now achieved success and can now ride the clouds!"

The Patriarch smiled. "Then show it to me!"

The monkey shook its body and leaped up. Immediately, clouds formed under its feet, propping up its body. With a slight somersault, it traveled three to five li, so fast that there was no trace of it to be seen.

Although cultivators didn't lack flying arts, they tended to make use of treasures or magical techniques. In order to fly using just one's own body required the achieving of the light and agile celestial body!

The monkey's great achievements made many people feel envious.

The monkey flew in the air, did another somersault, and returned.

The clouds propped up its body, allowing it to move freely in the sky without any restraints!

The moment the monkey landed, it went up to the Patriarch, crossed its arms and said proudly, "Master, see, I can already ride the clouds."

The Patriarch shook his head and smiled. "Monkey, don't be proud! This isn't considered riding the cloud yet. It can only be considered to be crawling on the clouds. There's an ancient saying 'to travel the world in a single day'. At your speed, you are only able to travel for three li in half a day. It can't even count as crawling on the clouds!"

When the monkey heard that, it was instantly surprised.

It had thought that it had become a member of the celestial considering that it could now ride the clouds with its physical body.

However, the Patriarch was saying that it had just been crawling on the clouds.

What kind of person was the Patriarch? Why would he lie to it?

The monkey's eyes rolled and it dropped to the ground, kowtowed and asked, "I plead for Master to tell me what it means to travel the world in a single day!"

The Patriarch stroked his beard and smiled. "You're really studious! Alright, I'll tell you. Those who can ride the clouds start traveling in the morning from the Northern Sea, pass by the Eastern Sea, Western Sea, Southern Sea, and the places beyond them. Do you understand what it means now? One can only be considered to have mastered the ability to ride the cloudsa method of rapid traveling in the three realmsif they could travel all the places beyond the four seas in a day."

The moment Wukong heard that, yearning grew in its heart.

How big were the lands across the four seas?

It had traveled the seas before, spending several decades. But now, it would be able to travel across the four seas within a single day!

What kind of scene was this?

The monkey's heart was filled with great yearning just at the thought of it.

However, it knew that it wouldn't be able to accomplish this by its abilities alone.

The monkey kowtowed and said sincerely, "Master, when we help a person, we need to help them to the end. I hope that you can show great benevolence, imparting me with the technique to ride the clouds. I'll definitely not forget the great kindness."

The Patriarch said, "You're really funny! Alright! All celestials have to stomp on the ground to rise and ride the clouds, but it wasn't the same for you. You had to struggle a little to jump up. Based on your stance, I'll impart you with the 'Somersault Cloud'."

Wukong bowed and pleaded again. The Patriarch imparted him with an incantation and said, "You need to invoke the incantation, then clench your fists and shake your body. Thereafter, if you were to jump up, a somersault will take you eighteen thousand li away!"

Seeing that the monkey had been imparted with another art, everyone secretly felt envious.

However, the monkey had already become a celestial before them, so it was normal for it to be imparted with great arts.

Regardless if it was heartfelt or not, in the presence of the Patriarch, they still went up to congratulate it, saying, "Congratulations to Martial Senior Wukong for gaining enlightenment!"

The monkey's cultivation was high and it was also very intelligent. It bowed back toward them without showing any expression on its face.

No matter how everyone secretly felt, nothing happened on the surface.

Seeing this, the Patriarch also secretly nodded.

When the sky turned dark, everyone left in succession.

The monkey stood at the top of the mountain chanting the incantation and started to circulate the art.

Feng Lin also tried to feel it carefully.

The greatest benefit from the mythology illusion-scapes was that one could personally experience the cultivation process of mythological characters, learning their cultivation experiences and comprehensions!

Right now, he could sense that the celestial qi in the monkey's meridians was accelerating quickly. Very soon, they reached an extreme realm, with all the powers gathered to a great limit.

This theory seemed very similar to particle-beam weapons?

Was this the true profoundness behind the Somersault Cloud?

Was it as expected, that all Great Daos led to the same path?

Feng Lin entered deep in thought.

The monkey stomped down suddenly, and the celestial qi under its feet shot out like a rocket, pushing its body into the sky and accelerating to a great limit.

With a somersault, it instantly turned into a series of golden light, shooting out at lightning speed.

Traveling eighteen thousand li, roaming through the world freely. Very soon, a series of loud and proud laughter resonated through the three realms.

"Who was the one who mastered a great art?"

"Has another remarkable character appeared in the three realms?"

"It's rare that one is able to move so rapidly across the three realms. Which immortal manor did they come from?"


Immortal mountain secret realms, cave wonder realm, end of the world, and deepest depth of oceans Countless people woke up from their cultivation. They either felt greed, went deep into thought, or had great respect...

However, that golden light was extremely brilliant, and its speed was extremely fast. It flashed past the sky in the blink of an eye, and there were only a few people who could see the true figure that was wrapped up by the golden light.

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