Lust Knight Chapter 115

Chapter 115: I Hate You (1/2) {R-18}

Olivia continued to suck Lucien's cock, taking it deeper and deeper into her throat and enjoying it a lot.

With every second she sucked his cock, she hated him more and more. Olivia only saw Lucien as a devil who could give her a cure for her scars and power just as she gave Astrid.

Of course, she had no choice but to accept his offer, or she would die and could not avenge her family.

Still, she could do this. She could accept his offer and still hate him. Hate him for killing Klaus and other adventurers; hate him for helping Scarlett, and hate him for humiliating her.

If she continued to hate him, she could still enjoy this wonderful feeling in her body, and it would have nothing to do with him.

Olivia held Lucien's cock in both hands, and there was still a lot left to her swallow while thinking to herself.

'I hate you, devil!! I'm just doing this for myself. Yes! I'm taking advantage of you.'

The more Olivia had hostile thoughts about Lucien, the more she sucked on his cock intensely. Her long hair started to get in her mouth, but she didn't notice.

Lucien realized that and gathered her hair with his hand while holding her head and moving it up and down following her movements.

That made Olivia angrier. She saw all his actions as attacks on her ego. She didn't want to give in; she didn't want to let that devil control her.

Most of all, she didn't want to take her mouth off his dick. She feels so much pleasure and her body healing. She never felt so good before, so she allowed him to hold her hair.

Lucien was still lying in the bath with his legs open while enjoying Olivia's mouth. He couldn't deny that he took additional pleasure because Olivia clearly hates him.

Even though she hated him, she was sucking on his dick. Of course, he knew he had threatened to kill her and offered healing and power, but he still felt good to be slowly conquering her body.

He pushed her head further and further down, making his cock hit the back of her throat, still, Olivia was showing no resistance.

Then he moved her head to the side, making her look at him and see his teasing smile. "How's the dick of the devil who you hate so much? Can't you get enough of it, right?"

Olivia knew that Lucien was just teasing her, so she continued to suck, but without him allowing her, she could not move her head too much towards his dick, making her only manage to lick Its head.

Lucien could only laugh, seeing the anger in Olivia's eyes as she tried to suck his cock, and he held her head back.

"Okay, I will not take your delicious meal, on the contrary, I will fill you with my cum so you can hate me at the same time that you feel my essence inside you."

'I HAAATE YOOOU SO MUCH!!!!' Olivia wanted to shout at Lucien, but she could only keep those thoughts to herself as she continued to suck his cock.

Lucien held Olivia's head in both hands and started to move it up and down faster as he prepared to fire his hot load down her throat.

She started to feel his cock slightly tremble. After his previous words, it is easy to conclude that he is going to cum in her mouth.

Olivia can't help remembering what she heard of other women talk about semen. 'Something disgusting with a horrible smell and a worse taste.'

She moved her eyes upward and gazed at his face while allowing him to move her head as he wanted.

'How will it taste? There is no way something coming from a devil to be good... Well, his dick is not as I expected... No... There is no way his essence is good!!'

Olivia was sure it wouldn't be good, so she tried to pull her head away and stop sucking. But Lucien pushed her head, down, forcing his cock as deep as possible into her throat.

"Drink it all." Lucien held Olivia's head tightly and cummed. He didn't restrain the amount, releasing a lot of cum in her throat.

'NO!!' She panicked and pushed her hands against Lucien's thighs, trying to pull away. But it was in vain, and all she could do was swallow the viscous liquid that was running down her throat.

Olivia's fight only lasted a few seconds before she realized how good her body was feeling. Lucien's cum made her feel warm and energetic.

She stopped fighting and started to swallow it all excitedly. Not only is his essence good for her body, but it is also delicious.

'How can it be so good? Even though it has a viscous texture, it is not disgusting... On the contrary, it is the best thing I have ever tasted... Damn!! I hate it! I hate him!!!!'

Although Olivia was enjoying Lucien's cum, it is still too much, and as he kept coming. She soon started to choke and have trouble breathing.

Since she couldn't compete with him in strength, Olivia tried to make a pleading look at Lucien. He saw that she started to choke and released her.

As soon as Lucien's cock came out of Olivia's mouth, he was still coming, so he shot cum on her face, making Olivia fall with cum all over her face and dripping from her mouth.

She started to cough as she glared at him. "I hate you!!! Do you want to smother me?!?!?

Lucien smiled, seeing Olivia's deplorable condition. Although she is complaining, she is also using her tongue to lick his cum on her face.

"I'm giving my essence to you while I could be giving it to my wives, but you still complain. I'll be kind when you deserve my kindness."

Olivia angrily looked at Lucien, but she had no arguments to speak. She could feel his essence, improving her body, and healing her wounds like a divine medicine.

It was not hard for her to conclude that more of that would completely heal her scars.

Lucien didn't want to spend too much time with Olivia while the cute Scarlett waited. "Well, it's time to fill your other dirty holes."

Olivia didn't quite understand how Lucien's "magic" worked, but she realized that he would have to come inside her, which would definitely be terrible.

"Do expect me to have your children?"

Lucien understood Olivia's worry, but unfortunately, he didn't think she was at that risk. "I'm infertile, so it's going to be okay."

Olivia made a forced smile. "Oh? I think it is what can be called divine retribution. After all, even nature understands that a devil should not have the ability to create others."

"..." Lucien felt anger like never before. But that anger did not come from him.

'LUST!' He had to order Lust not to leave his body and attack Olivia.

Lust was furious with Olivia. She never thought about it before. But now, the more time she spent with Lucien, the more she desires to be able to build a family with him. for visiting.

She obeyed Lucien and tried to calm down, but she still wished Olivia could pay for her insult.

Lucien looked at Olivia with a neutral expression. He is sad that he couldn't give his mother grandchildren, but that is not something under his control.

"Anything else to declare, or can we continue?" Olivia was a little disappointed that her attempt to ridicule Lucien failed again, so she just nodded.

"Ok, so turn around and get on all fours," Lucien spoke in an authoritative tone and began to kneel in the bathtub.

Olivia understood his intention and couldn't help but question. "Are we doing this here? You took Scarlett to your bed"

"You don't deserve to be in the same bed as my wives. Are we doing this, or not?" Lucien was losing his patience with Olivia. She is still hostile when he is trying to help her.

"So does that bitch deserv-" Olivia tried to offend Scarlett again, but this time Lucien couldn't help himself. He grabbed her chin, preventing her from finish her words.

"Where I come from, people kill and torture their prisoners. My mother is now a prisoner, and I am trying to do everything to rescue her."

"I don't care if you hate me, or hate other people, but you can't deny that what I'm offering you here is a much more decent treatment than most people would give to someone who remains hostile to them."

Olivia took Lucien's arm and tried to get out of his grip. But he squeezed her chin and continued speaking.

"From now on, you will be quiet and let me fuck you, or you can go back to the cell and stay there until you are no longer a risk to me."

Olivia couldn't deny that Lucien is right. Anywhere else, people would not be kind to their prisoners. She is letting her hatred for Lucien to cloud her judgment.

He released her chin, and she wanted to speak but made only an "mm" sound to remain silent just as he ordered.

Lucien took a deep breath and recovered his focus. "Turn around and stay on all fours."

Olivia made an effort to calm down, placed her hatred for Lucien in the back of her mind, and turned around.

She rested both hands on the edge of the bathtub and stood on all fours, showing her ass to him.

Lucien knew he couldn't solve Olivia's hostility by being hostile in return. In a circle of hate, someone had to take the first step towards peace, or things would never change.

He tenderly ran his hand over her beautiful ass towards her slim waist. "You can continue to hate me, but I have no intention of doing you any harm. Perhaps at some point, you will understand that."

Olivia remained silent and tried to ignore Lucien. But how could she ignore his gentle touch? His touch felt like magic and aroused new sensations in her body.

She squeezed the edge of the bathtub tightly, and it would break if it weren't made of a very resistant material.

Lucien continued to caress her waist and went towards her breasts while using his other hand to stroke her ass. He couldn't deny that her body is beautiful.

"We both have deep scars. Not scars on our bodies but in our hearts. Those scars made us broken. I'm not a good person, but neither are you."

Olivia was surprised by Lucien's words. After the tragedy that happened to her family, she only thought about revenge. Everything she did was for a purpose, but as Lucien said, she is not a good person.

She judged Lucien since the beginning for things that weren't exactly his fault. Starting from the incident with the archers, to the fight between mercenaries and adventurers, she had not tried to see things from his side and just hated him.

But in Cassidy's case, she was the first to attack. She participated in everything by her own will and selfish desires. So how could she blame him for being her enemy when Cassidy is his wife?

But here they were. She is still his enemy, but he is healing her and giving her new opportunities. Even if he is the devil, she could also be considered evil.

Olivia was silent as she reflected on Lucien's words. She didn't realize that her body was surrendering more and more to Lucien's tenderly touch.

"Mm" Then a low moan came out of her mouth when Lucien stroked her breast.

Lucien made her moan for a few more seconds while moving his hand over her chest and waist. Then he returned his two hands to her buttocks and opened it to reveal her wet pink cave.

Even though Olivia is wet by the bathwater, he could see a shiny liquid that was not water but her love juices, leaking out of her excited pussy.

Just as I hope to heal my scars, I hope to heal yours. Not the ones from your face, but from your heart. And this will be the first step.

Lucien brought his face close to Olivia's ass and started to kiss from her buttock towards her fragrant flower.

She was delighted, not only by the feeling of the touch of his hands and lips but also by his caring attitude.

Olivia tried to control her moans, but when she felt Lucien's tongue touch her most private part, her voice came out in a loud moan.


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