Love Trap:dominating Ceo’s Wife Chapter 77

Chapter 77: 3 year olds

After catching up Kira left and she told Anna that she wanted to introduce someone to her and she nodded.

She slumped back on her seat and sighed.She kept going through her files and continued to work.

Soon those minutes turned onto hours.Damon was worried even though he didn't expect her to come back to his house so he called Sarah.

Sarah looked at her phone it was already 12am and her boss was still working and she was heading home soon.She hesitates before answering.

"Where is she?"Damon asked directly."She is still working"Sarah answered nervously."Am coming over"

"Wait wait please don't tell her it was me"She exclaimed.She really didn't want to get in trouble again."Ok"He answered and immediately hanged up.

Damon got out of his study and went downstairs.When he got there he saw his parents there sitting on the sofa.He was stunned and asked them"What are you doing here it's already very late"

"I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen"His father said looking as his wife who was very much mad that his son didn't let her know he got married."where is she?"She asked.

"She is still working in the company am going over to pick her up you guys can stay here we will talk on the morning"Mr. and Mrs.Collins nodded and both headed towards the guest room.

Damon got inside his car and headed towards the office.While Sarah ended her last work and knocked on Anna's door."Ma'am am heading out you should too"

"Alright than go ahead I will soon"With that Sarah left and Anna continued to work.She took out a book and started to design her new product.

She came up with a small screen that would be used in SUI university.This transparent screen 8x10 around the size of loose leaf paper.This screen would replace notebooks and a stylus pen for the screen.

She started designing the pen.It was black and white she then started to design the screen.In would close up from the right side and the left side ending up in and small stick perfect to carry around everywhere.

She started writing a set of codes.She took out a screw some scrap plastic and metal.Slowly she started copying her design and even adding a few more details.

3 computers had different set of codes in it.She tied her hair in a bun and took of her jacket.She also took off her high heels and started to think about her launch plan.She would first make sure SUI sponsors the product and when it gets approved by the educational department it then it would spread to all the schools around the world.She would send a part of the product to be rented by students who can't afford one and allow some to apply and borrow it for a certain amount of time.

She was so engrossed with her work that she didn't notice the door open.She took out another laptop and started to write more codes her fingers moved faster and faster each second.Her whole body was focused in one thing.

Her brain was moving at the same pace of her fingers.The sight was truly magnificent.Damon entered the building and the guards let him in.

He came upstairs and opened her unlocked office.He saw she didn't notice him and he took the opportunity to admire her work.He moved closer to her and ended up behind her.

Anna finished coding and was about to grab her pen to add a few more details into her design but Damon grabbed her hand and whispered "A true genius...."He was stunned at how quickly and perfectly she worked.

As an architect himself he recognizes most of hers designs.He had always worked on detailing all the houses and apartments so he was admiring all the details she put into her work.He smiled and whispered those words and she turned around looking pale.She put her hand in her heart and gave a sigh of relief."Damm you scared me when did you come in?"She said catching her breath.

The time already hit 1:30am.Anna sighed when she saw it and looked back at Damon who already started to close her work."What are you doing?"She said placing her hands on her things protectively."If I don't stop you than you would stay here al might.Sigh what a workaholic"

Anna sneered mockingly."Oh it's so nice to receive lessons from the king of workaholics himself..."Damon's lips twitched."Were going home"

"Whose going home with you?"He sighed and placed her things in a drawer.He came and turned her chair around and scooped her off it."Ah! Seriously first it was was walls and now your carrying me around!! I can walk you know."

He ignored her complains and grabbed her jacket and bag walking out of her office.She was embarrassed knowing her employees watching him carry her out so she dug her head on his shoulder.

Well really the only people there were some bodyguards and a cleaner."Lock your office first"He said placing her down."Humph!"She took her key and locked her office not before grabbing her laptop and phone.He sighed at her actions and scooped her off her feet again."Stop that I swear I will cut off your hands!!"

"Stop ignoring and put me down"He looked at her somewhat amused and smirked."What would your employees say if they looked at How childish you can be"She groaned and covered her face on his shoulder.He smiled in victory and headed towards the elevator.

He carried her all the way back into his car and put her seat belt on."Am not a 3 year old I can do it on my own you know?"He smiled at her and said "You should let others take care of you once in a while"

She looked at him blankly.Stunned she lowered her head and faces the window.He walked towards the drivers seat and nobody said anything.

Anna spotted a Mc Donald's and pointed at it "Let's go there"It was a 24/7 Mc Donald's so it was open.He nodded and headed to the drive thru and asked her what to order."Boston Creme donut and Umm parfait"She said in quite a child like voice.He had 3 big question marks on his head but ignored her and ordered."She took the things and said "Your paying"She turned to the window leaving him stunned.

Yes he was going to pay anyway but seriously?

When he was away from the place she said "park the car"He did as she told him and asked "why?"All he got was a spoon and a yogurt.She then said "Your going feed me"


Is she kidding now?

"Why are you acting like a 3 year old now?"She smiles cutely showing of her dimples and said sarcastically"Because you treated me like one so am just playing along so from now on am a 3 year old." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He blinked a few times and took the tap of the yogurt.He smirked and put a moth full of it in his mouth.He leaned closer and kissed her.He opened his mouth widely causing her to swallow the yogurt.

When he finished he licked his lips and pointed towards her breasts

"Those Don't look like a 3 year old's"

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