Legend Of The Mythological Genes Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Come at Me Together

If I don't shock people, I won't die peacefully!

The instant Feng Lin's words rang out, they were like thunder from a clear sky, causing this entire space to fall silent.

The eyes of the clansmen turned to each other, and they had strange looks on their faces, suspecting that they had heard wrongly.

"Interesting!" On the tall platform, the demonically handsome man stood up and seriously surveyed Feng Lin. The interest in his eyes grew stronger and stronger as though he was looking at an extremely exciting toy.

"Arrogant! Do you think that you are an elite cultivator? Which one of us isn't an expert among interstellar cultivators? You actually dare to say such a thing? Truly, ignorance is bliss!" Feng Jinpeng was of the direct line of descent. Thus, he had never seen someone that was even more arrogant than him. He was the first that could no longer suppress his emotions and immediately cursed out loud.

For the other participants, they had become interstellar cultivators despite their young ages. Which of them wouldn't feel proud?

Being disregarded like this made them extremely angry.

"You want to fight us all together? There's no need for others to act, I will deal with you first!"

"You should pray that after the lots are drawn, you are not my opponent. If not, I will ensure that you end up in an extremely dire situation!"

"Who the hell do you think you are?"


Various sounds of criticism rang out.

Feng Li who was among the participants actually didn't move. He simply narrowed his eyes and stared at Feng Lin. His gaze was as sharp as swords and radiated an extremely forceful aura.

Regardless of mockery, cursing or viewing him with contempt, Feng Lin didn't care at all.

Although everyone felt that he was arrogant and was either mocking or cursing him, no one thought that he was for real. 

Feng Lin's gaze coldly swept through the crowd. He didn't say anything and merely looked fixedly at the Feng Clan's leader.

Why was there a need to take the barking of these people to his heart?

Fight one against all, whether this would happen, would have to depend on the clan leader's will.

Seeing that Feng Lin was ignoring them, the participants grew even more angered. It felt like their faces had been slapped and there was a burning sensation on their faces.

Disregard. Feng Lin was completely disregarding them.

"Hey brat, you best not be so brazen!" A fierce-looking man looked as though he was about to rush out.

The clansmen in the crowd finally came back to their senses. It was like they feared the world would have no chaos, and all of them started shouting excitedly, "Feng Tu, you are right. Go up and teach him a lesson!"

"You are an upper-class clansman, how can you be bullied by lower-class clansman?"

"Quickly defeat this brat to crush his arrogance!"


Seeing that things were turning chaotic, the clan leader finally couldn't bear it any longer. "Silence!"

As he shouted, his voice rolled through the air, thundering out loud, instantly overwhelming the comments made by the crowd.

As the leader of a clan, he could control the fate of the vast majority of people here. Nobody dared to antagonize the clan leader.

The clan leader's eyes were like an eagle as he turned to stare at Feng Lin. He seriously asked, "Feng Lin, do you really wish to fight against all the remaining participants at the same time? You must know that they are all in the top ten."

Feng Lin nodded as his intent couldn't be clearer.

The other participants had faces filled with anger. It was just that they were fearful of the clan leader and hence, they didn't join the cursing.

Feng Lin retained the calm look on his face. He had already decided to do this in his heart.

If he followed the clan leader's arrangement and fought these people one by one, how much time would be delayed? How meaningless was this?

His foundation in the clan was too shallow. Even if he won every battle by fighting one by one, he would still be doubted by others. Many would say that he won because he was lucky.

Feng Lin didn't wish to bother with all these tiny matters. In order to avoid trouble, he might as well display a might which was domineering enough to create an immense shock. At the same time, he could allow these people to witness the great disparity in strength between him and the clan's geniuses.

If he did so, no one else would dare to say that it was due to luck.

"This…" Seeing how stubborn Feng Lin was, the clan leader hesitated. He didn't know if he should grant Feng Lin's request or not.

If he agreed, wouldn't he damage the pride of these geniuses in the Feng Clan by asking them to deal with Feng Lin together?

If he didn't agree and if Feng Lin didn't give up, wouldn't Feng Lin continue to provoke the clan's geniuses by asking whether they were scared or not? Wasn't that also a huge humiliation?

"Things are getting more interesting!" Just when the clan leader was hesitating, the demonically handsome young man beside him laughed softly. He then suggested, "Agree to Feng Lin's request!"

"Young Master Feng, what suggestions do you have?" The clan leader was puzzled. "If I agree with his request, wouldn't it be too unfair to the other geniuses?"

"This is simple." The demonically handsome young man smiled. "Just make it so that this last round's combat format changed into a free-for-all battle. Wouldn't that solve things then? Put them all on the same platform and let them engage in chaotic fights. The longer they can last, the higher their ranking would be. The last man standing would naturally be the victor! By changing the format to this, it would greatly resemble the situations one has to face out there in the interstellar space. After all, in a chaotic battlefield, no one would be so silly to fight you one on one. A free-for-all can test their capabilities better."

"Good idea!" The frown on the clan leader's face smoothed as a smile appeared on his face.

By doing so, he could satisfy Feng Lin's request and protect the pride of the Feng Clan's geniuses.

He no longer hesitated. "Now, I will announce that the ranking competition's format will be changed to a free-for-all at this last combat round. The top ten participants will fight on the same platform and the longer they can last, the higher their rankings would be. The one who remains standing at the end would be the victor, the strongest genius of the Feng Clan!"

After a short period of astonishment, the crowd all burst into cheers of excitement.

This was a brand new format where the top ten would fight chaotically against each other. The battle scenes would surely be much more fascinating and intense. How exciting!

They didn't expect that the clan leader would actually agree to Feng Lin's arrogant suggestion.

But one couldn't help say that this was truly a good idea.

Countless pair of eyes stared at the designated platform unblinkingly, afraid to miss out on any fascinating scenes.

These participants also felt astonished but after they recovered from their shock, they all moved up to the designated platform. Their gazes now when they stared at Feng Lin became more sinister than before.

It's fine like this then. We can join forces and instantly force you off the platform, making you become the first loser. At that time, we want to see how arrogant you can be.

As they slowly approached Feng Lin, a smile could be seen on their faces. However, their smiles soon disappeared at the next instant.

"Just come at me together. Don't say I didn't warn you, if you guys come at me one by one, you won't even have a chance at all." Feng Lin wasn't willing to get down like this. He wanted to conclude this ranking competition as quickly as possible.

He unleashed the full potential of the Stone Monkey Gene and freed all restrictions on his body, displaying his full strength.

Powerful ripples from his vitality stats gushed forth from him. The energy waves could be seen by the naked eyes while they churned wildly in the air around him.

The place where Feng Lin stood became the center of this energy vortex. Formless tyrannical might gushed out, causing others to feel stifled in his presence.

"What?" The other participants exclaimed in shock. When they felt this pressure that was akin to a giant mountain boring down on them, they couldn't help but take a few steps back.

Their hearts seemed to be pressed down by a huge boulder, sinking into the valley. They no longer had any thoughts to resist.

All they could do was open their eyes and stare at the figure that was akin to either a god or a devil. Their expressions were filled with stark disbelief.

Feng Lin was prepared to use his strength to suppress the peak geniuses of his clan single-handedly!

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