Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 970

Su Zhinian lowered his head to peck away the tears on Song Qingchun's face. Using a voice that only she could hear, he whispered, "I've expended three lifetimes to find you and now I will use another to make you my wife."

She understood why he would say that then. This was his dream, and it was finally going to come true.

Song Qingchun stood on her tiptoes to lean into Su Zhinian's ear. Her tears touched the man's face, and she repeated a sentence to him that he had once told her. "What is youth without passion?"

What is youth without loving someone fully, deeply and without reservation?

And without Su Zhinian, how would there be Song Qingchun in this world?

What is youth with passion?

What is Song Qingchun without Su Zhinian?

When they left Eldorado, it was already 1 am. The first thing Song Qingchun did after reaching home was to visit Little Sesame in the nursery.

Little Sesame was sleeping sweetly, but her lips puckered up as if sensing her mother was caressing her face.

At around 11 pm, Cheng Qingchong left the place since she could not find Qin Yinan. She came out and was about to give him a call when she saw Qin Yinan's car slowly stopped before her. Cheng Qingchong put away her phone and walked in a hurry toward his car in her thin heels.

Qin Yinan got out, walked around the car, and stood by the passenger door. He smiled and reminded her, "Careful, there's no need to rush."

Cheng Qingchong blushed for some reason. She lowered her head and did slow down. Qin Yinan helped her with the door and even helped her with the seatbelt. The faint scent on his body kept drifting into Cheng Qingchong's noseit caused even her neck to redden, and she lowered her head even more.

After Qin Yinan finished with the seatbelt and straightened up, he couldn't help but reach out to touch her on the top of her head when he saw her in this position. Cheng Qingchong gripped her clothes tightly, and even her breathing became anxious. The atmosphere was ambiguous and flirtatious; it flustered her greatly.

Thankfully, Qin Yinan's hand soon moved away from her head.

Cheng Qingchong sighed under her breath. Beneath that relief, however, she discovered a shade of disappointment in her heart. She found herself anticipating Qin Yinan placing his hand longer on her body and even pulling her into his arms

Goodness, what's wrong with me? Cheng Qingchong pulled on her clothes and turned to look out the window. She was reminded of several days ago when Qin Yinan suddenly stopped moving to stare closely at her. She was a nervous wreck, thinking he was about to kiss her. In the end, he had merely moved away, and similar to now, she found herself being weirdly disappointed.

And this was not an isolated incident

Cheng Qingchong bit on her lips, and something clicked in her heart.

When Cheng Qingchong felt more like herself, she discovered that Qin Yinan's car wasn't heading home but instead was turning toward the countryside. She frowned and turned toward Qin Yinan with confusion. "Are aren't we going home?"

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