Limitless Sword God Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Let Me Ask You

What is this?

Su Yun said strangely as he looked at the black card.

This is the VIP card representing our Black Fish Chamber of Commerce. With this card, you can enter and exit our Black Fish Chamber of Commerces auction house at will. Furthermore, you will receive a discount of 60% if you consume it in our Chamber of Commerce!

My Lord, you can also contact me with this card. This card has a direct communication barrier. Activating the barrier will allow you to talk to me, but you will need to come to the Black Fish Trading Company every month to repair the barrier. If my Lord has any difficulties, I will do my best.

Fatty Hei Yu said seriously.

Su Yun nodded seriously and accepted the black card, Thank you.

In the future, they might be able to ask for Fattys help when dealing with the Suicide Valley, after all, there were many Chamber of Commerce that complained about it. If they could use this power, they would definitely be able to deal with the Suicide Valley with twice the results.

Putting away the black card, Su Yun cupped his hands towards Hei Yu. Hei Yu nodded, then he distributed the Qualification Items in his hands to his subordinates. Obtaining the Qualification Item, these people from Black Fish Chamber of Commerce passed through the Tame Dragon Land and headed straight for the encampment of the Dark House.

After the chaotic battle has ended, Su Yun immediately left the Tame Dragon Land and rushed towards the Xin Yan City.

The chaotic battlefield gave Su Yun nearly 500 million profound coins, and absorbing these profound coins would be a long process. Unfortunately, there was no magical stone room like Huairou Muyus in it, and it was impossible for Su Yun to return to the Huairou family to use that stone room, otherwise, absorbing profound coins would be more than half the effort. From Ye Moxian, he knew that the stone room had a lifespan so it would be a bit embarrassing to use it again.

After returning to Yan Xin City, Su Yun found an inn, chose a room with the word Heaven on it, then directly entered it and started absorbing the profound coins.

Five hundred million profound coins were destined to cost more than one hundred million profound coins. However, things had come to a dead end. Such a magical stone room would never be seen in Ultimate Martial World again.

Five hundred million profound coins were extracted one by one, and it was unknown how long would it take. Su Yun followed the formations and materials that Huairou Muyu prepared for him and went to the Chamber of Commerce to pick some. Using these materials as assistance, he could absorb close to a hundred of them at a time.

When he absorbed ten million profound coins, his hot body finally reacted. He broke through and officially stepped into the seventh grade of Spirit Master.

However, this was not enough. Su Yun continued to tirelessly absorb the energy, converting all the energy in them into his body one by one.

Soon, the ruins of wasted stones piled up like a mountain in the hotel.

Su Yun took out the Tribulation Fire Sword, baked the stones into scraps, and continued to absorb.

Su Yun did not leave for several months, under his uninterrupted absorption, the 500 million profound coins were finally converted into profound energy and drilled into his body.

At this moment, Su Yun had already stepped into the peak of the eighth grade of Spirit Master, just a step away from the ninth grade. Less than a year, he had advanced from the sixth grade to eighth grade of Spirit Master, which probably was something that no one in entire Bei Yang could achieve. Even a rich man like Hei Yu would not dare to absorb such a crazy amount of profound coins. After all, as businessmen, they only cared about rolling money.

When Su Yun walked out of the inn again, he felt that his body had grown in size and his spirit had become even stronger. His eyes were bright and full of spirit, his hair was black and shiny, and he looked completely new.

At peak of the eighth grade, one might not necessarily need profound coins to step into the ninth grade. If there was a lucky chance, it would also be easier to step into the ninth grade.

Su Yun left Yan Xin City and went to the top of the Beast Head Mountain outside the city, searching for prey on the mountain. Only his cultivation level would increase from absorbing profound coins. The strength of his physical body and fighting techniques would not increase, and he would usually absorb a large number of profound coins. Using the battle to consolidate his strength was the most suitable method.

Beast Head Mountain was a famous evil mountain near the Yan Xin City, filled with Vicious Beasts that had a cultivation around seventh grade. Normal Spirit Cultivator didnt dare to approach, but the Spirit Cores of these Vicious Beasts could often be sold for quite a high price. A seventh grade Vicious Beasts Spirit Core was worth at least 300,000 profound coins on the market, and an eighth grade Vicious Beast was close to a million.

Su Yun walked around the mountain a few times and killed a few seventh-grade Vicious Beasts. Under the siege of the Everlasting Sword Technique, these Vicious Beasts had almost no way to escape.

Staying on Beast Head Mountain for seven days, Su Yun went straight down the mountain and headed south.

It was about time to investigate the situation regarding the Suicide Valley. Su Yun secretly clenched his fist.

As he thought about how Long Xianli had been killed by the Suicide Valley, his eyes couldnt help but turn red as boundless resentment swirled in his heart.

Even now, he still found it difficult to accept.

He didnt know if Long Xianlis soul was still present, but if she was, she was probably in the Valley.

Su Yun carried the death sword on his back, carried the sword sheath, removed the black hood from his head, and walked on the mountain path forward.

This walk lasted for several days.

After crossing this mountain, there was a quiet canyon. Other than the wind, there was nothing else in the canyon. Su Yun sped up and urged the profound qi forward, but not long after, a strange smell of blood came out of the wind. The stench of blood was extremely complex. It seemed to be the blood of several people.

Su Yun frowned slightly. After thinking for a while, he took out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, stepped on the sword, and quickly flew along the smell.

However, after flying for a short while, he saw a large number of Spirit Cultivators appearing in the centre of the valley. There were about thirty of them. There were only a few people on one side and twenty on the other side.

These people did not have high cultivation bases. Even the highest among them were only at the seventh grade of Spirit Master. They were not considered powerful.

Su Yun looked at these people, saw that it had nothing to do with him, so he decided to just leave.

At every moment in the Ultimate Martial World, there were Spirit Cultivators fighting each other. Everyone was either fighting for revenge or for their own benefits; there was no such thing as good or bad.

Su Yun was not a bad person, but he was not a good person either. Moreover, he did not know which of the two sides was good and which side was bad, so of course, he would not interfere.

However, just as Su Yun was about to leave, an angry shout came from the people fighting below.

I will not give up, Suicide Valley. Even if I die, I will drag you down with me!

The girl wore a brown sword uniform and held a shiny longsword in her hand. Her lower abdomen was dyed red with blood, and there were bloodstains on the corner of her mouth. She had been seriously injured long ago, and her companions had surrounded her, staring fixedly at the people who were closing in on her.

The people from the Suicide Valley?

Su Yuns eyes instantly became cold. His nerves twitched, then he suddenly turned around and fell towards the group of people.


He did not hesitate to stand in the middle of the crowd like a meteorite falling from the sky. The moment he landed on the ground, the surrounding people immediately became vigilant. The disciples of the Suicide Valley immediately retreated, anxiously looking at the person who had suddenly appeared.

Who is this? One of the tall and skinny men shouted loudly. Sharp swords and cold blades were pointed at him.

Let me ask you, are you guys from Suicide Valley? Su Yun didnt answer that persons question and instead asked a question.

So what if I am? The man raised his eyebrows and grunted.

You bastards of the Suicide Valley killed my parents and destroyed my Cang Family. I will not let you off!

At this moment, the short-haired woman shouted in anger once again and charged forward with her shiny sword. However, she was only the sixth grade of Spirit Master, how could she be a match for this seventh rank existence?

The tall and skinny man directly lifted his leg and kicked out with a speed that was as fast as a shadow. The girl flew straight up and fiercely crashed onto the ground, once again spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Miss. When the others saw this, they immediately ran over nervously.

Haha, the remnants of the Cang Family, do you think you can go against our Suicide Valley? Youre simply looking for your own death. We didnt come looking for you, but you actually delivered to us. Very good, well take this opportunity to exterminate the remnants of your Cang Family. Wait till I decapitate you and then Ill go to the Valley Master and receive my reward!

The tall, skinny man snorted with laughter, then waved his hand and shouted, Do it!

Yes! All of the disciples of Suicide Valley rushed over.

However, as these disciples rushed over, the sword sheath on Su Yuns waist suddenly exploded. Immediately after, over a thousand flying swords flew out, slashing towards the surrounding disciples like locusts.

In the blink of an eye, the world was filled with the shadow of swords. A large number of sharp swords pierced through the chests of the disciples of the Suicide Valley.

What? When he saw this scene, the tall and skinny mans face instantly paled. He turned his head to look at Su Yun but heard the sound of his robe flapping. A figure instantly appeared in front of him.

That person was startled and immediately pressed the blood-red dagger in his hand forward.


A clear sound rang out, but the power that fell from the sword exceeded the lanky mans imagination. He suddenly knelt on the ground, as though his entire body was being crushed by that power!

What a powerful force!

The man gritted his teeth, his face covered in sweat. He was struggling very hard, and the arm holding the dagger began to tremble.

Clang! Clang!

At this moment, a crisp sound rang out.

The man was shocked. He raised his eyes and saw Su Yun suddenly take out a pale white sword from his sword sheath and swung it at his arm without a word.

Two swords?

The mans nerves were on the verge of breaking!

Ah! Ah!

The man let out a miserable scream, and the dagger supporting the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword immediately softened.

Su Yun didnt hold back and swung his sword again.


The mans other arm had also been cut off.

Su Yun took advantage of the situation and fiercely stabbed the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword into his chest, nailing him to the ground.

You are from the Suicide Valley? In that case, you know everything about the Valley of Life and Death?

Su Yun stepped on that persons body and coldly questioned, Let me ask you, was Long Xianli killed by someone from your Suicide Valley? Where is her body? Where is her soul? Speak! Speak!
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