Love Trap:dominating Ceo’s Wife Chapter 32

Chapter 32: First Encounter (2)

Anna's frown deepend...

Who does this man think he is?

Should I brake the collaboration?

Ugh what a arrogant man?

Does he think a mere bodyguard can take me down?

-Anna's evil thoughts

Anna smirked and since Emanuel held the arm where her handbag was she used her other free one to grab onto the wrist of the same armhe was using.She gripped it tight and Emanuel was flipped and tossed around like a pillow.

In his 20 years of training a woman actually beaten him with one arm? Is that even possible?

Author's thoughts:

(Cough I guess so Hey! Don't blame me is for the sake of your boss alright?

Emanuel fell on the ground .

SILENCE not a single peep was heard except the mans groan in pain.Anna smirked and pressed her heel onto his neck."Do you think a mere bodyguard can beat me up"

She leaned closer and whispered onto his ear "I didn't become the CEO of Dragon Empire just to be trampled on by a bodyguard"Anna sneered got up and walked away leaving the shocked trembling bodyguard on the floor.

Just like his bodyguard Damon was shocked and even more courious.

He ordered his assistant to investigate her identity and clear up the mess.

Leaving the poor Emanuel to fend for himself. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Walking out Anna sighed she actually had high hopes for this Damon Collins Guess not.

Author's thoughts:

Hey! Don't give up or else my hard work will be lost plz for the sake of me!!

Seeing the black Lamborghini she walked towards it and entered."Morning Ms. Sarah"She greeted.

Sarah smiled"Good morning ma'mam where are we off to"

"Call Mr.Collins secretary and tell her am on my way we have THINGS to discuss"she said codly completely different from her refreshing mood when she greeted Sarah.Sarah gulped.'Just how did my dream husband offend my boss' she thought.

"Sir Miss Sarah from Dragon Technology called and said the CEO is on her way she has set the meeting for 30m from now with no explanation except"The secretary gulped.

She is a married woman With 2 kids and has been working for Damon about 3 years she soon plans to retire and concentrate on her family but will definitely not miss her boss's mood swings.

Just now he entered like spring bloomed but now the flowers died.The reason is he hates being threaten much less pressured and Dragon Empire was doing the same."continue"he replied codly.

First their CEO cancels the meeting and postponed it to the following week which is Fine he gets it emergencies come up but then they suddenly show up unannounced!!!

" they said the following 'Possibility of Cancellation of the collaboration unless you personally apologize to The CEO of Dragon Empire Tenchnology about the incident this morning'"The secretary announced.

You could imagine three question marks appear in Damon's forehead!!

Damon: hmmm???

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