Lust Knight Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Devil Pact (2/3) {R-18}

After kissing and caressing Scarlett, Lucien bit her ear before looks into her eyes while smiling.

'Devilishly handsome!!' That was the only way Scarlett could describe Lucien's smile. And she loves and hates that smile at the same.

Since Scarlett had not yet fully recovered control of her lower body, Lucien had to think of a comfortable position for both.

He got out of bed and pulled Scarlett's body over Its edge. "Don't worry, and just leave everything to me."

"Mm." Scarlett's emotions were in chaos. At the same time that she wanted recovery, she also wanted Lucien to give her more pleasure.

Lucien held open Scarlett's legs in a high position, giving her a good view of her virgin flower aligned with his big and hard staff.

She couldn't stop being embarrassed and turned her face away, not to gaze at him, which made Lucien laugh.

"You have to watch it. Look how I make you mine and only mine alone forever." Scarlett didn't look, so Lucien pushed forward a little, rubbing his cock over her pussy.

"Wait!" Scarlett was embarrassed to be so vulnerable in Lucien's hands, but she couldn't deny that she wanted to see that special moment.

She blushed even more as Lucien teased her more and more. She could clearly see his meat stick rubbing over her most private part, and it is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her.

Although the sensitivity in her lower body was still faint, Scarlett could feel Lucien's warmth, which made her whole body tingle, eager for it.

Every second with him she has felt new sensations and new desires. Being with Lucien allowed Scarlett to feel young, think of her own desires and feeling before her goals, for the first time in many years.

Of course, she wouldn't tell Lucien how she felt because it would only give him more advantages over her, so all Scarlett did was gaze at him with a shy flushed face.

Her beautiful, shy and eager face is divine food for Lucien's already monstrous ego. "Little pet, can't you take it anymore? Say what you want, and I will make it happens."

"I'm not going to beg!" Scarlett had to make a significant effort not to beg, but she knew she couldn't give in so quickly as it could make Lucien lose interest in her.

Lucien found her resistance cute and continued rubbing his cock on her delicate flower. His scent was already mixing with hers, creating a fantastic erotic fragrance.

Lucien enjoyed rubbing his cock on Scarlett's soft red vaginal hair, and she could see everything he is doing as she let out cute little moans.

"You are so cute... Your pussy is so soft... I can play with it for hours" Lucien continued to tease Scarlett while making bolder movements on her pussy.

He rubbed his cock directly on her lower lips, wetting it with Scarlett's love juices and making her even hornier.

"Mmmm.... I Ahhh Y-you Must Ple-" Scarlett closed her eyes when she couldn't help herself anymore and started to moan and speak incoherently.

Lucien could only smile with things working out the way he wanted. He knew that the stronger their bonds are on the bed, the stronger Scarlett's loyalty to him would be.

"I can't understand you, little pet. You have to be clear about what you want." He continued to tease her and used the head of his cock to rub the entrance to her pink cave.

Scarlett was at her limit. That pleasure he is giving her is excellent, but the fact that his cock was not inside her was starting to become torturous.

"Damn!! I want... I want you inside me!! Are you satisfie-" She gathered all the courage she had and said what he wanted to hear

But before she finished speaking, her words became moans, the loudest moans she had ever made.


Lucien, who had his spear at the entrance to the unexplored cave, just had to move forward.

He also pulled Scarlett's body against him, making his cock penetrate her completely. And Scarlett couldn't stop moaning, feeling complete like never before.

"Mmmm Soooo goood!!!" Her mind went blank, and she could only moan and say how much she liked it.

Pleasure ran through Scarlett's body like lightning, and she couldn't stop her pussy from squirt love juices on Lucien's cock while she is having a great orgasm.

Scarlett was lost in pleasure and didn't notice one thing, but Lust couldn't help but comment in Lucien's mind.

'Really? Did you make her come with a thrust?! You didn't even move after... You're getting really good at this. Even so, the tattoo has not yet appeared. Are you restraining yourself?'

Lucien was restraining his possessive desires about Scarlett. Although she is beautiful and cute, he wanted to have total control over his body and understand how his tattoo worked.

'Yes, I think it has to do with my desire to claim her heart. I'll continue and see if the tattoo doesn't show up until the end... Just to be clear, I can also make you come with a thrust.'

While Lucien and Lust were talking, Scarlett was enjoying her pleasurable orgasm and feeling Lucien fill her pink insides.

Her love juices leaked out of her pussy, along with some of her blood. Lucien's movement was so fast that the pleasure prevented her from feeling any pain when he broke her chastity seal.

But just like before, that pleasure that seemed wonderful started to seem average when she started wanting more.

After all, he was just inside her, and she couldn't help wanting him to move. "Lucien... Don't you feel good with me?"

Lucien gazed at Scarlett, not with the teasing smile of before, but with a loving look, which made her heart fill with heat.

"I just wanted to give you some time to get used to it. Of course, I feel good inside your beautiful pussy, my dear."

The words "My dear" echoed in Scarlett's mind. Like actions, words can also have a powerful effect if used at specific times.

Scarlett was feeling new sensations and desires that she never thought she could. The fact that Lucien has complete control over the situation made her afraid and excited at the same time.

While he teased and played with her, Scarlett could still feel upset with him. But when he acts kind, it has an even more devastating effect on her.

She wanted him to give her more pleasure; she wanted him to be more loving to her; she wanted healing, power... She wanted everything and now.

"Lucien... I'm fine... So... Continue Please." Scarlett didn't know how to act to gain what she wanted, so all she could do is be honest and hope Lucien will be good to her.

Her embarrassed and eager expression is all Lucien wanted. He started to move slowly, making his cock stretch the inside walls of her hot pussy.

Back and forth, Lucien moved while holding Scarlett's legs in a High position.

She could feel him exploring each of her most private parts, and all her body did is enjoy while she moaned uncontrollably.

"Ahhhh Mmmm" The way he held her body firmly gave her the feeling of security, while the gentle way he penetrated her showed his kindness.

All of Lucien's actions were an addictive drug for Scarlett. She just wanted to lose herself in those good feelings and enjoy every second of that moment, which she would never forget.

Although he was doing it with a clear purpose in mind, Lucien couldn't help but enjoy it too. The sensation of his cock inside Scarlett's hot and wet pussy is incredibly pleasurable.

Like Cassidy and Astrid, Scarlett is also a mature woman with a curvy body, so her pussy could accommodate his big dick well.

Still, he wanted to take it slow with Scarlett to make her more eager and excited, so he was slowly increasing his thrusts speed and exploring her pussy's pink inner walls.

Each thrust of Lucien's big cock sent a wave of pleasure that carried Scarlett higher and higher in the heaven of pleasure.

She was lying on her back, holding the bed sheets firmly while moaning as he fucked her. No! Fuck is something that others did. What they were doing couldn't be just fucking.

Scarlett concluded that no one had ever done anything at the level Lucien was doing. That pleasure was not something that a mortal could cause.

'But can his women have it when they want? Damn, I need it so badly!!' Scarlett couldn't help but think with herself how she wanted more and more of that divine pleasure.

Of course, she was only feeling Lucien's light movements, and the feeling of improvement in her body was very limited as she didn't have the his tattoo yet.

Still, Scarlett was having multiple orgasms in a row while her mind went blank just to regain clarity under Lucien's increasingly intense thrusts.

Lust was watching everything in surprise. Not only was the speed of Lucien's evolution ridiculous, but he also seemed to get better and better at having sex so quickly.

Of course, anyone would naturally be better off at something they continuously do. But Lucien was a virgin a short time ago, and even being Lust's host, it was still very incredible.

With his movements, he was almost breaking Scarlett with pleasure. Of course, her lack of resistance was an important point as she did not have Lucien's tattoo, but it was still evident that he is much more amazing than before.

As Lust analyzed the changes in Lucien's body, he also realized that he is somehow different.

In fact, every time Lucien had sex again, he felt better and wanted to do more, like a perfect addiction. Every time he felt more pleasure and also caused more pleasure.

But he was not trying too hard and just following his instinct. Of course, he was holding back the desire to put his mark on Scarlett, in order to test his control.

Using his cock as a bow and his willingness to give pleasure as an arrow, he was doing massive pleasurable damage to Scarlett.

Unlike how he made love with his women, where he wanted them both to feel good, he now just wanted to give Scarlett pleasure to make her loyal to him.

Either Lucien and Lust had no way of knowing that the fact that Lucien was using pleasure as a weapon in addition to the fact that Scarlett didn't have his tattoo was really breaking her mind.

The demonic energy he was creating was slowly brainwashing her. If they continued any longer, Scarlett would soon be nothing more than a doll under Lucien's complete control.

After Scarlett continuing to moan so loudly for a few minutes, Lucien thought there was something wrong and realized that she was starting to drool.

He quickly stopped moving because it was evidently harmful to her. "Scarlett, are you okay?"

Scarlett was in heaven of pleasure and couldn't think of anything while having orgasms in a row, but then that divine sensation stopped, making her confused.

She felt something touch her face, and somehow she knew it was Lucien's hand before she opened her eyes and saw his concerned expression.

"Yes, I'm fine. There is something wrong?"

Lust quickly analyzed Scarlett's body and reported it to Lucien. 'She is fine. There were not many changes in her body, even in her spine.'

Everything seemed normal, but Lucien was sure it was different and commented to Lust mentally. 'Somehow I felt like I was breaking her.'

Lust wasn't sure what Lucien was talking about, but it was possible that Scarlett's mind couldn't resist the intense pleasure for so long.

'Perhaps this is related to your tattoo. It definitely has nothing to do with me or my powers... But you can use it if you need to deal with complicated per-'

Lucien understood Lust's intention but stopped before she finishes speak because he definitely didn't want to do that to Scarlett or any other woman now.

He looked at confused Scarlett and was sorry to think of using pleasure as a weapon against her. After all, he wanted her loyalty by being good to her and not brainwash her.

"I'm sorry, Scarlett. I was doing it wrong, so-" Lucien started to apologize to Scarlett, but she put her finger on his mouth, preventing him from continuing.

"You don't need to apologize. You are healing me, but you also made me feel so good... I never thought I could feel these sensations..."

"So please don't stop! I want to feel good with you so much more, not only for healing but... also... I-"

Scarlett was very sincere, which made Lucien feel even more sorry. He kissed her on the forehead as he decided to be good to her to make up for almost brainwashing her.

Although the situation was not as he expected, it was also not terrible. He managed to stop before he hurt her, so he just needed to have more control over his body so nothing like this ever to happens again.

Scarlett smiled when Lucien kissed her forehead. She could see that he was even more affectionate with her.

She couldn't resist and hugged him. She was still perplexed by everything, but all of her instincts told her that Lucien would be good for her in every way possible.

Lucien started patting Scarlett on the head while she hugged him. "It's all fine, my dear. We have to continue it to heal you."

When Lucien stopped holding his feelings about Scarlett, his possessive side took over, making him want to care for and love her just like his other women. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

In addition to the fact that Scarlett felt so safe in Lucien's arms, his tattoo started to appear on her low belly area.

It was still in the light shade of purple, but it certainly wouldn't be long before it turned bright purple after Lucien gave his love and affection to her.

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