Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Boss Pei's Mini Experiment

However, this did not mean that Pei Qian could do as he pleased.

If it was a company that had no relationship with the System Funds at all, that company wouldn't be familiar with Pei Qian; how could it give Pei Qian a high pay?

Pei Qian also couldn't do any secret deals or negotiations; the System would not allow anyone to suspect the presence of it or the existence of the challenges it posed.

That meant that the other party had to wholeheartedly, without any doubt, and reasonably give Pei Qian a high pay.

If these criteria were fulfilled, the System wouldn't care how high a pay Pei Qian received.

However, these conditions were a tall order.

"The System is indeed strict; basically, all side paths that I wish to take have been blocked."

Pei Qian actually had a very rough idea in mind. However, this required someone to collaborate with him; and he could only shelve this plan for now.

At this time, his phone rang; Ma Yang had called.

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