Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling Chapter 78

Chapter 78: True colors

Advocate Tetley continued after taking Oliver's will and testament from his assistant, "Before the former President Cooper took his last breath he had asked the Morgan's to be the guardian of his daughter and it is also clearly mentioned in his the will that the president Cooper's guardianship should be under the Morgan family until President Cooper marries so under the planned Guardianship section, Oliver Cooper chose the guardian for President Cooper in the event when he passed away and the ward also wishes to be under Morgan's care. I hope your honor goes through the proof and also consider about Lucas Cooper lying, creating fake proofs, defaming the Morgan family, President Morgan, President Cooper. If Mr.Lucas Cooper walks around freely it would be a threat to President Cooper's life. That's all you're honor."

The main judge had noted the main points and was silent for sometime before asking, "Any objection from the plaintiff side?"

Advocate Davis stood up looking at Lucas Cooper who had hopes on Carter Davis at least to let him off the hook of imprisonment but...

"No your honor." Carter Davis sat down elegantly.

Lucas Cooper was called on the deck and he was handed over to the police for investigation for creating a bunch of fake reports. the session was dismissed after stating Aria's guardianship won't be changed.

Lucas Cooper had nobody to cry or help for him anymore. Not even his secret helper...

Aria who had yawned the whole time hearing them speaking had her both palms in Alan's hand to stop her from poking him so that both could concentrate on the case development.

Amelia and Rowan thought differently. They consoled Aria not to worry. The latter calmed them saying she was fine.

While passing by she was stopped by Carter Davis. "President Cooper, aren't you the same as us? You had said to my son that family hurt you and I was supporting Lucas Cooper but you hurt others by the same relationship. So what's the difference between us?"

Aria faintly smiled, "Nope! We aren't the same. You are a fool who I thought as intelligent. You did everything for money and fame whereas I did for my self-respect... Congratulations Advocate Davis on opening the first count on losing the case."

She had sent a message to through Jake Davis smartly but Carter Davis turned out to be a fool to understand it.

Aria left with the Morgan family. She was thinking of school but Alan took her with him to the Skyline Industries.

Aria followed him the rest of the day holding her sketchbook, color pencils, pencil. Alan was surprised to hear her questions and suggestions about the projects in the meetings. Seeing her not showing any dissatisfaction following him and enjoying the day running around him and talking, he felt a sense of fulfillment.

On the way back to the Morgan mansion Alan asked, "Aria, how about you self-study from tomorrow? Follow me all day instead of going to school. I help you if you are stuck."

Aria smiled, "So that means President Morgan enjoyed full day seeing me all the time. But I want my CEO to work. Being a responsible President, I would like my employees to work instead of getting disturbed."

Alan glanced at her and pinched her cheek, "Heartless President!" He just wanted to hear what she would say but...

Aria chuckled removing his slender fingers away from her cheek but suddenly she shouted. "Alan! Stop the car, stop, stop..."

Alan parked aside not quite understanding. He saw her frowning trying to look outside near the club where quite a few people were present.

Their car had stopped ahead hence it made the view difficult for Aria to identify the girl under dim lights on the other side of the road between the passing by vehicles.

"Aria! What's wrong?"

"Wait..." Aria stopped him bent towards the other window shield as she rolled it down.

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Alan's breath twitched seeing her face. He wasn't sure if she subconsciously moved towards his seat or she didn't care. "Aria!" He called in low voice for not to scare her.

Aria subconsciously kept her palm on his lips to stop him from speaking as she supported on hand on the car door to balance.

Aria's expression turned cold when identified the girl who kissed on the lips of a man. Her eyes narrowed and she was thinking how to handle it but a finger tucked her hair behind her ear.

She turned to Alan and instantly widened her eyes. She was bent from her seat to the driver seat. His warm breath was grazing her skin, her fingers were pressing his soft lips and she could feel her cheeks turn hot looking at him in the eye which was watching her intently.

She gulped and slowly moved back looking outside before alighting the car.

Alan understood she didn't do on purpose seeing her reaction.

'Why sports cars are so congested?... Focus focus focus' Aria thought to herself and was ready to cross the road Alan alighted and held her hand as they crossed the road.

Aria thought he would tease her but he didn't. They reached the couple and Aria spoke, "Excuse me."

The girl's face turned pale looking at Aria. She forced a smile, "Aria"

"Are you planning to tell me he is your brother or cousin? Or are you thinking to say as a friend? I'm waiting to hear the excuse." Aria crossed her arms staring at the girl.

That man seemed to identify the man behind Aria, "President Morgan? I'm pleased to meet you. I'm..."

Aria coldly interjected, "Cut the crap. What is your relationship with this girl? Is it your girl for tonight?"

"Aria, mind your words." That girl grunted.

Aria smiled, "Is it so complicated to tell me your relationship with this man?"

Alan wasn't sure why Aria was questioning her so he didn't butt in.

That girl smirked leaving her true character, "Why? Do you need one more man other than Rian and President Morgan? Weren't they enough?"

Alan understood she was from school.

Aria's smile was wider and voice was sweet, "Do you think I will look at the fries being with Alan? According to you, I have two. What about you? Daily one or multiple?"

That girl's face turned ugly and the man next to her spoke, "Aren't you the school goddess who rose to fame by a video... You are President of Skyline Industries."

That girl glared at the man before maliciously asking Aria, "Aren't you ashamed to stand next to your boyfriend and trying on other men?"

Aria crossed her arms keeping the smile, "Who told you he is my boyfriend?"

Alan wasn't sure what she was up to and he didn't understand why she was denying their relationship.

That girl laughed scornfully, "Don't tell me you will say as guardian. President Morgan, I hope you are seeing the true colors of the one who you are trying to protect."

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