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  • Macha's Journey

  • Genres : Historical
  • Status : Ongoing
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Macha's Journey summary:

On a rainy night, Macha is transported to another world. This is a dangerous world filled with mythological creatures that terrorize the Outer-Reaches.Tyr, the leader of the Obsidian Dragons guild, finds Macha and hires her as his secretary. He teaches her many things, while she, in turn, changes his life.Macha learns to fight and use magic while working for Tyr and tries to carve out...

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Macha's Journey Chapters

Time uploaded
224 Hangry3 weeks ago
211 Red Ribbons3 weeks ago
210 Tik Tik3 weeks ago
207 A White Ba3 weeks ago
200 Double K.o.3 weeks ago
199 Lakis Pas3 weeks ago
196 No Offense3 weeks ago
188 Its A Trap3 weeks ago
185 Is That It?3 weeks ago
183 Azi No3 weeks ago
173 Fireworks3 weeks ago
171 Slap3 weeks ago
169 Rumors3 weeks ago
166 Aunty Mama3 weeks ago
165 Havok3 weeks ago
159 Knock Knock3 weeks ago
148 Tyr Is Dead3 weeks ago
139 Waktu3 weeks ago
137 A New Moon3 weeks ago
132 War Summons3 weeks ago
128 Dzoavits3 weeks ago
126 Manticore3 weeks ago
124 Check3 weeks ago
113 Marriage?3 weeks ago
95 Stephanie3 weeks ago
91 Moving On3 weeks ago
86 Tyrs Lie3 weeks ago
82 Always3 weeks ago
81 Tyrs Fear3 weeks ago
77 Purple Rain3 weeks ago
72 Hrods Offer3 weeks ago
66 Finding Luna3 weeks ago
65 Magni3 weeks ago
63 Finding Ivan3 weeks ago
59 Poisoned3 weeks ago
57 Masquerade3 weeks ago
56 Kiss3 weeks ago
53 I Missed You3 weeks ago
52 Phocee3 weeks ago
51 Boreass Day3 weeks ago
50 Freyrs Gif3 weeks ago
48 The Bar3 weeks ago
39 Get Ou3 weeks ago
33 First Kiss3 weeks ago
32 Betrayal3 weeks ago
31 The Letter3 weeks ago
26 Shoo3 weeks ago
24 Come Home3 weeks ago
23 Good Boy3 weeks ago
21 Harpies3 weeks ago
19 Its Locked3 weeks ago
15 Not The Face3 weeks ago
12 Lolita3 weeks ago
11 Too Late3 weeks ago
9 The Kraken3 weeks ago
8 Her Own Room3 weeks ago
7 Forgotten3 weeks ago
2 Character Lis3 weeks ago
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