Loving You Too Much Book 1 Chapter 199

Volume 1 Chapter 199 Zhang Yu Han's Thought Ran Wild

Li Qin Yao had arranged to meet her grandparents for lunch at a famous restaurant in the city. Surprisingly, this time, her mother decided to tag along.

"Ma, are you sure you wanted to come along?" Li Qin Yao asked for the umpteenth time.

"What's wrong with me coming along? Your grandfather called me yesterday and invite me to come," Xu Yilan paused and let out a long breath. "After a long talk at the cemetery, I don't think that I should avoid seeing them anymore."

Li Qin Yao stared at her mother for a while and nodded. "If it was like that, then I'm glad."

At the thought that her mother's relationship with her paternal grandparents turned better, Li Qin Yao was glad that the two of them decided to take a long break to come over to Capital City. Their purpose for coming this time was to visit Han Yue Xiu's mother, but unknowingly, her mother and her grandparents' relationship saw an improvement.

"Yao Yao, I still need time to get ready. Why don't you head down and meet the others first lest they would worry?" Xu Yilan said as she popped up her head from the door.

"Alright," Li Qin Yao nodded. She grabbed her bag and texted Zhang Yu Han that she was heading downstairs.

When she arrived in the lobby, Li Qin Yao found that her boyfriend was waiting alone. She walked over to Zhang Yu Han and sat next to him. "Where are the others? Why are you waiting here alone?"

Zhang Yu Han checked at the time and let out a breath of relief upon finding that there was still time before they would depart to have lunch with the Li family. "Grandfather took Yu Ying to the office for some matter. They will be here shortly," He grabbed her hand and locked their fingers together. Then, he raised her hand and planted a kiss at the back of her hand. "And your mother?"

"My mom is getting ready. She should be here soon." Li Qin Yao stared at her boyfriend and soon noticed that something was not right with him. Li Qin Yao could tell that he was worrying over something. "Zhang Yu Han, are you alright? Why do I feel that you're a bit agitated?"

Zhang Yu Han turned to her with a startled expression. He hesitated before he smiled to ease her mind. "Nothing. Don't think too much."

How can he tell her that he was anxious after listening to Han Yue Xiu's words yesterday?

Li Qin Yao's grandfather had called to arrange a meeting before they went back to Y City. This time, even Li Qin Yao's mother was going to join them for a meal. At the thought that the elders would be meeting, Zhang Yu Han's thought ran wild. He could not stop thinking that this lunch meeting will soon turn into a marriage discussion.

Somehow, he was both terrified and excited.

It might seem ridiculous, but from the first time he saw Li Qin Yao, Zhang Yu Han had always known that she would be his. It was something that he could not explain.

After years of searching, he finally found her again. In the beginning, he was afraid that his intuition about her was wrong, that she was not someone he thought she is. But after spending time with her, Zhang Yu Han realized that he really loved her. He did not think that he would be able to like someone that much.

He wanted to keep her by his side so that he would be able to see her all the time.

Zhang Yu Han glanced at the girl beside him and thought of how great it would be if the lunch meeting turned to a marriage discussion.

The group arrived at the restaurant called Phoenix and was immediately ushered to a private room booked by Li Ren Xin. When they walked in, both Li Ren Xin and Mu Ling Xi were already waiting for them.

The elderly couple stood up from their seat to greet Zhang Jing and the others.

"The last time, I was too busy entertaining the other guests," Li Ren Xin said. "I can only invite you to have a meal to make up for the lack of hospitality from my part."

Zhang Jing laughed and thanked Li Ren Xin for his invitation.

Just like the last time, once Zhang Jing and Li Ren Xin met, the two of them started to chat as if they were old friends. Meanwhile, Mu Ling Xi had pulled Xu Yilan to sit next to her to chat.

Soon, the waiter walked into the room to serve their best dishes.

Li Qin Yao looked at the various type of food, wondering whether if this was a simple lunch meeting. After glancing at Zhang's sibling who started to move their chopstick and eat, Li Qin Yao decided to just go with the flow.

Throughout her meal, Li Qin Yao began to notice the strange way that her grandfather was looking at her. Perhaps she was too sensitive, but Li Qin Yao thought that her grandfather's way of looking at her as if he was guilt-ridden.

However, since her grandfather did not say a word, Li Qin Yao thought that it was inappropriate for her to ask, especially with everyone around them.

Once the meal ended, Li Ren Xin pulled his granddaughter at the side to chat.

Li Qin Yao watched her grandfather's uncomfortable expression. "Grandfather, what is it?"

"I heard from Mu Bai that Mu Chen tried to sow discord between you and Director Zhang." Li Ren Xin coughed dryly.

It was then that Li Qin Yao was able to guess why her grandfather had arranged for that lunch. He had heard about what Li Mu Chen tried to do and was worried that the incident might harm her relationship with Zhang Yu Han.

"Grandfather, you don't have to worry," Li Qin Yao smiled. "Zhang Yu Han and I are fine. Regarding that incident two years ago Both Zhang Yu Han and his grandfather was fully aware of it."

Li Ren Xin looked at his granddaughter with surprise. "They don't mind?"

"I told them that I was framed," Li Qin Yao paused to study her Grandfather's expression. "They believe me."

Li Ren Xin lowered his gaze as shame filled his heart.

Back then, Li Qin Yao had told him that she was framed but he did not believe in her words. She was the granddaughter that he had raised with his hand, but he chose not to believe in her words.

"It's good that they believe in you." Li Ren Xin swallowed, feeling a lump in his throat.

Knowing that someone who was not related to his granddaughter chose to believe in her words, Li Ren Xin thought that he had failed as her grandfather.

Li Ren Xin quickly recomposed himself. "Your flight back to B City is tonight, right?" He watched her nodded and forced a smile. "If you run into trouble, don't hesitate to find me. Come back to visit me and your grandmother when you can."

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