Marriage Of Benefits Book 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1 Chapter 6 First Date

It was a call from Charles "I just want to take your 5 minutes please. "

"You just have 3 hurry up I don't have time."

"Will you please have lunch with me tomorrow I just want to tell you that all the rumors about me are not true."

"What makes you think that I will believe you."

"Please give me a chance, just once I won't mess it up."

"You will have half an hour over coffee, pick me up at 6 in the evening and at 7 I should be back half an hour extra is for traveling."

Before he could say OK she cut the phone. He felt his heart skip a beat, he was badly falling for her.

He didn't sleep that night thinking about her. Her picture of holding him by his collar had mesmerized him and it was stuck in his mind which he could not eliminate how hard he tried.

Jamie could not sleep as well thinking of him if really what he said was truth or he just wanted to meet her. She was shocked at her own cold and rude voice which she had recently used for the first time.

Next morning both of them got ready to go to their work as usual. Later when they returned in the evening they got ready Charles wore an elegant back suit but Jamie didn't bother to get ready and wore her regular jeans and waited for him, she was really punctual and couldn't tolerate people who were late even by a minute. Charles reached to pick her up at 6:05

"You are 5 minutes late, this gives you only 25 minutes to talk."

"it's just 5 minutes... "

she cut him off on his words "5 minutes mean a lot to me you should better learn to be punctual."

"I'm sorry "he said coming out of the car pulling the door for her to sit in "please get inside. "

She replied with hmm and got in but before he got back in the driver's seat she put the music on loud as usual to avoid any sort of conversation. He lowered the volume to begin talking "Why did you put it so loud."

"because I don't wanna talk right now."

"Okay I promise not to disturb you until we reach."

He pulled over to the nearest coffee shop and then booked a private cabin to avoid any disturbance from his fans. They went in and soon after a waiter followed. They placed their orders and sat in silence for some time and when Charles made sure she didn't intend to say a word he begin speaking "I had to tell you about the recent news on air is not true, that lady just wanted money she was not pregnant. I have indeed slept with many girls but never forced anyone to it and I had always used protection. Had she been really pregnant I would have taken the responsibility. I don't run away from them."

"This won't change anything you will remain the same we are getting married just for the contract so I intend not to interfere in your life and I don't mind you sleeping with someone else. This is not my problem and you too should not interfere in my life. Do you have anything else to say."

"Why do you hate me so much?" he asked with a deep sense of sadness.

"Maybe because back then when you entered the industry I was the one to love you the most so now I hate you the most."

"Why did this love change into hate?"

"When I loved you, you were very sweet polite and innocent man then with fame you turned into a hostile, rude and disrespectful man and this was never the person I loved."

"You were the only one I loved... "

Before he could complete Jamie interupted him "So that was the reason you started cheating on me after saying that you won't ever look at any other woman." tears started rolling down her eyes as she spoke and she continued crying "You cheated on me Charles when I loved you, do you blame me for that."

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