Love Trap:dominating Ceo’s Wife Chapter 79

Chapter 79: A serious of tests(1)

When they both arrived Mr. and Mrs. Collins's faces were dead serious. They only nod their heads and Damon and Anna sat down. They ate their breakfast silently.

"so tell me your name honey" Said Mrs.Collins.Anna smiled and answered "Anna Long Nice to meet you Mrs.Collins"

"So your Eva's daughter? It would have been nice to meet you earlier when your parents mentioned you"She said respectfully. Seeing her serious manner Anna smiled and also responded respectfully."Well I was abroad and just came back not too long ago so I never knew about our engagement" Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Mmmm your a director in your brother's company right."Anna felt that she had no need to lie so she just answered truthfully."No am not"

Mr.Collins: I thought your mom said you worked there and with another company and I have heard rumors your a director there.

Anna: Baseless rumors sir

Mr.Collins: What?

Mrs.Collins: What do you mean?

Anna: well I was never a director there in the first place just assisted my brother in his position.

They were doubting her.

How could she say it so casually?

And who would believe her? She should have at least stuck with the director's story."Well since you assisted your stepbrother then you must know how to fight right"

"Dad is this necessary?"Damon asked."Just follow along" His mother told him. If they were to place their son into this woman's hands shouldn't they make sure their good hands first?

"Call Emanuel over here"Mr.Collins ordered and not too long later Emanuel appeared."Good morning Mr. and Mrs.Collins, Sir Ma'mam"He said bowed respectfully. They all nodded.

"I need you to test this girl's skills"

He told him placing his coffee down.

Anna scoffed. If they wanted to test her out why such a weak person?

"I rather take on your son, "Anna said calmly sipping her tea."What? is this your way of getting out of things because you know our son will go easy on you?!"He was furious.

"Sir I think she is right I am not good enough for-"Mr.Collins slammed the table"Dad-"

He glared at his son. The one person Damon had no choice but to respect."Emanuel, it's an order!"

"Am sorry for the trouble"Emanuel said apologetically. Anna nodded and they all went out to the back yard."Sir, it's fine with you if we try martial arts?" Anna said eyeing her outfit. He only nodded and humphed at her cockiness.

Anna took her high heels off and Emanuel got ready too .She cracked her fingers and smirked "I needed my morning exercise anyway" Damon spit his drink and chuckled. His father looked at him confused and Mrs.Collins furrowed her eyebrows.

Looking at his parents Damon smirked "you'll see"

"Humph which martial arts do you know and show them!"

Anna sighed.

She landed the first kick."Karate".Emanuel defended himself by pressing a vital point in her neck which didn't affect her at all and instead, she flipped around and in a blink of an eye she was behind him "Taekwondo".Emanuel fell on the ground but quickly got up and send a high kick to her. She caught his leg and wrapped it around his waist."Kun fu" Emanuel hit her stomach and she stumbled back a bit. Emanuel ran to her and did a ground grappling on her but she smirked." I know judo too" she finalized it with a one-hand shoulder by getting on her feet and just when he was about to do a one-hand reversal she sighed and said "predictable" She did a one-hand shoulder throw and Emanuel was left on the ground groaning.

She stretched her arms up and yawned." so who's next Sir?"She said looking at the shocked couple."You-"Mr.Collins had no more words to say to her anymore and only ordered other guards to bring Emanuel up his feet.

"See how you get past the old woman" He warned before getting back inside.Mrs.Collins squealed And Ran to Anna."I knew your perfect!!"Anna froze but returned the hug."Come In let's meet your grandparents I myself always liked you but you know my husband is quite Ummm"

Anna smiled"I understand Mrs.Collins"

"Oh no please dear call me mom after all your already married!"Anna bit her lip before answering."Mom..."

"See that wasn't so hard right?"She then followed her husband inside full of smiles.

Anna looked at Damon who was grinning with his legs crossed looking exceptionally handsome. She couldn't help but blush a little at his perfect jawline and how his sexy Adam's apple moved. His green eyes shined in the sun and his flawless skin was incomparable to any other men and even a woman couldn't compare to him.

Anna bit her lips before going over to him. He had long felt her gaze on him and never felt happier to be above normal handsome."Come here" He told her."Why didn't you tell me they were here? we are already divorced so why do I need to see your parents or is there a requirement to divorce you to?"

He frowned in displeasure and his face darkened. Anna felt the temperature drop a few degrees and couldn't help but shiver.

God this was the first time she showed such as side to her!!

He pulled her into his lap and said in a very chilling voice "say that again!"Anna frowned."I said we are-"Before she could finish a pair of lips came crashing against her mouth."Don't think about divorcing me it's too late for that now!"

He got up and went inside leaving her frozen in spot. She got up and stumped her feet.

She wanted to pull her hair in annoyance!!

Wasn't him who asked for a divorce?!

And why did it seem like the two switched personalities?

Isn't she supposed to be the cold and overbearing one?!

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