Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 86

Chapter 86: To Hire Myself?

In the afternoon, Huang Sibo came to the company.

Although Pei Qian did not keep asking Huang Sibo for updates, Huang Sibo was rather sensible.

He knew that he couldn't just do entirely what he wanted with this one million yuan; it was still better to test waters with Boss Pei for many things beforehand. He didn't want to let Boss Pei down and ruin the trust Boss Pei had in him!

After catching up with everyoneespecially Xiao Lu, Huang Sibo brought a very young, student-like person and entered the guest room.

"Boss Pei, this is the director that I have invited. He is a Year Four student studying directing at Handong University; his name is Zhu Xiaoce." Huang Sibo introduced him warmly.

for visiting.

"Nice to meet you, Boss Pei!" Zhu Xiaoce looked rather confident and energetic. He did not look nervous or constrained; he was very warm.

Once Boss Pei heard that this was a Year Four student in university, he became very happy.

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