Living Life Traveling The Omniverse Book 3 Chapter 63

Volume 3: Naruto Chapter 63 The Red Dawn

Meanwhile while that me was evaluating the events in Konohagakure, I was also near Amakagure, walking towards the hidden base of the future Red Dawn, organization.

My Goal, Nagato, no manipulations, but different, I was just going to Change his views? maybe


as I walked into their hideout, the environment shifted, and I was met with the suspicious stares of the members of the red dawn, this was before, Itachi, Kisame, and hidan joined. Orichumaru and Sasuke, was only temporarily so they didn't count.

"You are different." Pein said staring at me intensely. "I can't sense your chakra."

I didn't flinch at what he said.

"Limit breaker." was what I replied with inmitating Obito's, madara's voice.

He gave me a look.


"Something happened that caused me to break my chakra Barrier," I elaborated lying smoothly, "this was the cause a change to my Sharingan."

"You reek of death." Konan remarked "much more than the average murderer."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I did kill much more people than I was used too, during the kyuubi attack." I replied with a deadpanned tone.

"You are different." Zetsu spoke the black one, I stared at him, he was very creepy, "More happy?" the white one added, none less creepier than the first. "no...talkative....chirpy."

"That's really none of your business." I replied "but if you must know doing damage to Konoha had made me "very satisfied, the stares did not waver, "are we going to continue to analyze me suspiciously, or are we going to continue our quest for world peace?"

The more time we spent doing this foolery no matter how much it might make sense for them to do, the more time we wait to achieve our goals.

Pein narrowed his eyes, "Very well, but if you betray us, I won't hessitate to kill you."

I nodded though I had a small smirk hidden behind my face.

"now." Pein said " Madara "report."

"Kyuubi attack failed to bringdown Konoha by the fourth Hokage,But was interfered by one of my clans men thought dead, Obito and his teamate Rin seem to be alive."

Pein and both zetsu's were stoic though Konan had her eyes widen a bit.

"Also, the forth Hokage and his wife are dead, along with the wife of the third Hokage, Obito seemed to have enough power to stall the Kyuubi long enough for The fourth Hokage to seal it into his son. Mass destruction of konoha, numberous forces dead, my estimate, is that it will take a long time for them to recooperate."

This is very good," Pein nodded at me,

"One step closer, he turned to the rest of the group, "now we must innitiate, our next plan, then we bide our time, gaining funding and recruit new members of our group."

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