Love Trap:dominating Ceo’s Wife Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Shameless

"Dame aren't you going to greet your life savior after all we will soon get married!"

They were all stunned.Sure okay greet your life savior but 'get married soon'

Is she crazy?

How stupid is she?

Even Mr.Collins couldn't help but feel disgusted.He actually had approved of Anna the moment she beat down Emanuel after all he is one of the best.But his pride wouldn't allow him to surrender.

They all glanced at her.Damon halted his steps but Anna tugged his shoulder.Her calm voice surprised everyone and interrupted the awkward silence formed because of Linda's words."Hubby don't waste your time on irrelevant delusional people.."

Damon's ears redden.He liked that he would definitely make sure she calls him 'hubby' from now on."Oh right i forgot to tell you my parents encouraged me to make mends with Dame.."

"I have come to realize my feelings for you i hope you can forgive our misunderstanding a few years ago i really want to marry you!"

This was even more shocking to everyone.

Anna's face darkened.

She had gone too far!!

In front of his wife she actually says that and even in front of her in-laws does she have no shame?

Everyone looked up to see Damon's reaction.He turned back to look at Linda's teary facial expression.When she saw him turn back she was blooming with happiness inside but kept it inside in order not to blow up her cover.

She broke out a small dry smile and wiped her 'tears'

When Anna saw him turn back with a pondering expression black lines appeared on her face.Her delicate beautiful face twisted a bit.

She took a deep breath to control her emotions and not to go over there and slap her she instead looked at Damon and said "Its your choice!" She then turned back to leave.

Surprisingly Damon did the same."Your right i was thinking why is she still here i don't seem to remember being so close to a stranger."


What does he mean?

Linda's face scrunched up but she quickly pulled another pitiful cry."Dame you can't let this shameless sl*t trick you just yesterday i saw her making out in a car with someone else in plain public!!"She shouted.


"Ah! Dame she slapped me look how-"


"Ah what are you-"


"agh!! B*tch-"


A total of four slaps landed on her face two on each side.Due to the tremendous strength Anna used blood was oozing out of Linda's jaws.

" let me clean your mouth because there seems to be a lot of sh*t coming out of it!

I had enough of you! Since am such a sl*t and a b*tch then i guess it takes one to know one and BY THE WAY THE ONE I WAS MAKING OUT WITH IS MY HUSBAND!! so next time you want to slander me check your facts first"


Anna stormed out of the house slamming the door behind her furiously.

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The five people left in the room including Linda were once again thrown in a state of shock.

Linda formed a fist with her hands piercing her long fake nails onto her skin.

'How dare that b*tch slap me!! Ugh you will pay for it!!"

"Dame how can you marry such a shameless person"

Mr.Collins couldn't take it anymore.He himself had to deal with a similar person when he was courting his wife.Many times misunderstandings occurred and his wife and him fought which angered him.He also is usually calm but when it comes to shameless people he cant help but flare up.

"Drag Her Out!!"He shouted.Linda was confused since she was the only person who COULD be dragged out.

"Dame please help me!"She said as a two maids came closer to her."Like i said before your just a stranger to me we might have been engaged once but I never really liked you"

"Am your life savior how can you be so cruel"Damon smirked."Are you?"Like thunder it struck her.

She shut up and was dragged out.

When Anna came out she went inside the car and slammed the door close.She turned on the AC and music to calm herself.

She didn't know why but a sudden rage emerged from her and she just wanted to tear that b*tch apart!!

She took a deep breath in again.She had been doing it for a few minutes now.She turned her head around when she heard Linda's cries."Ha Seriously i would have done it myself if not for-"

Suddenly the car door opened and Damon entered.

Since the car was driven by the chauffeur earlier Anna was on the backseat and when Damon saw her there he did the same.

When Linda was dragged out he came out to and went straight for the car.

Linda was looking everywhere for Anna but there was her red sports car and three other cars which all had black windows making it impossible for her to see who was there.

At the end she gave up and drove her car home in immense resentment.

When she entered her car Damon did the same so she didn't notice him."Don't be mad"

Anna ignored him and laid her head against the car window.

"Come here"

At the end he got out of the car and took the drivers seat.


Anna stared at him and when he turned the car on she glared at him "what are you doing?"

"You said you would go somewhere with me so am taking you there."

"Wait now? Today?"He gave an 'mmm

' and started to drive.

"Where are we going?"She asked."You'll see when we get there."

"Can't you just tell me?"He didn't answer and instead took out his phone."Is it ready?"He asked the person on the other line.

Hearing a positive answer he grinned mischievously."Seriously ugh!!"

She took out he laptop and re-read the email earlier.

It was a proposal.Lee corporation would collaborate with SEA King.

Basically they would trick Daniel Lee onto '' 'scamming' 'cheating' them.This would immediate destroy Daniel Lee.

She couldn't bear to destroy her grandfather's hard work so when Daniel Lee were to be black listed by SEA King she would acquire it and make it one with Dragon Empire.

Daniel would loose his position and shares in the company.This would bring them all down along with suzan and her family too.

She would expose everything to the world and show her biological uncle that the Lee family can no longer be used as a pawn against her.....

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