Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 21

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 21 Love Triangle

Charles regained his health within a week but till the time he was in hospital, Jamie took proper care of him and was always by his side. He was discharged after a week and was advised complete bed rest for a month. The day they went home Jamie was quite happy as she drove back. Her radiating smile touched Charles heart making him smile too.

Jamie ordered Charles "You are doing your work from home and I won't allow you to go out."

"Yes ma'am"

"Should we invite Mr. Black for dinner this weekend, he has helped us a lot."

"Of course, let's do it this weekend."

"I will call him when we reach home."


On the way back they stopped at a drive thru to get some food and after reaching home they changed their clothes and Charles went to sleep as soon as he hit the bed as he was still under the effects of sedatives. Jamie called Jacob to invite him to dinner, he agreed so easily that Jamie could not have expected but she was too tired to notice anything strange so she ignored it and went back to her room. As she entered the room, she saw Charles sleeping deeply and smiled then went to sleep next to him hugging him tightly. Charles felt Jamie's soft and warm hand on his chest so he turned around and hugged her back kissing her forehead.

Jacob got all the information about Jamie from his secretary and was thinking of a way to get in contact with her once again when he received Jamie's call. He felt like the opportunity was knocking his door and a devilish grin spread on his face. Poor Jamie didn't know that a nice person who had saved her, had his own motives. He quickly answered the call and agreed for the dinner at once without much though. He was so excited for the weekend and what made him more excited was that his opponent was equally powerful as him which would make things more interesting. It was Wednesday and the wait till Sunday was the longest wait for him.

Jamie and Charles had a lot of work to catch up so they were busy for the rest of the week and finally they relaxed on the Sunday. They decided to prepare for the dinner together so they were busy in the kitchen. Jamie hesitantly asked "What do you think should we tell our parents about this incident."

"No, they will be worried."

Jamie could see tension building up in his head so she teased him "BTW Mr. Black is quite handsome don't you think." she smiled cunningly and waited for his response. He looked at her teasing face and then pulled her closer by her waist saying in very low voice "Really but it's too bad that you are already married."

Jamie blushed and then tried to push him away but was pulled back in his embrace so she blushed even harder "He might be here any minute, let us finish cooking first."

He kept staring at her and then suddenly pressed his lips against hers. They were almost finished with cooking and were about to set the table. The front door was left open and the kitchen could be seen from the main door. As they were kissing Jacob entered the door with a bottle of wine in his hand, he burned with jealousy and when he could no longer see that he spoke "I have probably entered at the wrong time."

Listening to his voice they both moved away embarrassed but Jamie rushed to the door and welcome him. Later as the were setting the table Jacob poured wine into 3 glasses and then took out 2 different kind of tablets from his pocket, he put one in Jamie's glass and the other in Charles' glass when no one was watching.

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