Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Family Wealth

When Lin Yan finished designing her male character, she began to focus all her efforts on creating a character that truly belonged to her. She decided to base the character on her own looks.

Before she could continue, the system spoke. “The time allocated to character design is over. The system will now automatically use the characters you have created to start the game.”


Lin Yan was dumbfounded when she heard the system. She hadn’t even started to design her personal character!

Why would the system decide her character on her behalf?

A moment later, Lin Yan felt that the world around her was turning topsy-turvy and her head was getting heavier.

The lights dimmed and soft sobbing sounds rang in her ears.

“What is that?”

Lin Yan was puzzled as she surveyed her surroundings.

She found herself in a room that resembled an ancient nuptial room that had been decorated meticulously.

There was a copper mirror in front of her, so Lin Yan unconsciously glanced at it.

She froze the moment she laid eyes on her reflection.

The reflection showed the last male character she had designed.

Get Rich Lin

She was clad in a red bridegroom costume and there was a suggestive smile on her face. Next to her was a bed meant for the newlyweds.

There was a pretty, dainty girl sitting on the bed, crying her heart out.

“Damn it”

Lin Yan glanced at the girl.

She was shocked by her own voice, which sounded like a man’s yell.

Her voice sounded so loud and awful!

“Get Rich Lin! You are a revolting beast! You killed my father in order to possess me and you used your family wealth and power to tyrannize and oppress the villagers and the girls! You’re vile and amoral! Don’t assume that you can do whatever you like with your wealth and get away with it!”

The pretty girl pointed at Lin Yan as she yelled.

Lin Yan was dumbfounded by her accusations.

What kind of persona was this?

She had family wealth and power

That sounded good!

But what was up with tyrannizing and oppressing villagers?

“Get Rich Lin! Even if you possess my body, you can never win over my heart! My father’s apprentice has been accepted by a master! He will seek revenge for my father’s death!” The girl wailed aloud.

Lin Yan was speechless

She loved this game! It seemed too real!

This pretty girl had to be a character set in the game.

Out of curiosity, Lin Yan sat down on the bed.

“Get Rich Lin, what do you want?” The girl seemed terrified.

“What kind of technology is that?” Lin Yan pinched the girl’s cheek.

Her skin That touch felt so real!

Just as Lin Yan was about to thoroughly investigate her, the door was kicked open and an elderly couple barged in.

They looked extremely well-dressed and they looked like the male character, Get Rich Lin.

“My son! How could this common wretched lass be worthy of you? Throw her into prison right this instant!” the old man said, his expression stoic.

“She is so ugly! How could she be compatible with you?” the old woman remarked.

The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth twitched. In what way was this girl ugly?

Did they have any misconceptions about beauty?

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