Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 600

Chapter 600 I'll Vanish

Even though the lecher was rude and blunt and had provoked her boss, this could be another form of seduction.

Indeed! How could that lecher not lust after her boss?

Pei Yutang had been right about the flirting!

“I shall have to trouble you to prepare some essential items to equip the company for operation.” The man gazed at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan was stunned to hear him.

Prepare essential items? To equip the company for operation?

She wouldn’t merely be preparing essential items. It would be a major overhaul!

Before Lin Yan could object, the man smiled. “Do you want to play a game?”

Lin Yan cast her objections away as her attention was drawn to the game.

“Boss, do you need an expert? I charge a reasonable amount. If I lose, I’ll forfeit the fee. If I win, please pay me and I’ll vanish!” Lin Yan told the man.

“There has been a misunderstanding.” The man shook his head. “I’m talking about an entirely new simulation game.”

“What?” Lin Yan was excited. “Sure! Where is it?”

“Follow me.”

He rose and slung his jacket casually over his shoulder.

Lin Yan traipsed after him eagerly.

The man opened the door to another room.

There were several high-tech coffin-like objects in the room.

“Are those coffins?” Lin Yan looked stunned.

The man answered softly, “Those are game cabins.”

“Cabins?” Lin Yan was surprised to hear that.

The man explained slowly to her, “Once you enter the cabin, there is a helmet inside. Put it on and it will connect to your nervous system. It will proceed to bring you into a virtual reality.”

“Is this a brand new simulation holographic game?” Lin Yan was in awe.

She had played so many types of games that she had lost count. However, the most intriguing and mysterious games were holographic games.

She tried imagining that her consciousness had entered a virtual reality. She could fly and burrow under the ground and simply do anything she wanted. How would that feel?

Lin Yan had heard rumors that a company abroad had successfully invented a virtual game. However, due to unstated reasons, it still couldn’t be manufactured.

“Try it,” the man told Lin Yan.

Lin Yan had some misgivings, as it was her first time.

The man opened the cabin and made Lin Yan remove her shoes. He then guided her inside and placed the helmet on her head.

When he placed the helmet on her head, Lin Yan felt a sensation gripping her head. A moment later, she was awestruck by what greeted her.

She wasn’t in the game cabin anymore. The land was beautiful and enchanting, dotted with verdant hills and limpid lakes.

Lin Yan raised her head and, to her astonishment, she caught a glimpse of an enormous dragon flying in the clouds.

“F*ck! Oh, my”

She was amazed and shocked beyond words.

Was she in some sort of a dream?

Instinctively, she stretched her hands out.

However, she discovered that she couldn’t see her hands!

She had no hands!

She didn’t even have a body!

“Welcome back. We have summoned the character you have created.” A cool voice echoed in Lin Yan’s ears.

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