Lust Knight Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Argument for the Bed

I would like to make some changes in my writing style. This will be a test chapter (not existential for the story), so I can delete it if you don't like the changes, and write as before. Just comment if you liked it or not.

The changes will be: I will write parts of the text in the first person POV (point of view). How it will be: I will write |Someone POV| and from that point, the character inside "||" will no longer be "He / She" but "I." That way you, reader, can have more immersion in the story.

Other minor changes will be: I will use " " for talks as before; ' ' for thoughts; { } for mental communication.

I repeat. This is a test chapter. I hope you enjoy it, but if the majority did not accept it, I would continue writing as before. If you like it, just comment, that I will try to follow this mix of first and third person POV.


|Lucien POV|

The guards closed the doors to the throne room, while my women and I followed the two servants that Marie's father ordered to take us to the guest rooms on the third floor of the castle.

He thinks he's acting in secret, but I can hear more than a mile away... Listening to him, talking to the man that was behind the curtains is easy.

I don't like him, and I don't like the fact that he's looking for information about Cassidy... But I understand that he can't act without thinking...

'We will not be allies, but as long as he does not act against any of my women, we will not be enemies either.'

I can easily hear their conversation but also everything in the castle... I can hear a woman taking a bath with a bucket... Two men, drinking and talking in what looks like the kitchen...

But what I'm paying close attention to the sound of Mia's heavy breathing... She's walking up the stairs in front of me while I look at her beautiful ass... She seems to know that I'm looking because her heart is beating so fast...

It's been a while since I felt the softness of that ass... The sensation was just fantastic, and I can't stop thinking about it now...

Lucien - {Lust, am I a pervert?}

Lust - {What do you define as perverted? Do you desire the body of your beloved women when they desire yours too... Is that being perverted for you?}

Lucien - {...}

Lust - {Don't think about what others think or about stupid morals. You'are acting until now with your instincts and feelings. And look how strong we are already...}

Lust - {Maybe your sisters had an initial advantage for being very talented, but you are certainly as powerful as they or even more now, just because you are acting like my true nature.}

My sisters... I can't help thinking about them... We were never a happy family but a broken one... But now, I have to take care of Sophia... Maybe my other sisters too...

Lucien - {Lust, can you feel them in this world?}

Lust - {Not yet, but if you keep making women wet, I'll be able to feel them soon.}

Lucien - 'Thinking a lot about the future doesn't help me at all now. I need to continue strengthening myself and strengthening my women... I am with Lust, and I do not regret it... Now I have to act like the very sin of Lust.'

The castle is tall, and the stairs are big. We are already on the second floor heading towards the third. I'm holding the soft hand of my sweet Cassidy...

Neglect was the mistake my father made when he let my mother be captured... I will rescue her, but I will also take good care of my women. Anyone who looks at them will see my blade before doing anything to them... Even though I would be called a demon and hated by everyone...

I think I got my emotions out of control for a second as Cassidy started to stroke my hand with her thumb. I look at her and see her smiling at me. She looks like an angel, and my heart beats faster... I wonder what she is thinking.

Cassidy - {Hello... Can you hear me? I don't know how to do this... Lucien?}

I wanted to know what she was thinking, and she tried to start mental communication... Everything tells me that she was made only for me...

Lucien - {Yes, my beloved Queen. I'm hearing your beautiful voice...}

I see her blush as she tries to get some of her hair out of her pretty face and put it behind her ear. I've seen her do this before while she looked at me...

Cassidy - {Nothing, I just wanted to make sure that mental communication is working.}

Lucien - {I didn't expect you to declare that I'm the King like that.}

Cassidy - {Did you hate it?}

Lucien - {Of course not, I liked it... Being King, having a kingdom, an army, power, and wealth... Everything looks good, but do you know what I like more about being King?}

Cassidy - {What?}

Lucien - {You.}

Lucien - {Being King and showing the whole world that I have the most beautiful Queen of all... That's the best thing about being King...}

|Cassidy POV|

'Why did you have to say that?'

I can't control my body and emotions when I'm close to him... Just holding his hand makes my heart beat faster... I never thought I would feel something like that...

He healed me when no one could... He ran away from the city just to be with me... And he asked for nothing in return. He never talked about kingdom or power. All he does is protect my daughter and me while giving us all the affection we could ask for...

I look like a silly girl for being so in love with him, but I can't see anything wrong about it... It's all his fault.

'An ideal perfect man! Why do you have to be so heavenly?'

It's nice to have someone to take care of my daughter and me when we need it the most... But if he keeps being so good, I can't control my body... My pussy reacts to his presence and starts to get wet while we're still on the stairs...

I was never a naughty woman... Getting wet just because I'm close to him... I must love this man very much...

'Yes, I think... I...'

Cassidy - {Love you.}

'Shit! Did I use mental communication? I was thinking about him a lot when I thought it...'

Lucien - {Love you too.}

'What? Why did he say he loves me too? Is he serious, or did he just not want to hurt me? It's too early for us to say that!! Shit, why does my heart feel like it's going to leave my body?'

I want to jump into his arms and start kissing his beautiful mouth right here...

'Shit! Control yourself, Cassidy! You are not a silly girl!! He's your man, saying he loves you is normal.' Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

I'm freaking out. My feelings are out of control... To make matters worse, I feel his hand on my ass... I want him to touch it... I want him to squeeze hard and let the warmth of his hand on my ass...

I want him to touch my whole body... My body is his... Only his...

'Shit! Why is everyone stopping?'

I wanted to enjoy my man's touch more... Calling him my man is so good... But the damn servant is looking at us while destroying my fun.


|3rd POV|

While Lucien and Cassidy had their "moment," the group continued up the stairs and reached the third floor where the guest rooms were.

The servants were a middle-aged man in regular butler-like clothing. The woman looked very young and wore embroidered maid clothes.

Maid - "The guest rooms are equipped with everything you need. It has clothes, towels, fruit, wine, and bathroom... Each room has a bed big enough for many, but to better accommodate everyone, you can sleep in pairs or alone. We have a lot of empty rooms, so you decide."

Rose - "I'm going to sleep with my husband!"

Mia - "I don't remember seeing you getting married. My mother and I will sleep with Lucien!"

Anne - "Lucien, don't you want to sleep while touching these ears that you love so much?"

|Marie POV|

I looked at the girls arguing about who would sleep with Lucien, and I can't help but roll my eyes. I wanted to accommodate everyone in the rooms before going to see her, but it will take a long time...

'It's all his fault for seducing all these women... But I can't blame them...'

'Not when just his scent drives me crazy... I can't believe I'm so in love. I need to act normally!!'

I approach Lucien, who is hugging Cassidy's waist... The famous Warrior Queen of Portgeen is just a cute woman in his arms... But I understand that, after all, I've been in those pleasant arms...

Marie - "Lucien, I need to go. You can choose any room. We can meet up tomorrow in the morning, okay?"

It seemed simple. He just had to say "ok," but he... He's fast enough that no one can see his movements, but he moved slowly now... He opened his arms while trying to hug me...

A hug didn't seem like a problem... But it really was. I was already making a big effort to get away from him, and would only do that to see my mother... But if he embraces me, I will feel his warmth... His irresistible pleasant scent...

I didn't want to go to sleep thinking about what the other girls would have, and I didn't... But how could I deny him a hug? How could I deny something to the man who makes my heart beat faster just by his presence alone?

Lucien - "Good night, Marie. See you tomorrow morning."

As soon as he hugged me, I felt the time stop... He put his head on my shoulder, and I did the same with him as we hugged each other tightly.

He had a possessive way of acting... He looked like he wanted to hug me so tight that I would never be able to leave his arms...

Fuck! How I love it... He's completely different from me, who thinks a lot about things... He just acts according to his feelings...

I want to be like him... I want him to make my stubborn mind completely surrender to his affectionate embrace...

But my mind tells me that I have to stop hugging or I will not have the will to leave his side and go to see my mother... I wanted to take him to meet my mom... But what if he does the same thing he did with Mia and Ella's mother to her?

'Wait! Maybe that's not a bad thing... Aria and Cassidy are so happy same with Mia and Ella. Maybe he can make my mom smile again... Perhaps we can all be together... If it's him... That's possible...'

'And my father? He certainly wouldn't accept another man taking his wife... But he and my mother never got along...'

'What am I thinking?! I need to go see my mom!! But how am I going to get out if he keeps hugging me?!?!'

I use all my will to stop hugging him, and I try to step back... But he is, like always, very affectionate, and before I know it, his tongue is inside my mouth.

'How can I stop it when my mind sends commands that are not followed by my body? Does thinking that I don't want it when I keep doing it, means want?'

'Fuck! Why am I thinking while I should be enjoying it?'

Even though I wanted to think, I couldn't do it anymore... My mind went blank as his tongue dominated mine, which followed his lead obediently...

My body was no longer mine... It was his... He could do whatever he wants with me because I just didn't have the will to resist him...


|Lucien POV|

I was enjoying the delicious taste of Marie's mouth. Her soft body in my arms... Her thin but soft waist... My cock was already excited because Cassidy and now was starting to become visible under my pants...

The girls continued arguing while the servants were getting more and more nervous. I wanted to kiss my Marie for longer but had to resolve the issue of the rooms, so I slowly pulled my lips away from hers, making her follow my lips wanting more... I like to tease her like that...

She realized that the kiss ended and ran away while blushing. I have to punish her for not saying good night to her sisters... But in another time, because now the girls' discussion is already giving me a headache.

I look at the servants, who are very nervous and try to make my point clear.

Lucien - "Everyone will sleep in the same room. You can leave."

I saw the servants' surprised look, and I can't help laughing. It shouldn't be common for seven people and two tigresses to sleep in the same room... But I don't see any other solution to calm the girls.

I thought they would leave, but the maid looked at Oya and Ko, behind me, and spoke in a respectful tone.

Maid - "We have an area for dogs... Your pets can be comfortable there."

I didn't know what to think... I wanted to hit the butler she was not to blame for anything, but hitting the woman seemed very wrong... I just got angry because she said that Oya and Ko were pets...

Lucien - "Why wouldn't I let my beloved companions sleep with me? Why don't you sleep with the dogs?"

The maid was not offended by my harsh words but rather bowed her head in shame. Servants shouldn't have an easy life... Well, I'm a prince, but I never had an easy life... If being beaten out every day can be considered a difficult life.

The maid apologized and went down the stairs with the butler. I felt a little sorry for acting like that to her... Maybe I will apologize tomorrow because now I need a hot bath...

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