Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Don't Say Anymore; I'll Take Over!

Soon, the plans for each game's new updates were all decided and arranged. As for the specifics of these plans, Pei Qian didn't care about it as he left it all to Lu Mingliang to settle. Pei Qian viewed this matter rather positively.

He knew that these new editions and downloadable contents were definitely going to make money. However, while they might make some money, they would not make that much as well.

for visiting.

Since earning the money from these games was within his expectations, he wasn't going to be too upset about this.

If these games actually turned in a loss? That would be an unexpected joyous event!

Indeed, after his thinking changed, life seemed to become rosier; and he became happier.

After the meeting ended, Pei Qian prepared to make his way to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. He wanted to swiftly finalize the matter of opening new branches and to decide on venues and start renovations right after the Labor Day holidays were over.

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