Loving You Too Much Book 1 Chapter 198

Volume 1 Chapter 198 Teased By Han Yue Xiu

After browsing through the internet, Han Yue Xiu finally decided on a French restaurant in the city. Since it was a rare occasion where she can mooch free food, Han Yue Xiu did not shy away to choose an expensive restaurant. Anyway, knowing Zhang Yu Han, she did not doubt that he would be able to pay for their lunch.

The three of them left the hospital after Li Qin Yao and Zhang Yu Han both paid a visit to Han Yue Xiu's mother.

"Are you planning to return to Y City after this?" Li Qin Yao asked after the waiter had left with their order.

"Probably not," Han Yue Xiu said. "We decided to stay in Capital City for now. My mom will need to visit the hospital for a regular check-up after discharged from the hospital. Anyway, my dad decided to transfer back to Capital City. I heard that the higher-ups have already granted his transfer request."

"If you need help to find a place to live, you have to tell me," Li Qin Yao said. "Although I have left Capital City for a while, I still have connections with some people. I can help you find a good place."

It was then that Han Yue Xiu recalled her friend was someone who was involved in the property business. "I'll have to discuss it with my dad first. If there's anything, I will find you. Yao Yao, you need to give us a good bargain."

"Of course."

Han Yue Xiu took a sip from her glass and sighed as she was reminded of their time in high school. "This time, I will be the one who stays in Capital City, while you're staying in B City."

Back then, Li Qin Yao was someone from Capital City, and Han Yue Xiu was from B City. It was only when Li Qin Yao came to live with her mother for a while that the two friends met.

Li Qin Yao replied with a slight smile. "You have to find me when you're in B City. But, what about your apartment in Y City? Are you planning to sell that one?"

"Let's leave it for now," Han Yue Xiu said. "Anyway, I still have not decided whether to continue to stay in Capital City or Y City. In the meantime, I can only count on you to look after my place."

Li Qin Yao spent her time eating and chatting with her friend, while Zhang Yu Han sat by her side, listening to their conversation and only joined in once in a while.

After a while, the phone in Li Qin Yao's purse buzzed. She wiped her hand on the napkin and retrieved her phone. A slight frown appeared on her face once she looked at the caller ID.

She slid a finger at the screen and pressed it against her ear. "Grandfather?"

Zhang Yu Han put the cutlery in his hand as he heard her spoke. From her expression, Zhang Yu Han could guess that she was talking to her paternal grandfather, Li Ren Xin.

Li Qin Yao listened to her grandfather for a while and turned to look at her boyfriend. "My grandfather wanted to have a meal with you and your grandfather before we leave for Y City tomorrow."

Zhang Yu Han thought about his grandfather's plan to pig out that night and replied, "It should be alright to arrange for a meeting for tomorrow's breakfast or lunch. You decide. Don't worry about my grandfather. He should agree if we lure him with food."

Li Qin Yao laughed before she returned to discuss with her grandfather. After they have decided on the time and place, Li Qin Yao put her phone on the table. When she looked up again, Li Qin Yao was startled upon seeing Han Yue Xiu's teasing smile.

"Two families having meals together," Han Yue Xiu said with a sigh. "Why does it sounded like a bit suspicious. It couldn't be that the two families are meeting to discuss marriage, right?"

Li Qin Yao felt heat crept on to her face. She had picked up the phone in front of both Zhang Yu Han and Han Yue Xiu. As she was comfortable with the two of them, Li Qin Yao did not have a reason to answer her grandfather's call somewhere else. However, she did not expect to be teased by Han Yue Xiu with that bit of conversation.

Han Yue Xiu laughed as she noticed her friend's reddened face.

Fortunately, she sat the opposite of her friend, or else, Han Yue Xiu was sure that Li Qin Yao was going to pinch her hard on her waist again.

Li Qin Yao shot her friend a warning gaze and peeked at her boyfriend's reaction. Once she saw that Zhang Yu Han did not mind her friend's way of joking, Li Qin Yao heaved a breath of relief.

After their meal, Zhang Yu Han drove back to the hospital to send Han Yue Xiu.

As Zhang Yu Han parked his vehicle, his phone rang. Noticing that it was an important call, Zhang Yu Han excused himself to answer the call. Meanwhile, the two friends decided to walk around the garden and chatted.

"Yao Yao, it's so good to see you happy," Han Yue Xiu latched herself at Li Qin Yao's arms and smiled.

Li Qin Yao laughed. "What are you talking about?"

"I was worried over you when you broke up," Han Yue Xiu sighed as she recalled that night where she had accompanied her friend to eat hot pot in the middle of the night just so she could have a good cry over her breakup.

"You chose to bury yourself in that development project to distract yourself. I was worried that you might turn into a workaholic. But I can see that Mister Zhang is treating you well."

Li Qin Yao turned her head to look at Zhang Yu Han who stood not far away from them. He had one hand in his pocket and another holding his phone. Although there was a slight frown on his face, Li Qin Yao thought that right now Zhang Yu Han was really good looking.

After staring at him for a long time, Zhang Yu Han finally turned to look at her. Their gaze met and he smiled.

Seeing the tender way he used to look at her, Li Qin Yao felt a bit shy and she started to feel a bit giddy. Suddenly, she had this urge to go to his side and kiss him.

Li Qin Yao accompanied Han Yue Xiu for a while longer before they parted. She went to find Zhang Yu Han and saw that he was still on the phone. Just as she was about to approach him, Zhang Yu Han finally ended his phone call.

"Are you done?"

Zhang Yu Han nodded. He opened his mouth to say something when his girlfriend suddenly stopped in front of him, stood on tiptoe and gave him a peck on his cheek.

"What was that for?"

Li Qin Yao smiled. "Nothing. I just wanted to kiss you."

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