Legend Of The Mythological Genes Book 3 Chapter 505

Legend Of The Mythological Genes Volume 3 Chapter 505 Hard For The Heart Monkey To Settle

Crossing eighteen thousand li with a single somersault!

The monkey rose from the ground, seeming as if it had turned into lightning, moving rapidly like shooting stars. It roamed through the world in an instant, going wherever it wanted to.

It was an unprecedented sense of exhilaration!

Riding the Somersault Cloud, the monkey only felt that it was breaking free from an invisible restraint. The world was very big and it could go wherever it wanted to. The mountains, rivers, seas, continents... There was no longer anything restricting it.

This was the true meaning behind immortal cultivation.

One reason was for longevity, to gain a long lifespan. Another reason was for freedom, to be free and unrestrained...

The monkey really felt very free. It raised its head and cried out toward the sky, looking down on the mountains and rivers, looking up at the stars in the sky. It felt free.

The Somersault Cloud was as swift as lightning, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

It was only then did the monkey realize how foolish it was to be so proud previously. Compared to its current state, the speed it was moving at previously wasn't even comparable to that of a tortoise. The Patriarch wasn't wrong to say that it was crawling on clouds!

It secretly felt ashamed, but also felt great joy that it had mastered the great art!

[I have the Somersault Cloud!]

[I can go wherever I want to!]

[Roaming the world!]

[The world is big and free for me, Ol' Sun, to roam about freely!]

Having obtained longevity and cultivated invincible art, the monkey felt that its dream had been fulfilled. It was really a wonderful life.

Wonderful, life was really wonderful!

The monkey kept on howling, as if wanting to release all the gloominess acc.u.mulated in its heart.

The greed that had been lurking for a very long time rose in its heart.

The monkey suddenly felt that the world was below him, and that no one within the three realms could restrain him.

He had attained immortality, mastered incredible battle arts and Seventy-two Transformations. Moreover, he also gained a flying techniquethe Somersault Cloud. It could go up to the sky and down into the ground. There was nothing it couldn't do...

Feng Lin hid deep in the monkey's heart and naturally noticed this.

Ancient cultivation mentioned: a wavering heart!

This was really true!

No matter how calm one's mind was, if they received enough shock and disturbances, great turbulence could rise.

The monkey had been through many rounds of tempering previously, and it had tempered its heart to maturity.

However, after attaining immortality and his dream of longevity, it lost the fear toward death. Many thoughts that had laid in dormancy in his heart floated up once again.


This somersault brought it very far away. The icy ocean in the northern sea, the snowy mountains, the deep abyss of the seas... Traces of the monkey could be found everywhere.

Roaming the seven seas and four regions in a single day, the monkey knew not what restraint was. It returned to Fangcun Mountain only after it had its fun. It then continued to stabilize his cultivation.

One day, a voice rang out from the distance while the monkey was meditating in seclusion.

"Is it martial junior Wukong in front?"

Hearing that a person had called its name, the monkey opened its eyes to take a look.

They were the fellow martial brothers who hadn't cared about it and even mocked it previously. Right now, all of them came over, wearing smiles, behaving unlike how they previously had done.

The person in the lead laughed and said, "Martial junior Wukong, are you cultivating the Grand Fate Art? Have you learned the transformation art to evade the three calamities that Master had imparted to you?"

His tone was filled with admiration.

Hearing that, the monkey's eyes rolled and it felt very proud. "I won't hide this from elder martial brother. Firstly, Master had imparted me with this, and secondly, I had also worked hard in my cultivation day and night. I've already learned those."

What a great comprehension level this monkey had!

Everyone secretly mumbled in their hearts, feeling both envious and wary, but didn't show anything on their faces. They chipped in, "You've already mastered them in such a short period? I don't believe you! If you dare, you should show it to us! I haven't seen such an amazing technique before!"

What an inferior attempt to goad it into making a move!

Feng Lin watched this scene coldly.

However, since the monkey had already attained immortality, it no longer suppressed its own innate character.

It had received a lot of cold glances from its martial brothers. It intentionally said, "This should be how things are done! I'd like to request for martial brothers to come up with a topic. What do you want me to transform into?"

Everyone exchanged a glance. "Then change into a pine tree."

The monkey chanted the incantation and changed into a pine tree. It was extremely beautiful and tall that it seemed to shoot up to the clouds!

When everyone saw that, they instantly clapped and laughed, praising it. "Good monkey! Good monkey!"

"You are able to turn into a pine tree that reaches the clouds, but can you change into a ferocious tiger that roars in the jungle?" asked someone else.

"That's simple!" The monkey smiled proudly, and in an instant, a big tiger with slit eyes stood on the spot, covered in stripes. It was majestic-looking.

Everyone continued to shower it praises again. "The Seventy-two Transformations is really amazing!"

"That's of course!" The monkey returned to its original form, feeling very proud. "This is the great art that the Patriarch had imparted to me! It's not something that ordinary people would be able to learn!"

Seeing that its fellow martial brothers who used to mock him were now treating it so warmly, the monkey felt very proud.

"Change into a flying bird next!" said everyone.

The monkey felt very happy and wanted to show off, giving everyone a surprise. It instantly turned into a flaming phoenix, soaring high up in the sky and crying out.

"Hmm?" A celestial-looking old man that was sitting on the platform opened his eyes to see through everything. He saw a monkey outside the cave, showing off. Flowers, birds, fish, insects, beasts, rocks... It kept on transforming, earning many praises.

The Patriarch instantly sighed.

A Heart Monkey's heart truly was hard to settle down. Once it got proud, it would become arrogant.

The Patriarch understood that Wukong was a Heart Monkey, a condensation of the ruthless aura from the heavens and earth, born out of a stone. Its temperament was the hardest to settle down.

It had previously encountered many difficulties before its temperament had been tempered to become smooth and calm.

However, now that it had attained immortality, the monkey's true nature rose. It was time...

The Patriarch nodded, having made his decision.

"Who is creating a ruckus here?" He let out a deep bellow and walked out of the cave.

When everyone saw that they had disturbed the Patriarch, they quickly tidied their clothes and headed over.

The monkey also reverted to its original form. It mingled amongst the crowd and grinned as it said, "Reporting to the Patriarch, we're here having an exchange of our arts. We weren't creating a ruckus."

Seeing that the monkey was still trying to go on with the glib talk, the Patriarch was instantly enraged. "You guys are shouting here, not keeping up the appearance a cultivator should have! When cultivators speak, their spirit dissipates. Speaking gives rise to disputes. Why are you guys creating a fuss here?"

Everyone quickly said, "We don't dare to hide from Master. Earlier on, Sun Wukong was performing stunts. When we told him to turn into a pine tree, he really did. We were all cheering and praising him. We seek for Master's pardon for having created a ruckus and disturbed you."

When the monkey heard this, its eyes opened wide and it instantly felt that something wasn't right.

These people were the ones who had asked it to put up a demonstration. Why did it sound like the problem was with it now?

It was still too inexperienced!

Feng Lin secretly shook his head.

Although this monkey was very intelligent, it had been cultivating in the mountains for an extended period and gradually forgotten about the shrewdness of the human heart.

However, this was a part of the monkey's cultivation to begin with. He didn't think too much of it and just quietly watched on from the side.

"You guys can leave!" the Patriarch spoke up, allowing his other disciples to take their leave.

Seeing that the monkey still wasn't accepting this, he secretly shook his head.

(This monkey's character is naive and violent. It hasn't even realized that it had been used. It seems that this is the end of its cultivation in Fangcun Mountain. It'll have to gain experience in the three realms before it can gain further comprehension.)

However, this monkey was extremely talented and capable. The day would come when it would get into trouble. The Patriarch hoped that it wouldn't affect the Fangcun Mountain's serenity. Therefore, he would have to think of a solution.

Thinking about this, the Patriarch instantly bellowed out, "Wukong, come over here! Why were you using your arts and transforming into a pine tree? The Seventy-Two Transformation is a great art and is something for you to establish a standing in this world. How can you show it off before other people? Who wouldn't be jealous? If others see that you have something, they'll definitely beg you for it. If you are afraid of trouble, you'd have to impart them; but if you don't, they'll definitely harm you. You won't be able to assure your life."

The monkey realized that the Patriarch was truly infuriated when it heard this. It quickly kowtowed, "I seek for Master's pardon!"

The Patriarch saw that it still didn't repent, he shook his head and said, "I won't blame you. You can leave Fangcun Mountain!"

The monkey panicked, its eyes filled with tears as it said, "Why does Master want me to go to?"

The Patriarch said, "You can go to where you came from."

It was only then did the monkey understand what the Patriarch said. It said, "I came from The Flowerfruit Mountain's Water Curtain Cave in Purvavideha's Aolai Country."

When this thought arose, it was hard to erase it.

It had left for several decades and it was missing its hometown.

The monkey couldn't help but wonder how the monkeys in The Flowerfruit Mountain were faring.

At this moment, the Patriarch warned it strictly once again, "You'll definitely harbor ill intent after you leave. It doesn't matter how much trouble or havoc you create, but you aren't allowed to say that you're my disciple. If you were to say a word of it, I'll skin you and file your bones, diminishing your soul to the nine abysses. I'll make sure that you'll never be able to get another chance to escape the calamities!"

The Patriarch was enraged and sent out endless dignified auras.

The monkey shivered and felt downcast.

[It seemed that the Patriarch really can't stand me anymore!]

[I'll leave!]

[I'll leave!]

It quickly said, "I'll definitely not mention a word about Master. I'll just say that I learned my arts myself."

After saying that, the monkey once again kowtowed and thanked the Patriarch for his teachings. It then stood up, turning into a series of golden light and heading for the Eastern Sea.

Not long later, an island formed from spiritual qi that was on the boundless seas appeared before its eyes. There were flowers that wouldn't wither through the seasons, and fruits that would never fall from the trees.

It had arrived in The Flowerfruit Mountain!


It seemed that the monkey's cultivation had reached an end here!

A hint of comprehension rose in Feng Lin's heart, and his will flew up.

Breaking the illusion-scape!

This was the key to attaining a breakthrough!

If he were to take this step, he'd become an elite adept!

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