Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 142

Chapter 142: You Have to Rely on the Professionals to Lose Money

"I have long heard that Boss Pei and Tengda Games are black horses in Jingzhou City. Every game that you made became popular and would be on the popular searches on Weibo. This makes us so envious." Du Ruijie sipped his tea and exclaimed.

Pei Qian replied politely, "Actually, I am very envious of Boss Du, too."

Du Ruijie was momentarily stunned. "What are you envious of?"

"Umm I am envious of your luck." Pei Qian originally wanted to say that he was 'envious of his ability to lose money'. However, he suddenly realized that those words were not suitable to say out loud and changed his words suddenly.

Du Ruijie laughed out loud. "Boss Pei, you are so hilarious. It seems like I am indeed pretty lucky. If other companies faced such a situation, I suppose that they will shut down in no time. I am indeed lucky that Boss Pei is willing to acquire the company.

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