Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Lie to Someone Else

June 25th, Friday night

Singing continued to echo throughout Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. However, the seats at the bottom of the stage were empty. There were only two or three people seated, drinking alcohol.

The singer was listless; people listening to him off-stage were falling asleep.

Ma Yang's face was a mask of worry.

What should he do?!

As the competition around the various Fish-Catching Internet Cafes intensified, the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes were getting fewer and fewer customers.

Although they had a resident singer, the other bars around had more than that. They also had discounts on all their drinks on the menu!

Those bars were crowded and lively. Many of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe's old customers were jumping ship, too.

After all, most people came to bars to play and socialize. Few people wanted to drink in a cold, quiet place. What's more, this place was not cheap.

This new resident singer sang well, but he was a far cry from Chen Lei's standard. Naturally, he could not attract as many customers.

The fewer people there were, the less motivation he had. The less motivation he had, the more distracted he sounded when he sang. It was a vicious cycle.

"Brother Qian told me not to do anything. Yet, I feel guilty"

Ma Yang drank on his own, feeling pained.

Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was continuing to incur losses. Even Fish-Catching Take-Out was not improving. When it rained, it poured. Ma Yang was beginning to seriously doubt himself.

On a chair in the corner of the internet cafe, Li Shi sipped his cocktail. He could not help his lips from curling upwards.

Indeed, these people are too inexperienced to compete with me.

Fu Hui Investments had already invested in a significant number of businesses in Jingzhou. They also had considerable influence.

They just had to spend a bit of money and get the shops around Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to organize a couple of promotions. Those shops would get more customers, and Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would be suppressed. Fu Hui Investments would then have an easier time.

To Li Shi and the shops around Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, it was a win-win situation.

Li Shi had been hiding undercover at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe for a long time. He already had a clear picture of the concept of this place.

The young Boss Pei was the boss behind Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. He was stubborn and headstrong; Li Shi guessed that he was the type not to listen to others' advice. Li Shi had to slowly figure him out.

This Zhang Yuan was the regional manager, but in actual fact, he was not very close to Boss Pei. He was mostly in charge of the operations of the internet cafes.

The key was still in this long-faced man.

This Ma Yang looked to be quite close to Boss Pei. What's more, he did not look very bright. He looked like the type who would easily be negligent.

He had to deal with this long-faced man first. Once he hoodwinked this man, he could use him to influence Boss Pei slowly. Then, his mission would be accomplished.

It was not easy to say what Boss Pei's condition was now. After all, he had not come to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe in two days. However, from the way the long-faced man looked, Li Shi guessed that he was falling apart.

Li Shi's calculations were good. He had to consider all possibilities and finish this job as soon as possible.

After all, he could not go on burning so much money. He only had to do it to torture Boss Pei.

Once everyone in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe began to doubt its ability to generate profits, he could step in and offer assistance in these troubled times by extending his hand

Then, there would be a good chance of making this investment.

Li Shi carried his glass of alcohol and sat opposite Ma Yang.

Ma Yang had been worrying. When he saw the aged Li Shi sitting in front of him, he jumped.

What's this?

There are no beautiful girls at my table. What do you want?

Could these rich men also have their own special hobbies?

At that moment, Ma Yang was at a loss for words. He quietly pulled his glass closer to himself and away from Li Shi.

Li Shi did not know how wildly Ma Yang's imagination was running. He thought that the latter was just being naturally guarded.

"Boss Ma, how are you? Let me introduce myself. I am Fu Hui Investments' CEO, Li Shi."

Li Shi confidently handed his name card over to Ma Yang. "Actually, I'm an old customer here. I wonder if Boss Ma is interested in discussing working together."

Ma Yang realized that Li Shi did not harbor any ill-intentions towards him. He slowly picked up the name card and then read it in the dim light.

Li Shi, ""

He discovered that this Boss Ma did not seem to know about Fu Hui Investments

Li Shi began to get mad. It didn't make sense at all.

How famous was Fu Hui Investments in the investment circle in Jingzhou?

According to Ma Yang's patronizing expression, it was clear that he had no idea what Fu Hui Investments could bring to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. The good thing was that Li Shi was vastly experienced. Since Ma Yang had no clue who he was, he would go straight to the point.

It was the easiest to lie to idiots like that who did not know anything.

Li Shi took two sips of his cocktail and put on every bit of the airs of a successful man. In a matter-of-fact and controlled tone, he explained the plan for cooperation to Ma Yang.

Put simply, Fu Hui Investments would invest in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and offer its vast experience to guide Fish-Catching Internet Cafe's operations. Everybody would earn money together. They would soon be able to push Fish-Catching Internet Cafe out to the rest of the world.

All in all, Li Shi painted a very beautiful picture with a single stroke.

Ma Yang's eyes lit up. He was moved!

Li Shi was a successful man after all. In the way that he dressed and the way that he spoke, Ma Yang could tell he was different from others. He spoke far better than the people in marketing, who tried to sell insurance using low-level language tactics.

What's more, every single sentence he spoke seemed to have medicinal properties, curing Ma Yang exactly where he hurt. He was offering to solve the profit problems of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe!

Zhang Yuan could not offer a good solution for every problem that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was facing. Pei Qian was also acting mysteriously. All of these were causing Ma Yang to feel lost and confused.

All Li Shi had to do was throw out a couple of profit models for internet cafes in order to hoodwink Ma Yang.

Li Shi took note of Ma Yang's reaction. He knew that he had succeeded.

"Everything's going unexpectedly well."

After that, he waited quietly for the fish to take the bait.

Once Li Shi finished speaking, Ma Yang looked excited. Li Shi could tell that he was very interested in the blueprint that Li Shi had just laid before him.

However, he did not agree at once.

"Boss Li, your suggestion is good. However I have to ask my boss."

Ma Yang did not forget that Pei Qian had the final say in everything about the internet cafe.

Li Shi was already prepared for this. He smiled and replied, "Alright."

At this point, it would not be good for Li Shi to say anything more.

He was sure that Ma Yang had already been completely bought over. All he needed was for this long-faced man to be determined to have pillow talksno, private talks with Pei Qian. Li Shi was sure that this would be effective enough.

He was not worried that Pei Qian would doubt him. This was him taking a carrot-and-stick approach.

"Brother Qian, that's more or less the situation! We can accept Fu Hui Investments' offer. Then, our losses would be turned to profit, wouldn't it?"

Over the phone, Ma Yang still sounded excited.

Pei Qian smiled subtly. Ma Yang was very easy to hoodwink.

However, Pei Qian was not angry. After all, to him, this was one of the perks of having Ma Yang as his employee.

From the looks of the situation, Ma Yang had been completely brainwashed by this Boss Li of Fu Hui Investments. Yet, it did not matter. Pei Qian could buy him back with just a couple of sentences.

"Old Ma, you have been lied to."

Holding the phone, Ma Yang was stunned.

"Brother Qian, what do you mean?"

Pei Qian sniggered. "Actually, this Fu Hui Investments had already called Assistant Xin a few days ago. They offered to invest in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, but I rejected them."

Ma Yang was confused. "Why did you reject them? Brother Qian, they'll give us a huge sum of money as investments. Everyone would earn money together. Wouldn't that be good?"

Pei Qian could not help but smile. This Boss Li obviously decided to talk to Ma Yang first because he figured that the latter would be easy to lie to. After all, he had not given up the thought of investing in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

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