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Lucy Reborn summary:

Lucy was an ordinary college student, just trying to control her psychic powers, and earn a living. That is until the day she died. Now, Lucy is a Princess of the Rimes Clan, the spoiled daughter of Prince Benin, the only dual Supreme talent born into the Empire. The fiancee of a Generals son, and a little girl with curious eyes. Come with us, to explore Lucys...

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Lucy Reborn Chapters

Time uploaded
89 Watersprou4 weeks ago
86 No. Just No.4 weeks ago
85 Bloom Ar4 weeks ago
84 Fading Runes4 weeks ago
83 Do Or Dont?4 weeks ago
81 Mommy Twins4 weeks ago
79 Papa: 24 weeks ago
78 Papa4 weeks ago
77 Selena4 weeks ago
75 Light Tides4 weeks ago
73 Sprite?4 weeks ago
72 Manifes4 weeks ago
71 Darkness4 weeks ago
70 Sung Manor4 weeks ago
69 Training4 weeks ago
68 Go?4 weeks ago
65 So Gross4 weeks ago
64 Mirror?4 weeks ago
62 She Dares4 weeks ago
61 Wait What?4 weeks ago
57 Sir Jenz4 weeks ago
56 Hair4 weeks ago
55 Surprise4 weeks ago
54 A Potion?4 weeks ago
53 A Studio4 weeks ago
50 First Sister4 weeks ago
49 Trus4 weeks ago
48 Three4 weeks ago
47 Misty Cares4 weeks ago
46 Void Hunger4 weeks ago
45 Dizzy4 weeks ago
44 Runes4 weeks ago
41 Nameday 44 weeks ago
40 Name Day 34 weeks ago
39 Name Day 24 weeks ago
38 Name Day 14 weeks ago
37 So It Goes4 weeks ago
36 So Thats Why4 weeks ago
35 Papa Visits4 weeks ago
34 Visi4 weeks ago
33 Mommy Papa4 weeks ago
32 A Change?4 weeks ago
25 Just Why?4 weeks ago
23 Meng Long4 weeks ago
22 Number 44 weeks ago
21 Be Spoiled4 weeks ago
19 Its Back4 weeks ago
15 It Burns4 weeks ago
13 Sabotage4 weeks ago
12 Surprise4 weeks ago
10 More Vistors4 weeks ago
9 Visitors4 weeks ago
8 Air Affinity4 weeks ago
7 I Refuse4 weeks ago
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