Limitless Chapter 663

Chapter 663: The Great Elders Attitude

The Forefather of the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven left with his group of battered disciples.

There wasn't any need to say anything else.

His disciples and grand-disciples had been completely defeated by someone else. What else was there for him to say?

When he left with his disciples, he could still feel the pairs of eyes in the sky that were still staring at him.

That feeling was like being watched by a giant beast of the prehistoric era.

Come to think about it, it was a feeling that he had never experienced ever since the prehistoric era.

Damn it!

"Forefather, are we just going to give up like this?"

"Forefather, we've suffered huge losses this time. We can't let that guy off!"

"Aren't those Powerful Beings in the sky here to watch the spectacle? How's it possible that someone from a lowlier realm like him is being protected by all of them?"

"That's right, Forefather. Aren't the yellow Emperor and Chi You both archenemies? How's it possible that they're helping the same person?"

The Forefather of the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven only had one idea left as he faced his disciples and grand-disciples.

Right now, there was a huge commotion going on in the immortal realm's network.

Everyone said that they couldn't believe it.

"What exactly has happened? Can someone solve this mystery for me? Why is the Forefather of the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven so pathetic after exiting his closed-door cultivation?"

"He's the leader of one of the top ten sects in the immortal realm! Has he given in just like that?"

"Is that person who came into the immortal realm really so powerful? I'm a little tempted..."

"Who's that guy who came from a lowlier realm?"

In the Land of Eternal Day, the establishments left behind by the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven were all taken over by the Limitless Sect.

They didn't mind it. In fact, they didn't think that they could construct such nice establishments even if they had to rebuild the entire place.

One look and it was obvious that the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven was planning to remain here for the long-term.

There were all types of facilities and the entire place was fully equipped. However, they were all given to the Limitless Sect now.

It was as if they had been specially prepared for the Limitless Sect!

There was even a large amount of material resources that they didn't manage to leave in time with!

For example, there was the medicinal garden that the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven created themselves, some of the savage beasts that they had hunted, mines that they had accumulated for years, spiritual rocks...


They were really a bunch of good people!

In the small conference room right now, there were a few Powerful Beings seated.

Master Tong Tian, the yellow Emperor, Chi You, Yi...there was also a man in a yellow robe.

The yellow Emperor and Chi You weren't as against each other as they had always been rumored to be.

Yi, a senior that Chu Yu once highly respected, seemed very unfamiliar right now.

After all, it was a streak of Yi's spiritual intent that died when he protected Earth then. It wasn't his true self.

Master Tong Tian was observing Chu Yu with great curiosity.

When the Divine Punisher Blade entered the immortal realm, he immediately sensed it. He was very curious about this young junior who wielded the Divine Punisher Blade.

Tong Tian was indeed one of the few Powerful Beings who came to watch the spectacle.

Chu Yu greeted everyone. He could recognize Chu You and the yellow Emperor, since the Sword of the Yellow Emperor was extremely sensitive to the yellow Emperor. He could also recognize Yi and Tong Tian.

The Divine Punisher Blade reacted to Tong Tian's presence.

However, Chu Yu felt very unfamiliar to the middle-aged man in the yellow robe.

Furthermore, this man gave him a very perilous feeling.

He was mysterious and unpredictable!

Even Tong Tian, who was an extremely powerful being, didn't give him such an intense feeling.

"Senior, you are?"

Chu Yu clasped his palm and fist together and revealed a doubtful look on his face.

Yi looked at Chu Yu with a gentler gaze. It was his actual self over here right now, and he didn't know the entire past of that intent.

When Chu Yu flew into the immortal realm, he sensed that he had a deep connection to him.

When he finally met him, a lot of information was reflected from Chu Yu's body.

Very soon, he found out what happened to that intent and felt as if it had happened to himself!

This was because it was the same person!

This was why the person who liked Chu Yu the most and who could contribute the most to Chu Yu was none other than him.

"He is Sovereign Xu, one of the sovereigns of the twelve zodiacs."

He's actually a Great Elder!

Chu Yu was shocked right now.

He was not some fanatic. Even after he became a Powerful Being, he was still filled with respect towards such seniors and elders that he had heard of before from legends.

"You are good! Both Mao and I approve of you." Xu was very direct with his words. His eyes shone brightly as he looked at Chu Yu.


Chu Yu looked at Yi.

Yi laughed and said, "I don't think she really wants to see you."

Xu nodded his head seriously, "She really doesn't want to see you. You accepted one of Mao's avatar as your servant."

Chu Yu was speechless as he released Chu Dahua.

All of the Great Elders present could help but purse their lips as they looked at Chu Yu with weird expressions on their faces.

Young man, do you have to be so intense?

How dare you even accept the avatar of that fierce rabbit from the twelve zodiacs?

Chu Dahua looked at Xu and suddenly said, "I seem to recognize you."

Xu chortled.

"You chased me before." Chu Dahua said.

Tong Tian, the Yellow Emperor and Chu You wore weird looks on their faces as they looked at Xu.

Xu turned red and denied her words, "Don't spout nonsense. You don't even possess Mao's memories. You're only a puppet with some intelligence."

Chu Dahua nodded her head, "I do recall that too."

Chu Yu felt that this was very ridiculous as he sat at one side. His servant...who wreaked havoc in the mortal with her butterfly dance...was actually Mao's avatar? Her background...nothing could top it.

Xu looked at Chu Dahua and had a little headache as he said, "No wonder Mao doesn't want you anymore..."

Chu Dahua chortled, "She's her, I'm me. I'm the servant of my master. She's a Sovereign. We are different."

Xu held onto his face. He wanted to say something. You are indeed different from her, but you've completely thrown Xu's face!

At this moment, Tong Tian slowly opened his mouth, "Since you wield my Divine Punisher Blade, it shows that you have great fate with me. Do you want to join my sect?"

Chu Yu shook his head violently. What joke was this? He controlled a sect himself. Why would he go and join another sect?

Even though the Limitless Sect wasn't known in the immortal realm right now, it didn't mean this would be the case forever.

After this, he drew his Divine Punisher Blade and said, "This is a great coincidence. Since I've met its original owner, I should return this blade back to you."

The Divine Punisher Blade shook in joy as it saw its master.

However, it seemed to be slightly reluctant to leave Chu Yu.

"Go." Chu Yu said.

He cultivated the Killing Days Heart Technique and Technique of the Three Realms. He didn't need any weapons.

No matter whether it was the Sword of the yellow Emperor or Divine Punisher Blade, he didn't intend to keep them by his side.

Master Tong Tian slightly smiled and rejected his offer, "Since the blade is in your hands, it means that you have fate with it. Such heavenly items can choose their own masters."

As he said, he flicked his sleeve and three streaks of radiance immediately flew out.

They were three swords!

When these three swords were drawn, the entire room was suddenly filled with a boundless killing intent!

They resonated with the Divine Punisher Blade, as if they wanted to form a sword formation!

The yellow Emperor, Chi You, Yi and the rest turned serious at this moment.

Even if they were formidable Powerful Beings, they didn't dare to disregard these four swords!

"I've lived in the immortal realm for a long time. These divine weapons don't hold any more significance in my hands. Since they are fated to be with you, I'll give them to you. I don't need you to return them to me either. Perhaps one day, you can look out for my disciples and grand-disciples."

As Master Tong Tian spoke, the four swords gathered together. Their sword tips pointed upward and slightly bowed to him as if they were humans.

After this, they flew towards Chu Yu and instantly entered his danhai.

Chu Yu was slightly stunned.

These four divine weapons belonged to him now?

Divine Punisher Blade, Immortal-Slaying Sword, Immortal-Trapping Sword, Immortal-Annihilation Sword...if another Divine Punisher Formation Map was added, they would form an extremely terrifying, lethal weapon!

All the Powerful Beings in the room looked at Tong Tian in a different way now.

The immortal realm was in fact the best cultivation ground in this entire universe.

There were many powerful cultivators who resided in the immortal realm.

Although this realm seemed very peaceful, it was different from the harmonious immortal realm that people imagined!

These four swords were extremely irresistible to any Powerful Being.

Even for Sovereigns like Xu, he would also desired to possess such divine weapons.

Why did Zi expend so much effort to purify his divine senses?

Divine weapons!

An extremely strong Powerful Being could dominate everywhere if he had a fitting divine weapon!

The immortal realm wasn't considered an extremely peaceful place. Although Mao and Xu were in the immortal realm, conflicts still often happened.

Who was Tong Tian?

He was the most ancient divine spirit that existed in the prehistoric era!

In terms of background, he was greater than the Sovereigns of the twelve zodiacs!

It was just that he was disheartened during a god-sealing war during the primordial ages and he stopped bothering himself with mortal affairs.

Otherwise, it might actually be a big question mark over who controls the immortal realm.

However, he actually passed his strongest divine weapons to Chu Yu.

Xu was extremely astonished.

Chu Yu was also in a little daze. He asked himself am I so cute?

Does everyone love me?

Even the Great Elders?

Although I'm handsome, but...

Chu Yu looked at Master Tong Tian and hoped to receive an explanation.

Master Tong Tian treated him so nice without any reason. At times, this might not be a good thing.

Master Tong Tian chortled, "Divine weapons have to exist in the right hands too. I think that you are suitable to own them. However, the Divine Punisher Formation Map isn't with me. You need to go get it yourself."

The Divine Punisher Formation Map was actually not in his possession?

At this moment, Xu revealed a weird look on his face. He was a little sympathetic as he looked at Chu Yu, "The formation map...is with Mao."

"..." Chu Yu appeared very grim. He suddenly felt that there was no way for him to get that formation map.

Chu Dahua was her avatar, but he took her as his servant. Mao had always wanted the Realm of the Three Techniques, but he also 'intercepted' her.

Under normal circumstances, this was normal for her to treat him as her enemy!

It was even a deep enmity.

He was already lucky that Mao didn't find trouble with him yet. However, he thought that it was better if he forgot about it as he thought things over.

At this moment, Yi spoke.

He looked at Chu Yu, "I'll get that formation map for you."




The few Great Elders in the room started to laugh at the same time.

Their laughter varied, but the way they looked at Yi was abnormal.

Chu Yu recalled some fuzzy, ancient tales and recalled how Yi fought Mao in the immortal realm after he rose into the immortal realm. For a moment, he thought that Yi had been completely battered...

Given this deep enmity between them, Yi was still prepared to ask Mao for the formation map?

Was this even appropriate?

Yi didn't continue saying anything else.

Chi You looked at Chu Yu and revealed a fond look in his eyes, "Good job! You can find me if there's anything else you need in the immortal realm! Oh yes, where's my disciple? Why don't I feel her aura?"


Chu Yu was slightly stunned and said, "Qing'er is still in the mortal realm. She still wants to train more..."

Qing'er didn't leave with Chu Yu from the mortal realm. She was extremely gifted. Chu Yu believed that Qing'er was going to be the first batch of people to make breakthroughs as the principles in the mortal realm were continually being perfected.

Chi You looked at Chu Yu and was a little displeased, "Guys have to be responsible for their own woman!"

As he said, he also looked at the yellow Emperor.

The yellow Emperor peered into the sky and didn't even look back at him.

Chu Yu appeared grim. He thought to himself who says Qing'er is my woman?

However, he couldn't help but laugh bitterly when he recalled what Xu Xiaoxian and Lin Shi once said before.

It was difficult to repay a love debt!

It was undeniable that Qing'er had feelings for him. He wasn't stupid either. He could sense it.

Qing'er didn't leave with him from the mortal world. When he returned to the mortal realm to fetch his friends and relatives, he didn't have any information regarding her. He roughly understood why.

"When you return, don't forget her." Chi You warned him. He was very concerned about the disciple that his intent accepted in the mortal world.

At this moment, the yellow Emperor looked at Chu Yu and said, "I'll give you the Sword of the yellow Emperor."


In fact, Chi Yu didn't want to owe so many favors.

Whether it was the Sword of the Yellow Emperor or the Divine Punisher Blade, he got them in the mortal realm through his own abilities.

However, these divine weapons had owners.

After seeing their owners, he didn't want to keep them anymore.

However, this bunch of Great Elders was extremely generous.

Were they really so generous?

Chu Yu was a little doubtful.

Yi stood up, "I want to go and see my disciple before I'll get the formation map for you."

The disciple that he was talking about was naturally Xu Xiaoxian.

Chi You glared at Chu Yu, "His disciple can become your wife. What's so bad about my disciple?"

Chi You seemed unhappy and extended his hand in the air.

His arm expanded several folds instantly!

After this, he easily penetrated the borders of the immortal realm and extended his hand towards an unknown direction.

Chu Yu was astonished. He looked at Chi You and didn't know what Chu You was thinking of.



Mortal realm.

Zi was in his closed-door cultivation.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes.

In the next moment, his figure appeared high up in the heavens and he cursed, "Chi You...are you mad?"

A huge hand descended from the sky!

Chi You's voice came from that hand, "I'm finding my disciple. What does this have to do with you?"

"I just perfected the principles of the mortal realm." Zi was furious as he looked at the slit in the heavens.

The entire mortal realm became a little unstable.

"Let me compensate you."

The huge hand was moving at an unbelievable speed in the mortal realm.

Finally, he found a battleship in the depths of the mortal world and grabbed hold of it. After that, he quickly retreated.

He brought the battleship along with him.

There was only a huge hole left in the borders of the mortal realm.

In the next moment, a Yin-Yang bag was thrown towards the huge hole.

"You don't need to thank me!"

"Thank you my foot!" Zi was livid.

However, something evolved suddenly, and an immortal crane cauldron was thrown towards the hole. "Give this to that rascal!"


The huge hole disappeared with the immortal crane cauldron and it closed up immediately.

Zi opened up the Yin-Yang bag and was stunned as he saw what was inside.

It wasn't any ordinary compensation. There were various top-quality materials from the immortal realm!

"He's so generous for a disciple?"

Zi couldn't help but mutter.

Everything happened in an instant.

Chu Yu stared at Chi You's huge hand, which was holding onto a battleship.

The cabin door of this battleship opened and a ravishing lady in green walked out.

She was lost and didn't know what was going on.

She revealed a bright smile on her face when she saw Chu Yu.

Chi You was very grim as he glared at Chu Yu. He was like a father-in-law looking at his playboy son-in-law. However, he eventually sighed.

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