Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Excellent house husband

Alan looked at his mother leaving and at the room door. He was thinking whether he should change the door to auto-locking or should he lock every time he enters because his mother loved to snoop on his son and daughter-in-law to be.

Aria's hands were held by Alan's hand the whole time when he fed her breakfast in her room. Aria who initially protested ate responding to his silly questions before he left her to go to Noah's house with Rian and Eva. They had a school project work to complete.

Alan went to meet Oliver Cooper's advocate to get some information about six years back. He got some explosive news that could put Lucas Cooper behind bars with his first session lies.

It also made Alan feel relaxed knowing Aria wouldn't have to live in fear.

Aria and all quickly started their project as they played around teasing each other. Eva and Aria noticed Noah's sister Zara crying when she entered the mansion and ran upstairs.

"Noah, why sister Zara is crying? What happened?"

Noah sighed as he traced his elder sister running and enter her room. "Boyfriend problems... They were very close and Sis used to be very happy from the past six months but I don't know what happened suddenly from last week, I always saw her swollen eyes. I think he is avoiding her or some other problems. She didn't tell me when I asked, she was mumbling like she is useless, unattractive and all."

Aria and Eva looked at each other. Noah's sister was very beautiful and too innocent. She was innocent to the level where she even believed their jokes. She always pampered Eva and Aria like her own sisters.

Aria and Eva's deduction was Noah's sister Zara gave too much to the relationship getting nothing in return making her feel all that.

The two girls wanted to talk to Zara but Noah stopped them, "Sis doesn't like to share her sad feelings unless she feels like to do. So let's give her time."

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Aria and Eva could only nod. They continued their work and play.

Rian soon absconded to meet Mian at a cafe. Rian and Mian were shipped in the school forum due to their name. That's how both got to know each other.

Mian was a sweet and understanding girl. She never doubted on Aria and Rian when they were shipped or by seeing him having a good relationship with Aria or knowing Aria staying in the Morgan mansion.

That was on the surface to be on the good side of Rian. The latter believed her and was thinking about dating her instead of being friends knowing Mian had a crush on him.

Rian entered the cafe to see Isla Turner sitting with Mian. Rian felt like his stomach turn and had the urge to puke.

He tried his best not to break her face, "Mian, what is she doing here?"

Isla Turner gave him an alluring smile, "Second young master Morgan seems to be displeased with my presence."

Mian showed dissatisfaction, "Have a seat first... Rian, she is my friend. How can you say that?"

Rian smirked, "When did that happen? Mian, stay away from her."

Isla and Mian looked at each other. Rian didn't know those two were friends for a very long time. Isla wanted to get close to Rian Morgan to reach Alan Morgan.

"Rian, why do I have to stay away from her? Why are saying all these? Can you not be like this? please."

She was pleading making Rian feel helpless and fume at the same time. "Mian, she tried to hurt Arrie and she wants my bro. What else do you need?"

Mian held his hand which was on the table and spoke convincingly, "Rian, can you stop getting influenced by your friend? Isla tried to hurt her is what you are saying but your friend hurt Isla is the fact. Not the other way around. And what's wrong in liking somebody? Doesn't she have the right to like? Please, don't be so innocent to believe just anybody."

Rian knew whatever she said was the truth. Aria didn't get hurt even once but she always told negatives about Isla's doing. Isla loves Alan but Aria told her off to Alan which ruined Isla's career.

"So you mean Arrie is manipulating all the time to get all our sympathy." Rian analyzed.

Isla Turner's lips turned up slightly celebrating inside.

Mian continued being a good girl, "I don't know all that. I have only heard from you and Isla. You know her better than us. I just want to say, don't follow anybody blindly and please stop treating my friends with animosity. It hurts."

Rian smiled bitterly and patted her backhand. "I understand... Let's order something."

They had coffee and continued to talk for a long time before they dispersed. Rian returned to the Woods mansion for dinner.

Eva and Aria didn't notice Rian's foul mood as they were thinking about Noah's sister Zara.

After dinner, Rian and Aria were picked by Alan and Eva was picked by her driver.

Aria was trying to convince Rian that Eva and she wants to watch their semifinals in the capital city. But Rian gave indifferent face, "Why do you want to ruin your throat? Stay here."

"Beauty..." Aria called him but he entered his room and shut the door.

Aria wanted to convince but Alan held her back, "Get fresh. I have something to tell you."

Aria nodded and went to her room thinking to convince Rian the next day.

Alan entered her room when she was drying her hair. As soon as Aria saw him, she hugged the hairdryer and pointed him at the daybed to sit. "Sit there. Five minutes, I will come."

Alan remembered what he had done seeing her hold the hairdryer tight. "Aria!"

"No! I'm not giving you this. Alan... Leave... you will burn my hair... Alan." Aria couldn't fight anymore seeing hairdryer in his hand.

"You are really pathetic. Do you know how much it pains when such hot hair blasts on hair roots... Leave, I will not dry my hair anymore."

Aria was going away, he pulled her back on the chair. "I am sorry... My hairdryer has only hot or cold. Why do you have so many temperature options in yours? and yeah, if you teach me, I will learn. How can I know if you run away." he spoke looking at her through the mirror.

Aria relaxed knowing he wants to learn instead of putting her hair on fire. She taught him about temperature settings, how to use and when to use. Alan heard and learned including how to curl using tong and using curling brush.

After an hour, Aria was impressed by his speed of learning and how her hair looked, "You can be an excellent house husband. Hehehehe."

Alan smiled seeing her beaming. He carried her to the daybed as he responded, "Why not? I have My little president to earn for us."

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