Marriage Of Benefits Book 2 Chapter 29

Volume 2: Blossoming Love Chapter 29 Crazy L.u.s.t

Before leaving he took her in for a deep kiss but Jamie pushed him away "Go, I don't want to wait for you that long."

He smiled and left slowly looking at her unwilling to leave but as he was out he rushed back to the hotel. As he entered the hall a man placed a gun on his forehead "Where is Jamie?"

He looked around the hall there were a few men who had pointed guns at everyone and he had two men were pointing gun at him and he recognized them faintly but could not make out who they were "Who are you and why are you asking about her."

One of them spoke "So after sending us to prison you don't even recognize us but unfortunately we have escaped and now I want her back."

"Are you crazy how can you still come looking for her she doesn't even like you."

He laughed loudly "See who is the one to talk, the person playing with her memories."

There is a sudden silence but a smile crosses Charles face as he thinks that Jake can be a really useful person in bringing Jamie's memory back but taking this crazy dog in front of his precious wife would be too dangerous. A gun shot interrupted his thoughts when Jake fired a bullet in air then said to Jacob "If you want to live hand over Jamie to me."

"She is at home resting and waiting for me to get back, I did use a wrong way to get her but I am not l.u.s.tful like you and I really love her so even if you kill me, I won't tell you where she is."

Jake laughed out louder and this time Jasper stepped forward and pulled his hair "We would torture you to death."

"How much money do you need to leave her alone."

There eyes glowed with l.u.s.t but before they could name a price Jamie entered the hall followed by the police. Jasper placed a gun on Charles's head and one of the men placed a gun on Jacob's head, Jake stepped forward "If you step forward they will be dead." when no one moved he moved closer to Jamie and then looked towards the police officers, placing a gun on Jamie's head "Drop your guns."

All the police officers immediately dropped their guns which was followed by Jake's laughter, he then removed the gun from her forehead and pulled her closer by her waist, stroked her cheeks with his other hand "Don't you remember me baby, let me remind you who I am." he then l.u.s.tfully started licking her neck but before he could get any further there was a loud bang. Jake turned to see Jasper lying on the floor and Charles pointing a gun at him "Get away from Jamie or I will kill your brother."

He laughed "I don't care I just want to have Jamie all to myself, I don't care about that stupid brother of mine." saying this he continued where he left, tears welled up in Jamie's eyes. Charles slowly moved forward without making a noise and hit his head, he felt dizzy but before he was knocked unconscious he fired a bullet at Jamie saying "if I can't get you no one else can have you."

but before the bullet could hit Jamie, Charles hugged him and the bullet hit him near his heart "I love you Jamie and I always will as I always did saying this he went unconscious in Jamie's arms, she felt a deep sense of love and tears rolled down her eyes as she shouted "CHARLES"

The police arrested Jake and Jasper and all their men, Jake and Jasper were send to mental asylum and all the other people were send to prison. Ambulance arrived James went with Charles and asked Daisy to take care of Jamie who was crying badly, Jacob took her into his arms and let her cry until she finally spoke "Jac, I want to go to the hospital he was hit because of me."

"I will take you there please stop crying."

She nodded and hugged him tightly and due to all this chaos she went in too. Jacob carried her in her arms and took her to the hospital and Daisy followed closely behind him.

As she woke up she saw Jacob and Daisy by her side, Daisy hugged her "I was so worried about you."

"I am fine."

Daisy thought for some time and then suggested both of them "I think you should get married as soon as possible."

Jacob smiled and immediately replied "I think you are right, the more we wait the more trouble awaits us."

Jamie looked suspiciously at Daisy then thought for some time "It is a good idea but I was thinking that I should stay with Daisy until we get married, it will bring spice to our marriage." They both hesitated but agreed at last.

Daisy then left and went to James, there she asked him about Charles's condition which was really critical at that time and James was already crying. Tears welled up in Daisy's eyes but she had to control her emotions for now so she comforted him "he will be fine please stop crying."

He wiped his tears and looked at Daisy "How is Jamie?"

"She is fine and Jacob is with him."

They both sat next to each other in silence thinking of how to make everything fall in place when doctor came out and told them "He is in coma."

Jacob took care of Jamie but all this while Jamie was worried about Charles. Jacob kept telling her his plans for the wedding but she was not even listening and when he realized he was being ignored he asked "Where are you lost sweetie."

"Jac, Charles was injured because he saved me, I am really worried about him, I just want to see him once."

"Alright, I will arrange for you to meet him but don't be tricked."

"I won't be and I will only marry you but I need to see him once."

"Okay, you rest for a while and then we can go."


He then helped her to bed and waited by her side until she was asleep.

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