Limitless Sword God Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Cang Yan

The man was in so much pain. His breath was rapid, and the profound qi in his body had also dispersed. Facing the question from Su Yun, how could he answer?

Ah! Ah! At this moment, the other disciples of the Suicide Valley surrounded them with the intention of attacking Su Yun to save that man. However, before they could get close, their heads were cut off by flying swords and their lives were taken.

The flying swords turned the place into hell, and no one was able to escape the dense mass of flying swords.

As for the short haired girl and her companions, they stared in astonishment at the countless flying swords that were like locusts. The shock was written all over their faces as they realized that these flying swords did not attack them.

Those from the Suicide Valley were in a flurry as they tried to deal with the flying swords. However, none of them was able to stop the flying swords. Very quickly, they all fell to the ground, dying one after another.

The sharp sword automatically flew into Su Yuns sword sheath and with a swishing sound, it quickly disappeared.

Su Yun himself stepped on the chest of the tall and skinny man and interrogated him with a ferocious expression.

I dont know I Ive never heard of Long Xianli I dont know anything about her! The person from the Suicide Valley cried out mournfully.

Dont know? Su Yuns face turned cold, he pulled out the Tribulations Fire Sword and hacked towards his neck.

Because of what happened with Long Xianli, Su Yun didnt have any good feelings toward the people from the Suicide Valley. Instead, it was filled with disgust and hatred. Although he knew he couldnt be affected by this emotion, this feeling became more and more difficult to control due to the devilishness in his body.

Following a clear sound, the tall and skinny man fell to the ground and died. He didnt even have a chance to struggle. His soul flew out but was devoured by the blazing Tribulation Fire Sword and disappeared forever.

Seeing Su Yuns cruel methods, the short-haired womans face was a bit pale, and the people behind her retreated to the side in fear. They had the urge to immediately escape.

After this person died, Su Yun pulled out the sword from his chest, then turned around and looked at the people behind him.

Why are you guys being chased by the people from the Suicide Valley? Su Yun recovered from his vicious expression and seriously asked the woman with short hair.

The womans face was a bit ugly as if she was scared by Su Yuns killing intent. She took a step back and said, The people from the Suicide Valley killed my parents. This time, we came to avenge my parents!

Hearing this, Su Yun frowned, How many people did you guys bring?

370 people!

Su Yun looked at the people behind the woman, Youre the only ones who came back?

Has the Suicide Witch appeared yet? Su Yun asked again.

No, no, only her eldest disciple has appeared.

Has her head disciple made his move?

No The girls pale face flushed red. She looked embarrassed, but there was also an unconcealable trace of anger.

If thats the case, then your strength is too weak, and you are not a match for Suicide Valley. If thats the case, how are you going to take revenge on the Suicide Valley? Su Yun shook his head.

The young girl clenched her fists tightly. Her silver teeth were almost about to shatter, but she did not say anything.

His companions worriedly looked at the girl and Su Yun, but no one dared to make a sound. This strange atmosphere began to fill the entire bloody valley.

Do you want revenge? At that moment, Su Yun suddenly spoke up.

Hearing that, the girl abruptly raised her head and looked at Su Yun in shock. Soon after, her eyes were filled with an uncontrollable heat.

Yes, of course, I yearn this, my Lord. Could it be that you are willing to help me?

The Suicide Valley is a tumour within Bei Yang. One more day it exists, the threat will increase. If you can get rid of this tumour, not only will you get your revenge, you will also benefit Spirit Cultivators within the borders of Bei Yang. Su Yun said with a serious expression.

Yes, of course, I do. I am thinking all the time, Sir, as long as you are willing to avenge me, I am willing to do anything!

The young girls voice was filled with impatience. She wished that Su Yun would lead her into the Suicide Valley right now.

Feeling the young masters eager gaze, Su Yun let out a sigh of relief, I will help you take revenge, but at the moment, you need to tell me everything you know about the Suicide Valley and let me analyze the possibility of your revenge, as well as what we need to do.

None of this is a problem. The young girl nodded.

After a simple self-introduction, the girl knew Su Yuns name, and Su Yun also knew a few things about the girl.

The young girls name was Cang Yan, and she was the daughter of the master of a small Chamber of Commerce in Bei Yang. However, this Cangs Chamber of Commerce was destroyed four years ago, and the reason for the destruction of the Cangs Chamber of Commerce was very simple. The master of the Cangs Chamber of Commerce did not pay the profound coins within the sect on time, so Suicide Witch was furious and dispatched the disciples to destroy the Cangs Chamber of Commerce.

Back then, Cang Yan had followed her supreme expert to cultivate. When she returned home, she found that her family had changed. Everything was different from before.

Cang Yan was furious and immediately turned to her master for help. However, when her master found out that the other party was Suicide Witch, she immediately found an excuse to leave Bei Yang and claimed not to be involved in this matter.

However, Cang Yan could understand. After all, even her master was not a match for the Suicide Witch.

However, she did not give up. She gathered the experts from the Cang Family in exile, and after discussing the matter of revenge, she ran around the entire Bei Yang, searching for all the scattered people. Fortunately, these experts still had gratitude towards the Cang Family, and they all expressed their willingness to help Cang Yan deal with Suicide Valley together.

However, Cang Yan was still too young, and she believed that she could contend against the Suicide Valley by herself. That was why she suffered such a miserable defeat today. However, after todays battle, she also understood how powerful Suicide Valley was.

The Suicide Valley is roughly seven hundred miles away from here. With our speed, we can arrive in half a day. We do not know how many people are in the Suicide Valley, but it can be speculated that the Eldest Disciple of Suicide Witch is at least at the Sky Spirit Master. However, the thing that people fear the most is not the Suicide Witch but the strange terrain of Suicide Valley. Its an unpredictable trap. Almost half of the people I brought with me died in the trap.

At this point, Cang Yans face was filled with rage.

When Su Yun heard this, he silently nodded his head. When he heard about the trap mechanisms of the Suicide Valley, everyone had said that it was extremely terrifying. It seemed that they were not lying.

Do you remember where those traps were located? Su Yun asked.

Yes, but theres no use in remembering.

Cang Yan gritted her teeth: This old fox, Suicide Witch, had already expected that someone would break her traps and magical formations. Thus, when she set up these traps, she purposely added spirit to them, making each trap into a spiritual trap. That is to say, all the traps in the Suicide Valley can move. They are at this location today, and tomorrow they will probably be at another location. Furthermore, there are probably thousands of traps in the Suicide Valley. However, we have only come into contact with a portion of them. There are still many traps that we do not know of. Therefore, even if we draw them out, it will be useless.

So thats how it is. Su Yun rubbed his chin and began to think.

Sir, Cang Yan dare to ask, what is your cultivation level? You can easily kill those beasts from Suicide Valley, but Im afraid if you will be able to do it. If you help us, milord, then we can immediately kill back the Suicide Valley and kill that old fox! Cang Yan said.

Dont worry, we will definitely help you deal with the Suicide Witch, but we cant fight back now. Before we know where those traps are located, we wont be able to do anything to Suicide Witch. If we act rashly, Im afraid we wont even be able to get into the valley.

Su Yun thought to himself, they still needed to give these people some confidence. They might be able to become a force to deal with the Suicide Witch and not let their hearts go cold. Then, he said, There are only two ways to slay the Suicide Witch. One, we can sneak into Suicide Valley. Two, lure her out of the valley and wait for an opportunity to make a move.

We cant sneak into the Valley.

Cang Yan shook her head and said: When you joined the Suicide Valley, Suicide Witch would light up the blood of every single person in the valley. After she lights up, those people would be able to use the transfer array outside the valley and enter directly into the valley, and those who havent lit up would not be able to use it. As for luring the Suicide Witch out, that is even more difficult. She has always been a cunning person, always hiding in the valley. If theres nothing important, she definitely wont leave the valley.

If Cang Yan could sneak into the sect, she would have already captured a few people from the valley and tried to figure out a way to sneak in.

Then we can only lure this old fox out of the valley. Su Yun said calmly.

Does Milord have any ideas?

Yes, but its not a good idea.

Su Yun thought for a moment and said, Currently, I dont know much about the Suicide Valley, so I need to do some research. We also need to prepare, but with just me and you, Im afraid it will be difficult to deal with Suicide Valley. If only we had someone else to help us.

Even if thats the case, Im afraid it will be very difficult to find someone else to help.

Cang Yan said, After my fathers accident, I contacted some of my fathers business friends, but when they found out that I wanted to deal with Suicide Witch, they immediately closed their doors and refused to see me. Although each and every one of them wished to skin and extract her bones, none of them dared to defy this Suicide Witch.

With so many Chamber of Commerce in Bei Yang being viciously attacked by the Suicide Valley, how could the other Chamber of Commerce dare to go against them?

When Su Yun heard this, he shook his head incessantly. If Huairou Zangjian was like the Chamber of Commerce, then there wouldnt be the Huairou family today.

However, the fact that these Chamber of Commerce did not resist proved that the Suicide Valley had not forced them to resist.

Su Yun rolled his eyes. Seeming to have thought of something, he waved his hand at Cang Yan and said, I have a method that I can give it a try. Cang Yan, listen carefully, do as I say.

My lord, what ingenious plan do you have? Cang Yan hurriedly came over and listened attentively. Because she was so close, the fragrance that overflowed from the young ladys body directly entered Su Yuns nasal cavity.

Su Yun rubbed his nose. He didnt dare to care, and directly said what he was thinking.
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