Love Trap:dominating Ceo’s Wife Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Parents are here

Anna froze and looked down at her breast.She blinked twice before taking the yogurt and spoon from his hands "Humph!"She started eating and looked at the window.

He smiled but leaned closer and said "You have something there"She turned around making there nose touch.She wipes the right side of her lip but saw there was nothing there."Mm it's not there he said"Once again she failed to find it because there was none.

He smirked and licked one side of her lip."What are you doing?"He leaned even closer and whispered "Am helping you"

"Your taking advantage of me hurry up and drive!".He didn't listen though instead he leaned closer and captured her lips.He stuck his taunge.she fought against him until she finally lost herself in the kiss.Seeing her starting to kiss him back he deepened the kiss making their tongues swirl together.

He parted her lips to give her time to breathe.She moaned softly and he pressed his lips against her once more.He had already felt his little brother reacting but he couldn't stop himself no matter how hard he was trying.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and played with his hair.He clicked his seatbelt giving him more space to kiss her.He grabbed her head pulling her closer messing up her hair.He clicked open her seatbelt and she leaned in closer.He bit her lower lip slightly gaining another moan from her.When he felt two soft things rub against him he snapped out of it and let go of her."If we keep going I wont be able to control myself"He whispered taking a lose grand of her hair and placing it behind her ear.She frowned and grabbed his collar.She placed the bags on her lap on the cup holder and pushed him on the driver seat.She made his seat lean back and she ended on top of him.

She leaned to his ear and bit it ."You don't get to decide when to start and end"She smashed her lips against his angrily.

This move completely caught him off guard.His already lost himself and all control and he started to defend his territory.When he held her waist with one hand and pushed her button up and tried to turn her under him she suddenly stopped.She grabbed her things on the cup holder and got back to her seat.

He groaned realizing what she did was her revenge.She took the spoon and put it on her mouth nonchalantly.He put he's hand on his forehead trying to calm himself down.She raised her eyebrow at him as if asking what was wrong with him even though she had already seen the budge on his pants.

He groaned louder and turned on the car.She smirked victoriously.

'I will make sure to charge you all your doubts tomorrow night' He thought as if encouraging himself.

Anna put on a golden victory smile and laid her head against the car window.Just like that sleep finally found her. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

When Damon parked the car and looked at the person beside him he found her sleeping he smiled and caressed her soft cheeks before coming out and carrying her to their bedroom.

He lay down and he unbuttoned her dress.He gulped Seeing her wine red colored lingerie.


He felt his breath being stolen.He couldn't do anything anymore or else.....

He left her on her underwear and put the blanket over her.He ran to the bathroom and took a cold shower.

Anna opened one eye and then when she saw him gone she opened the other.She smirked.Actually she had been awake from the moment he entered the house but wanted to see what he would do just never expected this outcome.Either way she was satisfied.

She laid back on the bed and drifted off to sleep.Damon came back and only dressed in a towel he sighed and joined her in the bed.He hugged her waist tightly and he to found himself asleep.

The next morning,Anna found a pair of arms around her waist.When she tried to get up she was hugged back to the bed.She looked at Damon who was beside her."Let go..."She said softly.His eyes fluttered and opened.Anna blushed seeing his naked chest and beautiful green eyes locked with hers.

Damon smiled and kissed her forehead.He looked at the clock on the bedside table and it said 6am so he told her "Come back to sleep"

"When did I get here"She asked in shock.He smirked and pushed her back on the bed.She tried to get up but he was to strong."Don't move"He warmed.She turned around to face him.He looked down at the little kitten on his arms and hugged her tighter."Sleep"She wanted to confront him on his bossiness but she still felt tired and her eyes were heavy.

It wasn't until a knock was heard that they woke up around 8am "Sir your parents are already eating breakfast"

"I be there soon"Damon answered.Anna got up instantly.

'Parents? Sh*t!!'

She started to panic and didn't realize she was going through the closet with only her underwear.

Damon sat up and placed one shoulder against the backboard of the bed gazing at her while smirking."Sh*t I don't have anymore clothes here"He chuckled getting up from the bed.Anna turned around "what are you laughing at?!"

Realization struck her like thunder."Sh*t!!"

Damon came forward in only his towel and hugged her from her waist."I already called your assistant she will bring you something"

Feeling his half naked body against hers she gulped."Your to close"He grinned.And took her hand."Come on let's shower together"

She snapped and ran to the bathroom locking it.

He chuckled.Later Sarah came and gave the clothes to Damon.He took it and knocked the door."Let me in"He told her."Are you kidding why would I?!"

"Because I have your clothes and you have no towel."


She slowly opened the door.She had already finished bathing she took her clothes quickly and changed into them.

She came out wearing a pair of loose jeans and a white shirt with a heart opening on her breasts.She put on some white high heels and a greenish jacket.During that time Damon also took a shower and wore his usual business outfit.

Anna dried her hair and let it loose.Before coming out of the bedroom he kissed her lips and held her hand and said "let's go"

"Humph am only doing this because your parents are here"He smiled and said

"I believe you"

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