Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Filming of Boss Pei's Daily Life Begin!

Boss Pei's Daily Life's first season's first episode's script:

"I looked at my Rolex, not to look at the time, but to subconsciously let you know that I'm a whale.

"Today, I am going out on a whim. I want to make a new game; a game that would make all the players pay as much as they can.

"I casually sold off a Rolex and had an initial two hundred thousand yuan in the development fund.

for visiting.

"One hour later when this task was handed to the new intern, this amount shrunk by three-quarters. Looking at the website for resources and the prices listed, I was quite happy. My subordinates were quite honest. Like that, fifty thousand yuan was left out of the funds I had given the intern.

"Hearing that he was supposed to develop a game with fifty thousand yuan, his expression changed from shock to doubt, to surprise, to anguish and finally, resignation to his fate. Looking at his expression changing was rather amusing.

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